Decorative Cake Plates

What about buying one of these decorative cake plates? As a matter of fact, even the most demanding customers have managed to pick one of these designs for themselves. All in all, the main question that now arises is what you find most interesting as far as these offers are concerned?

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Decorative cake plates 25
Kimberly Pat

With these decorative cake plates you will get plenty of fun for your kids and ensure that they can bake and then taste their art with their friends, spending some quality time with them, while decorating the cupcakes.

Decorative cake plates

Gorgeous decorative arrangement with a holiday, festive look to it, making for a wonderful cake stand with two-tiered plates. The colorful design combined with a present figurine on top makes sure this piece will nicely fit a Christmas table.

Decorative cake plates 11
Jackson Alexandra

Make an edible plate out of starlight #peppermints! | peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Decorative cake plates 8
Laura Eva

A nice decoration for improving dining tables, kitchen counters, and coffee shops. Made of 3 different size plates, this 3-tier cake stand rests on a stainless steel rod with a convenient handle on top, with each plate embellished wwith a white and blue floral pattern.

Decorative cake plates 10
Lopez Dana

LEGO Cake Plate for Kid's Birthday Party! FORGET THE KIDS' PARTY...I'd use this regularly just for every-day use...hahaha!

Decorative cake plates 14
Mackenzie Poly

Bounty of color Rubber bands around eggs dipped in dye create funky linear designs on these eggs secured in bird's nests from a crafts store (see next slide for a closeup of the eggs). Add height to the look by placing them on a cake stand. The place c

Plate for cake
Martinez Leah

DIY cake stand: painted candlestick + china plate. :) I would love to have some of these on the dessert table with cakes and treats on them!! :D

Decorative cake plates 1
Craven Zoe

A cute DIY-made cake stand created from an upturned tulip-shaped glass of clear glass filled with artificial pearls, blinded at the bottom, and having a stem foot glued to a round cake plate of clear glass with a textured radial design.

Decorative cake plates 13
Murphy Julie

DIY cake stand. From the 1$ store: candlestick holder, plate. From walmart: spray paint and E6000 glue. Assemble and spray. Allow time to dry.

Decorative cake plates 37
Jenna Edward

Dollar Store Crafts -Cake Plate from candlesticks - Deja Vue Designs

Decorative cake plates 12

Cake plate for different kinds of sweet products. It features three tiers and a durable construction finished in neutral black color. It allows for serving large amounts of cake on small tables and other surfaces.

Decorative cake plates 4
Patterson Lauren

A unique and colorful assortment of different cake stands, some with and some without cakes on them. Most of these are made out of acrylic glass, stained in a plethora of different colors, or out of stained ceramic.

Dollar store cake stand

3 tier cake stand made of glass and melamine. Suitable for serving cup cakes, snacks and more. Handy gadget for each home.

Decorative cake plates 6

DIY: Chandelier Dessert Display my mother made one of these for a event and we had cupcakes served on it super cute

Decorative cake plates

Glue a plate to a wine glass to make a cake stand. | 24 Clever Things To Do With Wine Glasses

Decorative cake plates 22
Cintia Kowalski

GG Pie plate from Horchow. I just pray they don't discontinue this before I can buy this and the cake plate. Pie plate is $290 (although, watch for the 30% off sales on

Decorative Cake Stand
Jessica Zernike

Decorative Cake Stand
Attractive contemporary cake stand entirely crafted of stainless steel with a shabby white finish. It has a wide round foot, a vase-like column and a beautiful top with openwork both a wavy edge and a showy apron with an intricate design.

Decorative cake plates 9
Cintia Brook

A great little craft! Easy to make and a great gift idea!

Decorative cake plates 27
Stacy Bennett

#Cheap #DIY Cake Stands for Parties & Other Occasions

Lego cake stand
Samantha Perez

dollar store tart pans glued onto candlesticks for cake trays!

Decorative cake plates 2

Click here to DIY Stacked Server. Use Dollar Store & Thrift plates! Blog Instructions & Video from

How to make cake stand

Bring some tasteful chicness into your brthday party, wedding, or annivesary. This 4-tier cake stand is very lightweight yet stabile, designed with attention to details, of genuine styrofoam.

Cake plate decorating ideas
Cynthia San

Please Dollar tree come to Brazil with your original prices, svp!! DIY - Dollar Store Cake Stand - Tutorial

Decorative cake plates 3

DIY Wedding Projects: Pie Stands-- with green glasses from thrift store?

Tiered pie stand
Latoya Mar

101 Ways to Decorate Tiered Plate Stands

Decorative cake plates 5
Maria Per

How to Make Mirrored Cake Stands | Going to do something similar to this.

Decorative glass plates 2
Roberts Isabelle

This is a great idea~ make a cake stand with dollar store plates and glasses hold cupcakes at the wedding?

Decorative cake plates 7

DIY cake stand. Not only for cake, I would make this for a cookie or cupcake storage :) forget a cookie jar! This is perfect and elegant way!

Decorative Cake Stand 3 Piece Set
Carmen Kowalski

Decorative Cake Stand 3 Piece Set
Alluring antique Victorian style set of 3 size-varied cake stands. They're made of white-coated metal. Each stand has a base of 3 C-shaped legs with scroll ends and a round top with a dashy apron featuring a beautiful openwork pattern.

Decorative cake plates 15

Una elegante mesa de dulces en tonos rosa y oro / An elegant sweet table in gold and pink

Decorative cake plates 16

Want to display multiple candles at varying heights? A great way to do this is with cake stands! #Centerpieces #Christmas

Decorative cake plates 17
Anderson Marisa

Pottery Barn Inspired Round Jute Placemats- City Farmhouse {huge savings!!!}

Decorative cake plates 18
Stone Caroline

holiday winter cake // photo by Callie Hobbs Photography //

Decorative cake plates 19
Erin Jon

I have to say, this is a very unique take on bundt cakes, and a VERY unique take on wedding cake.

Decorative cake plates 20

Christmas Trees on Cars Blog Hop including decor ideas, crafts and printables via Yesterday on Tuesday

Decorative cake plates 21
Mackenzie Milani

just beautiful.
but this is something i would totally kill in a week and then hate it. haha.

Decorative cake plates 23
Bailey Elizabeth

How To Drill Through Plates and make vintage plate cake stands. Four easy to follow steps on how to make a gorgeous centre piece for your wedding, dinner party or an english tea party in your garden. All the tips, bits you'll need and further ideas.

Decorative cake plates 24

Rustic Cake Stands & Domes. I adore these. Now, if only there's a DIY....

Decorative cake plates 26
Thompson Alyssa

take a roll of receipt paper, punch along one edge (or both if you so desire), and viola! beautiful lacy paper for decorating!

Decorative cake plates 28
Julia Jam

plates and glasses?? for a pretty DIY cupcake stand...possibility

Decorative cake plates 29

Pretty cake stands; great display idea - and links to a lovely seaside vintage home article with more images

Decorative cake plates 30
Rachel Morgan

DIY dollar store cake stand - make this cake plate for just $2! #diy #partyideas #crafts

How do you make a cake stand
Mendes Natasha

this is what I do with several different cake plates. I have quit a few to pick from.

Decorative cake plates 31
Brittany Griffin

Frosting: about 1 1/2 cups of spackling in a bowl and add acrylic paint to make it the desired color. Stir Place spackling in a disposable pastry bag and pipe on cupcake as desired (I used a # 1M tip and spiraled the icing on starting on the outside and w

Decorative cake plates 32

Shabby Sweet Cottage: Decoupaged Cake Stand....pretty plate, candle holder, resin type glue....done!

Decorative cake plates 33
Nicole Powe

Been searching for a 'celebration' plate for our family to use - either too expensive or I dont like the design! Just remembered I can just make my own, with blank plate/sharpies/baking - so excited to do this!

Decorative cake plates 34

How to Make Sugared Flowers (and all sorts of other baking "how-to's" | Martha Stewart

Decorative cake plates 35

Homemade cake stand using a dollar store glass and cardboard cake plates! Change up the candy and glass to fit the occasion/holiday!

Decorative cake plates 36
Stacey Hughes

Made out of stove burner covers from the dollar store -- brilliant!

Cake Stand
Anderson Marisa

Cake Stand