Decorative Ceramic Plates

In case you are looking for decorative elements for your house, this variety of ceramic plates might be interesting for you. You can clearly see how many different shapes, colours and styles there are to choose from – what will be your decision? It is really infrequent to see so many diverse offers.

Decorative ceramic plates 3

Ceramic plates that are finished in black and white colors. They feature interesting patterns that play aesthetic roles. These plates introduce Moroccan stylization into the house and they are original and unique.

Decorative ceramic wall plates 3

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Vintage moroccan ceramic plate or bowl

Vintage Moroccan Ceramic Plate Or Bowl
Add this sublime Moroccan ceramic plate or bowl to your interior and enjoy the two-tone finish of blue and white and the classic patterns that bring to mind the traditional style instantly and will let you make the best out of the original look for years to come.

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Decorative ceramic plates

Decorative ceramic plates 18

Decorative ceramic plates

Decorative ceramic plates

Decorative ceramic plates

17.7" Decorative Ceramic Plate

17.7" Decorative Ceramic Plate

Ceramic wall plates

Decorative ceramic plates 21

Decorative ceramic wall plates

Decorative ceramic plates 17

Decorative ceramic plates

Decorative ceramic plates 8

Moroccan decorative wall plates

Decorative ceramic plates 19

Decorative ceramic plates 20

Decorative ceramic plates 13

Decorative ceramic plates 1

Decorative glass plates

Thanks to the used glass bottles, you can get a personalized window stained glass window and the feeling of the ocean breeze. Bottoms from glass bottles in shades of green have been composed into a rectangular green decorative glass stained plate.

Green decorative plates 10

Pretty rustic style decorative round plates intended for display on shelves. They're crafted of glazed ceramic with a nice-to-the-eye finish in shades of green. They have gently textured rims with a geometric design.

Decorative ceramic plates

Decorative plate sets

In ancient times, the gemstone jadeite was valued by ancient China, in the countries of Mesoamerica and by the Maori people. Today, its characteristic green shade of color has taken on a set of dishes - decorative plate set and mugs.

Green decorative plates 9

Cute decorative traditional table stands made of clear glass. A stand has a round foot, a shot hourglass stem and a round top with a gently raised edge. It's decorated with a showy long ribbon tied under the top plate.

Soho lounge square 16 piece dinnerware set purple 1

Soho Lounge Square 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Purple
This set includes mugs, plates and bowls. It is suitable for use by four people. It represents a contemporary style that not only decorates a dining room or a kitchen, but it is also a very solid set of products.

Garden cabinets 17

Wall shelves in simple form. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for storing books, tableware, dinnerware and others needed items. Ideal solution for storage organization.

Plates and silverware

Even from the plates you can create interesting artistic compositions - so every meal at the table turns into art. In this case, ceramic decorative plates and silverware are used, lightly extruded into delicate pink, white and olive-colored patterns.

Decorative Ceramic Oval Plate

Decorative Ceramic Oval Plate

Art Glass Plate

Art Glass Plate
Mesmerizing design of this glass plate will grace your space with its artistic style. Its meticulously crafted of high-quality glass in turquoise and green finish and is sure to win a place in your heart and your home.

Decorative Ceramic Plate

Decorative Ceramic Plate

Ravenna Glass Decorative Bowl

Ravenna Glass Decorative Bowl
Ancient times inspired, with serrated edges and one-of-a-kind mosaic pattern inside, this decorative bowl is a decent beautifying accessory in any interior ambiance. It showcases a mix of blue, turquoise, bronze and gold colouring.

Decorative plate sets 1

Dinnerware set with elements in neutral white color. Decorative plates feature some attractive accents. Their neutral color looks very good in any dining room design. These plates and bowls are durable and resistant to hot food.

Decorative ceramic plates 16

Decorative ceramic plates 2

Antique bike melamine plate dinner plate bicycle plate cake plate

Five Piece Accessory Group

Five Piece Accessory Group

Tiled dotted bowl anthropologie i love these reminds me of

Decorative glass plates 11

Decorative ceramic plates 22

Ceramic decorative plates

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1

Mooreland dessert plate anthropologie

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Ceramic Easter Egg Holder Plate Platter Bunny Tray Holds 12 Eggs

Decorative ceramic plates 23

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