Decorative Canister Set

Want to make your kitchen even nicer than before? Check the photos that you can see here and see if you found the right decorative canister set. Many customers are satisified with these and now you can be one of them. Pick the one you really like after considering all these inspiring options.

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
Decorative canister set 1

This primitive canister set in universal beige color will be great addition in rustic decorated kitchen. Three very tight jars will protect your food from moths or any other insects. Very practical and decorative.

Marble canister sets jars black marble canisters
Decorative canister set 3
Decorative canister set

A set of 3 casual canisters for domestic bits and bobs. Size-varied cuboidal jars with rounded edges are of clear glass. They have twist lids of red-finished metal and are decorated with checked ribbons with attached 5-arm stars in golden tones.

IMAX Red Ceramic Canisters, Set of 3

This lovely set of ceramic jars is the perfect solution for your kitchen or dining room. The beautiful colors, descriptions of contents and well-fitting lids emphasize the domestic interior.

Fleur de lis kitchen canisters

Primitive country farmhouse chic 3 COW PIG ROOSTER - decorative canisters in purlap style, cool sin canister set. Nice idea was to stick this tiny animal imagaes to the canisters, they look super creative and innocent.

Decorative canister set 16
Decorative canister set 8
Decorative canister set 11
Decorative canister set 2
2-Piece Canister Set

2-Piece Canister Set

Decorative canister set

Primitive americana rustic western decor wood canister set with cool black stars pattern. Ideal kitchen decorative equipment. You can store your favourite herbs, salt, pepper, coffee or tea inside. Boxes are different size.

Vintage decorative canister set buttermilk 4 set kitchen dining
Decorative canister sets
Vintage Decorative Canister Set Brown - 4/set
Sears kitchen canisters

Practical and decorative canisters made of metal. They feature some decorative accents and glass lids. They are suitable for storing spices and other products in the kitchen. Metal construction of these canisters is resistant to wear.

Ceramic canister sets wholesale

This beautiful set of canisters enchants with its vintage design. Deriving from 1970's, these mushroom canisters, will bring a considerable decorative value to your kitchen or dining area. Made in Japan, from high-quality Asian porcelain.

3-Piece Lidded Decorative Canister Set

3-Piece Lidded Decorative Canister Set
Three elegant traditional canisters for dry food. They’re width-varied and crafted of quality glazed earthenware with a beautiful design in blues against a white background. Round caps have airtight seals and small grips.

Decorative canister set 18
Quality Canister Set Of Set of 3 Clear Glass Round Chalkboard Jar with Tight Lids for Bathroom or Kitchen - Food Storage Containers

This stunning set of jars, a perfect way to store fancy cakes, pasta, nuts, coffee and other goodies.It fits perfectly in any type of interior design. Your favorite products you have at hand.

Retro Vintage Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters E8 Decorative Containers ~ Shabby Chic Pink Enamel with Shabby Antique Rose

A lovely vintage set of kitchen storage canisters (3 pieces in different sizes) in pastel pink with glossy enamel finish and charming roses pattern on durable powder coated steel construction. May be closed tightly with clamp lids.

Decorative canister set 9
Versailles 4-Piece Decorative Canister Set

Versailles 4-Piece Decorative Canister Set
Attractive set of 4 capacity-varied canisters for cooking essentials. Cylindrical bodies and round convex lids with decorative pointed knobs are of food safe brown-finished steel with embossed antique fleur-de-lis designs. They must be hand-washed.

Decorative canister set 4
Decorative canister set 10
Decorative canister set 7
Decorative canister set 1

A set of three stunning canisters in an elegant design. They will be an eye-catching accent of your kitchen countertop as they are made of top quality porcelain with subtle, etched decorations. Perfect for storing powdery food products.

Decorative canister set 25
Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Set of 3 Canisters

Capacious canisters for various storage purposes, with simple decorative detailing, finished with plain cream/ivory antiqued glaze (other colors available). May be used in microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher.

3pc Spa Canister Set - U.S. Acrylic Signature Collection

This handy set of cups for small items like toiletries sticks, cotton balls or cotton pads. They are very handy and made of acrylic are the perfect everyday use, providing order and governance.


It is a set that includes three assorted mini glass cannisters for storing your items. This set looks very stylish and elegant. Everyone will tell you how gorgeous this set is. You need to have it.

Imperial Home MW1239 Stainless Steel Glass 4 Pieces Canister Set With Air Tight Lids

4 containers of different sizes made of stainless steel and glass. Each container, has a tight cover, which allows you to store food, that is always fresh. Glass windows in the middle, allow you to check the amount. Perfect for the kitchen.

Set of 3 Mini Clear Glass Apothecary Jars Filled with Decorative Artificial Lemon and Limes - Home Decor Canisters Set
Vintage decorative canister set brown 4 set 1
French Country Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers E4~ White Retro Enamel with Vintage French Roosters

Welcome a homey accent in your cottage style kitchen: these decorative French kitchen canisters with lids (three receptacles: small, medium and large) feature adorable roosters pattern on a sheen white enamel background.

Decorative dish towels canisters and colorful kitchen rugs are great
Decorative canister set 14
3-Piece Canister Set

3-Piece Canister Set

Loft Decorative Canister

Loft Decorative Canister

Decorative canister sets 4
Rooster 4-Piece Fresh Canister Set

Rooster 4-Piece Fresh Canister Set
Beautiful size-varied cylindrical country style canisters to store food and for decoration. They’re handmade of metal with an engraved and painted in reds and oranges rooster design on bodies and lids (with small grips in a form of roosters).

French Country Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters E2~ Decorative Containers ~ White Retro Enamel

This great set of kitchen containers is a practical solution for your home. Curiously they made from high quality stainless been smooth glaze. The product is made in a retro style by helping to give an interesting atmosphere throughout the kitchen.

2-Piece Marque Canister Set

2-Piece Marque Canister Set

3 Piece Window Canister Set

3 Piece Window Canister Set
A set which includes three pieces of window canisters that are very functional and practical. They're all made of stainless steel and acrylic. Those materials ensure durability and some great design.

Bianca 3 Piece Canister Set

Bianca 3 Piece Canister Set

Galvanized Canisters Set of 3

A decorative set of 3 canisters that will be a real hit in your vintage-looking kitchen. Those galvanized beauties have different sizes, tight lids with ball handles, and they emanate with a truly striking appearance.

Vintage Decorative Canister Set Buttermilk - 4/set
Canister Set 3-piece Fleur De Lis Sealed.
Old Country Roses 3 Piece Canister Set

Old Country Roses 3 Piece Canister Set

IMAX 20075-3 Fleur De Lis Lidded Jars, Set of 3