Decorative Ceramic Wall Plates

Below you will have a chance to discover a very wide range of ceramic wall plates. All of them are really interesting and elegant, even though they differ from each other when it comes to their different features. Can you already see something for yourself or do you still have to wait?

Tara Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Decorative ceramic wall plates
Jenna Delicata

Decorating the walls with the pottery is very popular in south Europe and also in northern Africa. The blue pigment connected with the ceramic white hanging on the wall add the folk accent to the interior.

Moroccan decorative wall plates
Kimberly Bel

Decorative ceramic wall plates, have perfect blue and azure shades - and precisely decorated. They were made by hand, and the main theme is floral ornamentation. The base color is white. You can use them as a plates - or wall decoration with a rustic style.

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Emily Long

This Moroccan style ceramic plates constitute a beautiful example of bowl wall art. Fund yourself a bit of exoticism on daily basis and enhance uniquely your kitchen space. It is more than sure that you won't be able to draw your attention away from these breathtaking colors.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 7

Hand Painted Tiles Wall Sculpture | Wall Art and Decor| Home Decor | World Market

Decorative ceramic plates
Hilton Emily

ciao! newport beach: a collection of blue and white plates

Decorative ceramic wall plates

A beautiful set of a dining table and four chairs. A lively, green color of the set will be appreciated by the lovers of a modern style. It looks great on a background wall with decorative, ceramic plates in greenish tones.

Blue and white wall plates
Laetitia Zernike

The decorative, porcelain plates with wonderful designs of the flowers will fit perfectly to the rustic decor in kitchen or living room. Different sizes of the plates allow to create a unique mosaic.

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Adriana Andersson

Mexican Plates. -Todos Santos, Mexico. Photo credit goes to CB.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 5

plates on the wall as decor

Decorative hanging plates 1
Gina Rivera

Wall Hangings Decorative Plates Home Decor Ceramic Porcelain Art ...

Flora chang i especially love the folk arty feel of
Angela Dia

Flora Chang - I especially love the folk-arty feel of the flowered background.

Ceramic wall plates
Clark Laura

Beautiful traditional plates with subtly waved edges. They're intended for decoration kitchen walls or cabinets. Plates are crafted of quality white ceramic hand painted in eye-catching vivid colourful floral and geometric patterns.

Ceramic decorative plates
Coupe Andrea

Wonderful, highly decorative plates in a rustic design. They are made of top quality porcelain and when hanged on the wall, they will be a beautiful decoration of your space. They are ornamented with nature-inspired motifs.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 3
Stone Caroline

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Jenna Foster

Ideas, : Fascinating Wall Decoration With Porcelain Decorative Plates ...

Blue and white plates to hang on wall
Rogers Christine

These decorative ceramic wall plates distinguish themselves with beautiful, intriguing patterns. Intricately textured surfaces are glazed and mixed with the beautiful natural markings from pit firing. They can be changed both vertical and horizontal.

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Emily Murphy

"Swirled Symmetry" from Anthropologie // All of my favourite colours in such a pretty design. These would look great mixed with white plates and blue and white plates.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 2

... Ceramics Hand-Made Ceramic Decorative Wall Plate with 5 Deer & Flowers

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Anderson Marisa

Love, love, love these plates! Just bought them for the cottage.

Ceramic wall plate
Julia Jones

Give your cake for your guests in this lovely plate to impress them on every occasion. White with beautiful designs can be cleaned in dishwasher. It can be also used in microwave to warm up your cakes.

Decorative china
Julie Alexander

Old and new decorative ceramic wall plates. All different sizes. All shades of blue and white with different patterns on them look brilliant against the dark wall. Some of plates have cool, marine style pattern.

Moroccan wall plates

This beautifully finished decorative ceramic wall plates, bowls and mugs are super artistic. Sharpie design along with soft lines are a great home decor idea. For anyone who loves art and designers ceramic work.

Decorative pottery plates
Anderson Marisa

Plate wall.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1
Veronica Mur

... to view more art wall decor swipe photo to view more art wall decor

Dinnerware with fish designs
Kristin Carter

Fish plates on walls? The neutral walls complement an exciting array of texture provided by black cabinet, lamp and wall blue decors. Very extraordinary and unique idea.

Decorative china plates
Christine Hayes

Village Wall Plate You can do this so easy, get the white plates at Dollar Tree use Sharpie Markers, then bake in oven. I think for 2 hrs, and they are good to go.

Morrocan pottery photo by sam rowelsky
Joanna Richardson

Morrocan pottery photo by Sam Rowelsky

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1
Harris Kelly

I want plates and bowls just like this!! I will hunt for them when I register for gifts!

Decorative ceramic wall plates 6
Nicole Lee

I love the Yarmouth Blue wall color from Benjamin Moore paints. #HC-150. Soft and clean.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 2
Mackenzie Poly

Evenings in Quito Platter - Anthropologie - This platter would look so pretty on a dark stained hardwood kitchen table

China wall plates
Mega Leahbrown

5pc Grapes Wine Ceramic Plates Iron Rack Metal Holder Wall Art Vineyard Tuscan | eBay

Spiral Plate Wall Décor
Cintia Brook

Spiral Plate Wall Décor

Decorative ceramic wall plates 2

"Blessing" wood 24x30 {customizable} - Aimee Weaver Designs

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1
Sarah Ashleyist

Fornasetti Plates. - I love this. But maybe still a good example of the rich bourgeoisie want to go a little crazy Boho. But what do I know, wretched man from a small town, close to nowhere? /uFFE

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor
Kelly Morgan

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor
Beautiful floral wall decor featuring large magnolia-like platters. It is perfect for lightening your interior decor with elegant style. Crafted of solid ceramic, it comes with a hole in the back to accommodate wire for hanging.

Decorative kitchen wall plates
Adriana Andersson

The well-known company Little Owl - decided to present beautiful paintings, plates and wall decorations. Nature adorns these porcelain decorative wall plates, which in various shapes hang and decorate minimalist interiors.

Hand made turkish ceramic plate wall decor iznik by turqu50
Natasha Pete

Hand Made Turkish Ceramic Plate / Wall Decor / iznik by Turqu50

Manual Woodworkers Wine Cellar Decorative Dinner Plates, 8 Inch, Set of 4
Hughes Cynthia

Set of four finely detailed grapevine wine country themed hand painted plates, each measures 8" in diameter. Either to be used to serve special dinners or as a gift for friends and family. Dishwasher, Microwave and Food Safe.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1

modern blue and white china -- I've collected blue and white china for years from all over on my travels.

Magnolia Wall Flower Decorative Accent Wall Décor
Melissa Kelly

Magnolia Wall Flower Decorative Accent Wall Décor

Terrazzo dessert plate anthropologie i want to find dishes that
Maria Anderson

Terrazzo Dessert Plate #anthropologie. I want to find dishes that look like Mexican pottery.

Ceramic clay flowers
Melanie Murp

this is beautiful - love the contrast

Toscana Assorted Plates Wall Décor (Set of 3)

Toscana Assorted Plates Wall Décor (Set of 3)

Decorative ceramic wall plates
Torres Melanie

i will own this one day. it is too quirky for me not to! ;) Natural World Dessert Plates #anthropologie

Decorative ceramic wall plates 3
Crystal Pri

plate wall

Planet earth blue little plate organic shapped modern unique home
Bianca Weberable

Planet Earth Blue Little Plate Organic Shapped Modern Unique home decor ceramic plate

Molly hatch uses ceramic plates to create an unusual canvas
Alison Nels

Molly Hatch uses ceramic plates to create an unusual canvas

Manual Harvest Pheasant Decorative Mini Plates By Susan Winget - Set of 4

Manual Harvest Pheasant Decorative Mini Plates By Susan Winget - Set of 4

Rooster Wall Decor Plates
Tara Gosselin

This charming set of decorative ceramic plates is a great way to design your kitchen or dining room. It has a beautifully painted roosters. The whole is based on a metal rack that perfectly harmonizes with the plates.

Lopez Floral Pierced Charger with Iron Stand

Lopez Floral Pierced Charger with Iron Stand
A floral pierced charger with an iron stand that adds a great touch of sophistication to the overall design. It is crafted out of high-quality, ceramic components placed on a sturdy metal stand, ensuring its durability and stability.