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Are you searching for practical and good looking lamps? If you answered positively, the best thing you can do now is check out all these opportunities. After doing that, you will surely have a good idea about what kind of possibilities there are to pick from. So are you ready?

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Pair of danish modern cylindrical brass pendant lamps

Pair Of Danish Modern Cylindrical Brass Pendant Lamps
These danish cylindrical brass pendant lamps took a secret black wedding, and they rounded off-hence on a pair of cylindrical, gold-plated shimmers, those black matte, broader wedding rings.Hang on the strings and shine only in pairs as a compatible marriage.

Mid century danish modern adrian

Mid Century Danish Modern Adrian
Table lamp with a nice wooden base with three supports. It also includes a simple metal post. The whole construction provides good support to a high drum shade finished in universal white color that looks good in any room.

Danish modern sculptural teak lamp mid century vh woolums modeline

Danish Modern Sculptural Teak Lamp Mid Century Vh Woolums Modeline Mid Century
Modern Danish lamp, made from solid teak wood, will be not only provide you a warm light, but also will be beautiful decoration in your home. It will give a conteporary finish into your classical and simple room decor.

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Danish lamp 17

Contemporary design for an ultra low credenza console table, which would make for a fine TV stand replacement in a modern living room. The console table is made out of vibrant cherry wood, which gives it an elegant vibe.

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Danish lamp 23

Futuristic design for a Danish ceiling lamp made in a modern fashion out of brushed steel with a matte finish. The monochrome, white appearance of the lamp makes it a perfect addition to mid-century living rooms.

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Danish lamp 20

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If you like the Scandinavian design, this Danish lamp shall appeal to you. Deriving from about 1956, it is a true vintage masterpiece. Its teal blue shade and solid, metal base will guarantee solidness and style.

Eos 20" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Eos 20" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Table lamp featuring very original modern design and construction. The lamp is made of 900 goose feathers, steel and paper. It also features tripod textile cord with switch and plug. Thanks to the use of tripod the lamp is very stable.

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Silvia 19" H Table Lamp

Silvia 19" H Table Lamp
Fantastic looking table lamp featuring unique cone shaped shade made of solid plastic, sturdy base with practical textile covered cable for better protection, and stylish combination of functionality and eye-catching design.

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Table lamps floor lamps flush mount more lighting mirrors table

Danish lamp 31

New Danish Elipse Outdoor Torch, Patented Hands-free Design, 63", Plus 750ml Danish Clean Green Oil

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Beautiful danish apartment

Danish lamp 33

Wonderful retro mid century modern danish danish style table lamp

Danish lamp 34

Danish modern style table lamp 2

Danish lamp 35

Danish lamp 36

Mid century modern ceramic lamp danish modern 1950

Danish lamp 42

1970s Style Danish Modern Table Lamp w/ Red Modern Shade, Eames Era

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Touch ten obraz this lamp is by danish interior brand

Task lamp chandelier dear ingo by ron gilard for dutch

Danish lamp 45

Huge danish modern teak tube floor lamp

Incredibly beautiful vintage lamp from the mid by vintagedk eur250