Curtains And Valances Sets

These curtains and valances are really something elegant, don’t you think? Which one of them do you find most interesting? Check out these photos and try to find the most appropriate model for you and your family. We can assure you that you will not be the first person to do this.

Curtains and valances sets 25

Designed for all those, who love cottage or rustic style, this set of curtains resemble the best features of cottage design. Finished in smooth, white, grey and black checkered pattern, will fit into almost every kind of interior.

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Arbor ivory black banner valances set of 3 1

Arbor Ivory Black Banner Valances Set Of 3
These valances are high quality products that will change the look of any window. They look very interesting in any decor. These products measure 19 inches long x 14 inches wide and they are made of 100% cotton.

Curtains and valances sets

Living room that represents a very attractive French country stylization. Comfortable sofa and chair are thickly cushioned and covered with material finished in white color. These elements of interior design include front legs with wheels.

Tuscan window treatments are great home decor ideas what three

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"The Woods" Camo Curtain & Valance 5 Piece Drape Set

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Curtains and valances sets

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Monte Carlo Window Treatment Collection

Monte Carlo Window Treatment Collection

Curtains and valances sets

Neutral styled window design with neutral white color. Durable wooden frame looks very nice with neutral white curtains that include attractive patterns. This simple stylization looks good in any house.

Kitchen 190

Kitchen in rustic style. It includes a lots of cabinets and drawers for storing pots, tableware and other needed items. Tasteful curtain adds freshness and elegance.

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A beautiful curtains and valances set that will let you bring what's best in your interior with a simple boost of blue tones and shades of the finish and the charming checkers pattern that will make for a simply perfect additionto the decor.

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Another amazing DIY project! Make your own set of ruffled curtains for a very low cost, using nothing but bed sheets! A wonderful solution for a bedroom window, sure to give it a unique, handmade detail!

Burlap curtain ruffle burlap curtain

Burlap Curtain Ruffle Burlap Curtain
The frilly curtain made of the natural burlap. It is a strange connection for me. The frills should be delicate and such a solid material doesn't fit to them. But maybe there is someone, who likes it...

Curtains and valances sets 24

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Curtain and valance

The simplest solutions sometimes make the biggest difference. This minimalist, cosy kitchen got a touch of elegance by placing a short curtain on the window. It's in a warm, light brown color and is decorated with fringes.

Mossy oak break up infinity window curtain panels set of

Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Window Curtain Panels Set Of 2 Or Valance

Curtain and valance 1

Elegant contemporary long window curtains and a valance in one. They're of quality crushproof fabric with a delicate striped design in subtly pink hues. Curtains have rod pockets. They has to be crisscrossed and draped over a rod to make a valance.

Black and beige bedroom ideas

Diy valance curtain

Simple addition, big effect. This curtain made from napkin with green, joyful patterns add to your home cosy atmosphere. It is a great decoration for your window, when you are not a fan of long curtains.

Diy valences

What's more enchanting than an adorable ruffle valance. A lovely DIY project, embodying all that's best in shabby chic, rustic style. It adds the character of the historic farmhouse.

Burlap valances diy

You can give your window a new look by this beautiful valance that doesn't require any sewing. You just need to adjust your dreamful fabric to the size of the window and fix it with a decorative stripe.

Curtain and valance

Scarf valances is a simple type of curtain style in which the material is draped around the window rather than threaded through a curtain rod. Scarf valances give the feeling that the curtains act only as a decoration.

Curtain topper ideas

Faux roman style shade that can move and drop to the lenght of the window. It can be either used as the shade or window curtain. It has beautiful floral pattern on it, toned in light, pastel colors. Fits kitchens ad other interiors.

Tailored window valance ideas

The window in the picture features a DIY valance, which doesn't require any sewing! You just need a previously measured sheet of fabric in a nice pattern, hot glue and some nails to hang it. Choose a flowery motif to give your kitchen a positive kick.

Priscilla Lace Swag Curtain Valance (Set of 2)

Priscilla Lace Swag Curtain Valance (Set of 2)
Wonderful traditional window curtain valance made of durable white lacy synthetic fabric. It features a wrinkled top with a rod pocket, long swag on sides and a beautiful floral pattern. It's machine washable and line dryed.

Diy burlap valance

The choice of curtains in floral patterns and their styles is unlimited - they will decorate the modern, classic, rustic and the vintage interior. Green base, connects with red and beige flowers - in this case. It has a very grateful family character.

Sterling Ascot 42" Curtain Valance (Set of 3)

Sterling Ascot 42" Curtain Valance (Set of 3)
Attractive contemporary window curtain valance crafted of durable white synthetic fabric. It features a heavily wrinkled top with a rod pocket and 3 showy aprons with a tassel each. It's machine washable.

How to make a modern valance

There is so many ways to whip up the spring valance and curtain. Especially when you use such a nice fabric. Floristic decorations - predominate in the colors of green, beige, yellow and delicate brown - the material is strong and does not let the light pass.

Lace window treatments 4

Window treatments made of linen and finished flower brooches. Suitable for each standard window. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Shower accessories shelf

Bathroom shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with thick rope for easy assembly. Includes 3 shelves for storing cosmetics, towels, toiletries and others needed stuff.

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Characteristic blue and white traditional porcelain will always add style and chic to your space. This large decorative porcelain plate can be a great kitchen addition, placed at one of the countertops or in a glazed cabinet.

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Curtains and valances sets

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Curtains and valances sets

Curtains and valances sets

An ikea kitchen that shows that beautiful kitchens dont need

Curtain valance