Decorative Glass Plates

The products that you are about to see, might not be the most essential elements of your kitchen. However, as you can see, they are all nice looking and quite useful. Have a look at all the designs, sizes and shapes of these decorative glass plates and find the one you like most.

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Decorative glass plates 1

Richly decorated plate with floral theme. It is made of glass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

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Your window or front door look dull and rather gloomy? Brighten them up with stained glass window insert crafted skillfully from reporposed colorful plates and wooden frame. Beautiful rustic style decoration idea.

Bird garden decor 7

I am so delighted how funny and colorful these garden flowers are. They are construct from the old plates, candle holder and bowls. I am a big fan of this inspiration, and I want to create these flowers by myself.

Plate flower yard art
Decorative glass plates

Thanks to the used glass bottles, you can get a personalized window stained glass window and the feeling of the ocean breeze. Bottoms from glass bottles in shades of green have been composed into a rectangular green decorative glass stained plate.

Vintage room divider

Decorative glass plates that can play the role of a vintage room divider. They are made of recycled windows and decorative glass panels with plenty of patterns. Durable frame is made of wood and finished in blue color.

Flowers made from glass plates
Modge podge plates
Diy glass garden flowers

Gorgeous, handmade glassware. Upcycling at its finest. Truly a work of art, these refurbished glass flowers are going to look amazingly well in any garden. It could even substitute an outdoors lamp with a little effort!

Decorative glass plates 9
Decorative glass plates

When the climate is really hot, it is hard to grow the flowering plants, because it often need a lot of water. Using decorational plates as an imitation allows to have the flowers in garden all over the year independently to the weather.

Glass plate garden art

A set of extraordinary glass decorations that will be a pretty accent of your garden. The plates with a flower-like shape inside feature a magnetic blue color supported on a black, steel base. They will beautifully catch the sunlight.

Plate flowers garden art
Decorative glass plates art
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Mod podge glass plates
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Benzara Glass Bowl Metal Easel, Can be Placed Anywhere
Let your creative side out and learn how to decorate
Decorative glass plate
Modge podge plates
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Flower plate garden art
Wall decor glass plates
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Decorative glass platters
Old glass plates

This decorative glass plate flower constitutes a marvelous embellishment of your garden space. A handmade project, which will enchant all DIY enthusiasts. It will compliment well your flower and plants compositions.

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Decorative glass dishes
CounterArt Lazy Susan Glass Serving Plate, Farm Fresh
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How to make glass plate flowers for garden
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Metal wall flower art 18

Five layers of a vintage glass were enough to create a functional metal art in the form of a spring multidimensional flower - which will surely return your attention to the garden. It has a blue-green color of transparent glass and is stuck on a metal rod.

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Beautiful, hand-painted glass plate with geometrical leaves pattern in jade green and gold. Use it to accessorize your favorite display space, whether it is a table or a shelf. It is easy, as the plate comes with useful display stand.

For the wedding party design decorative color glass vase and
Decorative glass plates 1
Decorative glass plates

A magnificent DIY project, which will enchant all boho and rustic fans. It's awesome how with the use of gold and white spray paint, scissors & craft knife, printed images and of course a little dose of creativity, you can create a wholly new product.

Diy perfect beginners mosaic project very easy project with complete
Havent seen this doily pattern
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Up Words by Pavilion Rootbeer Color Mosaic Glass Candle Plate, 8-Inch
Irish Celtic Ceramic 9 3/4" Celebrating Heritage Lucky in Love Wedding Decorative Plate
Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Pearl Artisan Glass Decorative Plate with Stand
Oooh arent these pretty i see these all the time
Cupcake display put anything you want inside glass plates and
Decor by category home decor accents decorative wall plates
Mixed with celtic knotwork design blue art glass decorative plate
Murano glass square decorative plate ruby red