Glass Fish Decor

This site features a rich collection of decorative glass elements. There is quite a high chance that you will like many of them so why not take a tour through these photos and try to pick your favourite one? Of course, you don’t need to rush but it might be advisable to pick really slowly and thoughtfully.

Glass fishing float driftwood float

Glass Fishing Float Driftwood Float
A delightful DIY decoration in a coastal design. The centre of it is characterized by a glass sphere in a magnetic color of the ocean. The rest of it is a combination of dritwood and sea shells. A perfect thing for a beach house.

Decorative fisherman netting

A simple DIY idea which makes a great impression. To prepare these beautiful, decorative bowls, you just need basic, transparent bowls, a dye suitable for glass, and a fishnet. Use a dye in the shade of the sea and you will get a nice nautical decoration.

Large glass fish

When you love the sea and the ocean and everything connected with it - you can invite this atmosphere to your home, thanks to the decorative driftwood bowl filled with glass fishing floats coupled with a glass of float fishing.

Decorative glass fish 5

Glass blue decorative fish bowl is perfect for collecting beach finds or simply wine corcs. It could be also used as key holder or important notes. Best for hall-ways and living rooms. Would also fit kid's room.

Glass fishes

Decorative glass fish 9

Decorative glass fish 2

This handmade DIY project features a gorgeous Christmas decoration. This ornamental glass fish brings an exquisite brightness and warmth to the interior. Enchanting experience for the whole family.

Decorative glass fish 2

Glass Fish Figurine

Glass Fish Figurine
Glass figurine in ultra modern form. It is carefully hand made from colored, thick glass. Resistant to water and harmful conditions. Received very high marks from satisfied customers.

Decorative glass fish 32

Decorative glass fish

A gorgeous set of indoor decorations that will improve your home decor with nautical accents. The set is consisted of glass jars - each wrapped with a strong fishnet tied on top using stron string, and filled with beach sand and seashells.

Decorative glass fish 1

Made of decorative glass ball-shaped vases, this is an excellent way to create a unique interior design. Especially useful as candlesticks, vases for flower arrangements and much more. The entirety of the details looks great.

Decorative glass fish 6

Seashell Glass Bottles (Set of 6)

Seashell Glass Bottles (Set of 6)
This is a set of six small, ornate bottles, perfect for storage spices or just being a decorative addition. Every bottle is made of solid, thick, white glass and has attached a sea shell to the cork plug.

Decorative glass fish 4

Decorative glass fish 23

Decorative glass fish 12

Decorative glass fish 19

Metal and Glass Tropical Clown Fish Wall Hook - 7.5" Tall, 8" Wide

Decorative glass fish 17

Decorative glass fish 34

Decorative glass fish 20

Decorative glass fish 7

Decorative glass fish 22

Indoor plant displays

This large, glass decorative bowl will be perfect to make little garden pound on your own balcony. Adding some plants to create unique finish for your balcony. You can put inside some tealights for magical atmosphere.

Decorative glass fish 35

Decorative glass fish 26

Decorative glass fish bowls

A pretty contemporary aquarium in tall cylindrical tubes of clear glass with air-tight lids. Green water plants, colourful sand, gravel, stones are immersed in water. One can also encapsulate animals e.g. snails.

Decorative glass fish

A beautiful table lamp with a coastal accent. The shade is made of linen, which gives it a rustic and old-fashioned look. The base features decorative spheres in nice colors. They are tied in fishing nets.

Large jars can display all sorts of collections as well

Glass Fish Figurine

Glass Fish Figurine
Carefully made figurine in the shape of fish. It is richly decorated with colored glass. Positive and modern form. It enjoys good recommendations from customers.

Glass fish decor

A hand-tied glass fishing float is not a strictly useful at your home, but you can use it to decorate it in marine style. The Christmas tree decorated with such a fishing floats with addition of some rope except colorful chain sound really cool.

Hamptons style lounge house

Decorative glass fish 24

Diy chandelier made of spray painted branch songbirds and hanging

Decorative blue plates

Pet supplies fish aquatic pets aquariums accessories fish bowls

Lobstering is an art joescrabshack

Another great diy beach themed centerpiece for your candle impressions

Decorative glass fish 29

Decorative glass fish 33

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2 Piece Octopi Figurine

2 Piece Octopi Figurine

Decorative glass fish 25

Stunning decorative glass fish

Aruliden Glasscape Glass Fish Bowl Small

Sea glass floats from fishermans nets i would love to

3 Piece Glass Stopper Decorative Bottle Set

3 Piece Glass Stopper Decorative Bottle Set

Large decorative bowls

IMAX IMAX Kawela Mosaic Glass Fish - Set of 2