Deck Gates For Pets

Need a clever hack to keep your pets away from where you don't necessarily want them? Opt for deck gates for pets. Their lightweight swing design and latch system makes it easy to use and fix in many outdoor locations. Check the options we've collected below.

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Deck gates for pets
Wright Stacy

The wooden sliding gate for the deck is perfect if you've got small children or pets. It's safe and solid and it fits perfectly to any style and decor around. You will be impressed how nicely finished this product is.

Deck gates for pets 1
Kristina Evans

This front porch gate offers a childproof design and will ensure that your kids are always safe and secure and can just play with their favorite toys, while you relax. It sports a design that will also keep any pets out of your garden.

Wooden deck gates
Laetitia Anderson

Sliding gate on wheels, constructed from reclaimed wood (can be painted, I guess) with diagonal grate centre panel and a block handle. Can work as a sectional panel for front porch or patio, when one wants to e.g. keep pets away.

Front porch gate
Kathleen Tay

Making sure your pets don't escape can be a hard task, but not anymore with this wooden deck gate. Durable, metal bars provide maximum security. The wooden finish and proper lock guarantee quality and reliability.

Deck gate
Bailey Jennifer

This deck gate is designed to keep your deck staircase fully secured, preventing your children from falling down the stairs. The gate includes a vertical, ladder-like design, and hangs on two durable hinges. It's easy to clean and operate, and is going to last you for a long time.

Deck gates for pets 2
Alyssa Wilsonify

Self closing gate designed for porch. It is made of wood and consists of vertically arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for large and medium sized pets.

Deck gate designs wood
Marissa Hugh

Minimalistic sliding gate. It is made of oak, bright wood and has classic, but stylish pattern. It can be very good deck gate for pets (especially dogs), but of course you can used it your fence or in terrace enclosure.

Porch gate for dogs
Weber Lily

This element of outdoor equipment is a special porch gate for dogs. It protects different areas from dogs and decorates any porch thanks to its neutral white color and simple construction based on vertical slats.

Deck gates
Rivera Marissa

This solidly made and very functional sliding dog gate is a wood construction that will perfectly protect the passage. Stylish form and warm shade make it look elegant. Easy to fold and fold, it is also easy to store.

Outdoor dog gates
Bennett Erin

Outdoor gate that provides safety to children and animals. It is made of durable and attractive material finished in white color. It includes vertical slats with a simple, classic construction based on straight lines.

Gate for front porch
Adams Amy

Simple gate for protecting babies and pets from falling out of stairs. It is made of lacquered planks from pallets. Vertically arranged planks are framed and reinforced with 2 X-crossed ones. Two hinges and a latch on an upper edge are of dark metal.

How to build a deck gate
Alyssa Wilsonify

This outdoor gate represents a simple, yet effective design. The gate is crafted from wood, operates on hinges, and can be locked with a metal hook. You can easily use it on your deck or patio, properly securing the stairs.

Wooden porch gates

Interesting and clever project for a DIY child-proofing on a cozy front porch of a house. The front porch is fitted with a handmade gate made out of birch wood with no coat of paint, making sure no kid will wander off.

Outdoor dog gate
Henderson Cassandra

This element of house equipment is a solid wooden gate that can be used instead of doors. It protects some areas from children or dogs. Each gate includes solid wooden vertical slats and durable metal hardware elements.

Expanding Wooden Fence

Expanding Wooden Fence

Deck gate ideas
Gray Amy

Dog gate designed for freestanding houses. Construction is made of wood. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Ideal solution for porch.

Deck gate

Deck gate

Make a rolling gate for your porch hometalk
Laetitia Zernike

Make a Rolling Gate for Your Porch :: Hometalk

Porch gates
Aloma Garcia

Elegant design for a couple of sliding pet gates, made out of light oak wood with a smooth, varnished finish and a ladder-structure. The pet gates are a perfect solution when you want to keep a dog from going outside.

Gate for deck
Amber Gar

A practical solution, particularly for dog owners. This IKEA Vika Furuskog swing gate is a good solution if you want your dogs to enjoy the outdoors without getting their paws dirty in the backyard.

Dog gates outdoor
Robinson Layla

Dog gate consisting of plastic pipes. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Porch gate
Price Courtney

A bulkhead dividing rooms can be both functional and aesthetically appealing: prevent your baby or pet from getting into a room whie complementing the existing indoor decor. This baby gate is white, with crossing geometric motif.

This would actually blend in with my deck and serve
Kristen Broo

This would actually blend in with my deck and serve for future baby gate ;)

Outdoor pet gate
Stone Caroline

If you don't want your pets to gallop through your entire house, you can always install this sliding barn doors. The door is crafted from a lattice panel embedded in the wooden frame. Easy to set and operate.

Gates for decks 1

An aesthetic practical traditional gate for restriction pet areas. It's made of grey finished wood. It's composed of 2 vertically slatted parts (with dark metal hinges fixed to balustrade posts) and closed with a catch.

Our deck gates install with strap hinges we recommend the

Our deck gates install with strap hinges (we recommend the hinge span at least 1/5th of the handrail). See more at or (for more details)

Diy deck gate

This wooden element is a special dog gate that protects indoor from home pets. This gate is solid and looks very interesting in different interior stylizations. The gate includes reliable black metal hinges.

Sliding deck gate
Hill Vanessa

The baby gate is not an elegant part of the interior's decor. Many of the looks really ugly and doesn't fit to the rest of home. The DIY baby gate made of pallet totally fits to the rustic home decor.

Deck gate plans
Abbey Kowalski

DIY baby gate, So much better than those cheaply made plastic gates that go for about $50-$100 a piece | re-pinned by

Cheap fence ideas bing images
Shannon Lewis

Cheap Fence Ideas - Bing Images

Sliding pet gate
Veronica Ada

Wooden gate for a dog ear fence

How to build a gate for a deck
Tara Gosselin

Not only does this deck gate add to the over-all appearance of this deck, but it is also great for keeping in little ones or pets.

Outside dog gates
Lily Cravenable

My Great Challenge: Dog Gate for your Deck

Outdoor pet gates
Mackenzie Poly

A solid and simple gate for doorways or stairs. It blocks the way for animals or small children, so it assures safety. The whole gate is made of wood except for metal hinges. Its neutral white color looks nice among other colors.

Flexi Pet Gate
Craven Zoe

Flexi Pet Gate
Functional pet gate made of metal in beige finish, featuring customizable construction with easy to install and remove mechanism, modular design for added versatility, and solid child-proof safety handle.

Aluminum deck gate

Free Outdoor Safety Gate Plans (great for kids and pets!) #safety #gate #kids #DIY @3MDIY

Extra Wide Pet Gate with Pet Door

Extra Wide Pet Gate with Pet Door
Protect your home or some of its premises againstt the big dogs is not always associated with the fact that you need to protect them against smaller, such as cats. Therefore, this gate will work perfectly. It protects against large dogs, leaving a tiny goal for cats.

Gate for deck stairs
Stacy Allen

Great idea for apartment porch. I would love to make it screened in so my cats could be outside

Build deck gate
Alison Simm

Custom Gate | With Deck and Patio, a Backyard Fully Built for Family | Photos | Deck, Patio & Porch | Exterior | This Old House

Outdoor deck gate
Brittany Brow

Wahoo custom multi-slip aluminum floating dock with sun deck and sheet metal A-frame gables, connected to shore by arched gangway with aluminum rails - and a pet gate! -- one of these days I will build this for my lake house!!

Outdoor dog gates for decks

Long time ago someone named this kind of gate a "baby gate". Is not true - it could protect also you animals against falling down the steps. Except cats - for them there are no barriers, because they follow their own paths.

Cardinal walnut wood freestanding stepover pet dog gate

Cardinal Walnut Wood Freestanding StepOver Pet Dog Gate

Gate lock for deck
Jenna Delicata

Gate lock for deck

Wood deck gate designs
Colleen Flores

Potty Patch- As Seen on TV - PetSmart... to keep the yard semi free of doo doo ha

Deck gates for pets saloon style swing gate 1

Deck Gates for Pets | Saloon Style Swing Gate

Sliding dog gate
Jenna Delicata

Safety netting for backyard fence so Rocky can still see what's going on in the neighborhood.

Gates for porches
Evans Liliana

The BEST child or pet safety gate EVER! For FREE! Using a wooden pallet & hinges.

Rusted steel sliding bolts build these unique pet gates let

... rusted steel sliding bolts build these unique pet gates let your dog

All gates are available for swimming pool applications extra gate

. All Gates are available for Swimming Pool applications (extra gate ...

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