Curio Display Cases

What do you think about display cases? Maybe you are not yet convinced if this is something for you – if this is so, feel free to browse through all the designs, shapes and sizes that you can see here. It shouldn’t be surprising that numerous customers have bought them already.

Curio display cases

Curio display case for specimens. This square construction is very simple and provides good protection for specimens. Its simple shape and appearance looks very good in any design. The frame is based on wood and glass.

Rock and mineral display cases

If you’re looking for a stylish display case, this one might be good for you. Made from polished oak wood, this handy shelf gives you a plenty of space for your books, curios or whatever else you wish!

Curio display cabinet figurine case glass mirror back brass trim

Curio Display Cabinet Figurine Case Glass Mirror Back Brass Trim Tall Standing
Curio cabinet for display tasks. It features glass walls and metal frame with solid brass trim. This six sided cabinet provides shelves for home decorations and other aesthetic or practical home elements.

Curio display cases

This beautiful curio display table is actually a fully handmade item, embodying greatly the mid-century design. Stylish hairpin legs are the most characteristic elements of the construction, as well as the glazed wooden top.

Old display cases

This curio display creates a whole range of filling possibilities, helping you create a wall of favourite belongings. Ideal to store beautiful minerals and gemstone specimens. Its wooden construction would serve its role for years.

Rock display boxes

A beautiful assortment of natural minerals, displayed in clear glass cases with brass framing. Add dark background and black stone shelves and you get a truly stunning alternative for casual curio display.

Mini miniature brass glass display case 8 5 curio cabinet

Mini Miniature Brass Glass Display Case 8 5 Curio Cabinet Vtg Norleans Label
Octagonal shape for an old-fashioned display cabinet with a frame made out of brass metal with an antique finish. The walls of the piece are fitted with glass panes, and the front door has an option of putting up a lock.

Mini miniature brass glass display case 8 5 curio cabinet

Mini Miniature Brass Glass Display Case 8 5 Curio Cabinet Vtg Norleans Label

Curio display cases 3

Beautifully enlightened by multiple tiny lights, this curio display case constitutes a perfect way to expose your treasuries or favourite belongings. Destined to be used indoors, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Curio display cases 13

This fabulous vintage curio display cabinet constitutes a perfect proposition for all collectors, who want to stylishly expose their treasuries. It features a transparent glazed front.

Vintage octagon glass brass curio display case cabinet mirror 10

Vintage Octagon Glass Brass Curio Display Case Cabinet Mirror 10 3 4 Tall
Octagon-shaped, this beautiful curio cabinet case constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who want to stylishly display their most valuable belongings. It measures 10.75 inches high.

Specimen display case

Wedding dress glass display case

Curio display cases 1

For those who are obsessed with rocks, we present a curio display case made of pure glass. It has intresting geometric shape - of small pyramid. Favorite rocks, in many shades and styles were arranged inside, to get even more vintage mistic dimenssion.

Vintage leaded glass brass arched dome terrarium curio display case

Curio display cases 17

Curio display cases 21

Rock display case

Corner curio cabinet mounted on wooden frame and covered with clear glass. Base is fitted with drawer for storing needed stuff. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Rock and mineral display case

_vintage_brass_and_glass_display_case_curio_case_1970_s_441f4e46 jpg

Curio display cases 22

Rock display box

Mahogany wood glass curio display case with lock large ebay

Curio display cases 9

Curio display cases 12

A 19th century taxidermy display the victorians were avid collectors

Curio display cases 10

The ultimate shminky collection and case could be a page

Curio display cases 16

Curio display cases 15

Curio display case 1

A fantastic metal case which can be used to store tools or to display various decorations. It's a unique metal construction with a distressed, golden finish which is divided into plenty of small sections.

Diy bakery display case

Boomerang Curio Display Cabinet

Boomerang Curio Display Cabinet
This neat and very impressive display cabinet is a wonderful combination of solid construction with MDF and solid wood and glass. Mirror allows you to fully expose the rear glass, decorations and the like. Traditional styling to suit every decor.

Louie Curio Display Cabinet

Louie Curio Display Cabinet
Elegant traditional glazed display cabinet of fibreboard with a dark brown finish. It features a dashy moulding top, side access touch-latch doors, a storage space in a base. It has 4 adjustable glass shelves, a mirrored back and touch LED lighting.

Vintage velvet wood wall hanging shadowbox curio display case rack

Curio display cases 6

Vintage glass display

Bookcase Curio Cabinet

Bookcase Curio Cabinet

Curio display cases 18

Custom made narrow tower curio display case

Vintage glass and brass curio display case by primitivepincushion

Rustic curio case

Brand new case shown is finished in black wood case

Glass pyramid with mineral specimen

Details about curio display case wood cabinet rotating 4 side

Curio display cases 14

Curio display cases 24

Set of 2 rare antique beautiful french curio display cabinet

Glass display brass mirrored glass curio display case shelf

Brass glass curio cabinet shelves display case for small treasures