Cute Dog Houses

You dog is your best friend and companion, so it deserves a great house. Below you will find a collection of cute dog houses for sale, so you can give your pet some special treatment. You will be surprised to find out how awesome some of the products are. The one I got for my dog is the cat's meow!

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
Nice dog houses 1

Original dog house designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Perfect for the garden, patio and more.

Crib mattress dog bed
Lauren Rog

Your dog can feel like a genuine mansion owner in this spectacular gabled roof dog house. Constructed with great attention to detail, this covered dog kennel boasts awesome design with side open door and front porch!

Fancy dog crates

I guess if you really have too much free space, you could as well turn entire rooms into dog houses! These here are colourful and interesting – each has its own colour, as every dog deserves a unique house.

Cute dog houses
Tara Mitc

Comfortable and stylish - this cute dog house amazes with its clever idea. Built next to the stairs, it offers a full size, regular dog's house, ranging from the floor to the ceiling with the side slide.

Cute dog houses
Vanessa Cart

57 Unbelievable secret doorways into hidden rooms

Cute dog houses
Jasmine Clar

Cute and fun doghouse. My pups would love hanging out on the roof!

Cute dog houses

Perfect little dog house ~ Quite a big dog house! Don't think even a lurcher could complain about the lack of home comforts in that ~

Cutest house dogs
Dana Phi

Dog house Starbucks er Starbarks.

Cute dog houses

Precision Pet Products 2713-27123 Outback Savannah Dog House

Cute dog houses 1
Tara Gosselin

succulent roof for a dog house...make sure everything is pet safe. Maybe grass would be fun.

Cute dog houses

Wow really cute under the stairs play area by Laura Walton- visit Days Out With Kids blog for more great DIY ideas for your house

Nice dog houses 3
Melissa Wat

10 Designer Doghouses Built for Comfort | DIY Network

Cute dog houses 5

Really, such an awesome pool for dogs? Well, for sure these doggiest are the happiest creatures in the world! The pool has rounded shape with a few bays, some steps gradient the depth. I'd use it by myself!

Dog playhouse for sale
Natasha Rob

Make sure that your dog can be both happy and enjoy its safety with this indoor dog kennel. It can be installed in a way that will let your pet look through the windows and comes with the wire doors so that the inside of the house is no mystery as well.

Cute dog houses 3
Katherine Kin

Afraid to take an eye off your new puppy? Hoping that your carpets won't be ruined and your house won't stink? Don't worry. If you do your part,...

Cute dog houses 18
Lauren Martinezify

Shed Building Plans Blog

Cute dog houses 8
Roberts Veronica

Dog house. Digging the ramp and shaded rooftop terrace and the 'homey toutches' with the hanging plant.

Cute dog houses 1
Peyton Donaldson

McMansion, it will only set you back $325,000!A brand new level excess that perhaps can only be reached by Paris Hilton. See, Hilton built this two-story, air-conditioned, designer furniture-decorated, heated, and black crystal chandelier-boasting miniatu

Cute dog house 1
Mackenzie Milani

Delightful Dog Houses that my dogs would never want to sleep in especially if they had the choice of my bed, our couch or snuggled up with me where ever I am!

Dog house ideas
Stacey Ale

Dog House Ideas

Cute dog houses 9

These Pet Campers designed and built by Judson Beaumont and his company, Straight Line Designs, are TOO CUTE

Cute dog houses
Renee Griffin

cute dog house! I love that she has her own house number.

Cute dog houses 2
Theresa Price

gypsy caravan | Heart Shabby Chic: Gypsy Caravan Meets Shabby Chic ... I would LOVE to make a dog house like this if I ever have a yard/money!

Nice dog houses
Nicole Hill

This is a useful equipment created for the 4-leged friends of human. This dog house looks very pretty outdoors and it has got a solid construction thanks to the mahogany wood. It requires only a simple assembly.

Double decker dog bed
Mega Leahbrown

This lovely dog house constitutes a great proposition for your pet. Providing comfortable relax, it will become his new favorite bed. On the other hand, you will benefit from its lovely, ornamental design, with lot of subtle details.

Room with a View Dog House
Rachel Gon

Room with a View Dog House
Charming indoor dog house but it is also suited for cats. Construction made of cedar wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor and top. It has 3-step stairs and a balcony with X-slatted rails.

Cute dog houses 1
Lily Cravenable

Built-in Dog Beds and Kennels; dog house built in under the stairs; could also be cute to build a playhouse for kids under the stairs.

Cute dog houses 10
Mackenzie Poly

And someday, when we have coops full of rescue chickens, we'll have rescue goats running and playing on their goat fort. /LOL you need a couple thick poles with a 2x6 going across from one to the other. Goats really enjoy that. Telephone poles work rea

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Ashley Richardson

Photo 5 of 44: Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails (& Red Wagons) / Birthday "Carter's 1st Birthday Party" | Catch My Party

Under stairs dog house
Hernandez Courtney

DIY Dog house built under the stair case. Love this but painted and prettier!

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15 Brilliant DIY Dog Houses With Free Plans For Your Furry Companion - Really cute projects with guaranteed free plans!!

Cute dog house 3
Tara Zucker

Cute dog house

Cute dog houses 17
Elizabeth Coupe

10 Stylish Dog Houses

Cute dog houses 6

Extra Large Dog House made with 100 reclaimed by EastForkSpring, $999.00

Fun and functional doghouses creative doghouse designs
Esther Bryant

Fun and functional doghouses | Creative doghouse designs |

Pet bed ottoman
Shannon Moore

The beautiful combination of Ottoman and dog bed is a fun and very stylish combination that will fit into any stylish interior. Beautiful upholstery and a solid base of small dog beds are delightfully presented and very charming.

Arf Frame Dog House
Laetitia Zernike

Arf Frame Dog House
Beautiful outdoor kennel for the whole dog family. It's made of real wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor. It features a slatted construction, a sloped roof, dark brown frames and low legs.

Cute dog house trailer
Hilton Emily

Cute dog house trailer

How cute is this spoil your furry family member s
Anderson Marisa

How cute is this? Spoil your furry family member(s) with a posh doggy ...

Indoor Dog House

Indoor Dog House

English cottage dog house
Christina Smith


Cute dog house 4
Caitlin Nel

Cute dog house

Dog house 6
Cintia Kowalski

dog house

Cute dog houses made in tennessee
Martinez Brittany

Cute dog houses made in Tennessee.

Arf Frame Dog House in Pink
Martinez Marisa

Arf Frame Dog House in Pink
It is a dog house that has got an adorable pink color, raised floor, fir construction and great design. It is perfect for your outdoor area. If you looking for perfect dog house, you need to choose this one.

These ready to assemble eco friendly homes are made of
Christine Tay

These ready-to-assemble eco-friendly homes are made of FSC-certified ...

The dog house
Wilson Gabrielle

The dog house

Nice dog houses 19
Yulia Thompson

Cute. The windows can be shut in winter. I'd shade the porch with an extended roof & make it bigger. Those pretty potted plants would be dumped over in no time, but cute presentation for the photo.

Chicken coop for 8 chickens
Martin Ashley

A large chicken coop enclosure that will allow your birds to roam without worrying about predator attacks. The frame is made of sturdy wood, and from each side covered with lattice wire panels. Accommodates comfortably up to 8 chickens.

Cute dog houses
Stone Caroline

the dog house sofa by seungji mun. I love how cute this is but my little poo poo is more likely to be on my lap.. Maybe when he has a nap..:)