Crib Sleigh Bed

Well, ever wanted to buy such a sleigh bed? Even if not, this might just be what you have been searching for since this site features an incredibly varied collection of such elements, all of which have their own charm. First of all, you could take a look at all of them in order to have an overall idea.

Crib sleigh bed

Crib in modern form. Construction is made of wood. Neutral design for boys and girls. Necessary piece of furniture in any baby room.

Bliss sleigh crib

This crib sleigh bed is designed for the baby from the first days of life and thanks to the removable tiptoe and adjustable heights will serve the baby for a long time.
It has magnificent relief carvings, made in hardwood and a beautiful finish in light pink.

Sleigh Convertible Crib

Sleigh Convertible Crib
It is a very beautiful and stylish crib for the baby. Baby contains special rungs, which protect your child from falling out. Baby is very interesting, original shape.It is quite large, so it can under certain circumstances also replace the pen.

Crib sleigh bed 2

Sleigh bed cribs

This unique crib impresses with its solid finishing, however, most of all, because of its marvelous, sleigh-like silhouette. Lattice sidebars combined with curved, bowed front and back create a smooth, lightweight looking construction.

Monogrammed nursery decal

Monogrammed Nursery Decal
Elegant crib for each baby room. Construction is made of wood and finished with sophisticated pattern. Neutral design for boys and girls.

Pottery barn kids sleigh crib

Crib sleigh bed 7

This black sleigh crib constitutes an attractive alternative for all those, who look for some stylish decor for the baby room. Lattice side construction bring a traditional appeal to the space.

Crib sleigh bed 1

Crib sleigh bed 3

Crib sleigh bed 12

Baby sleigh bed cribs

Neutral nursery reveal

Crib sleigh bed 3

A multi-functional product that can be used as a crib for a baby, but it can also change into the toddler bed, day bed or even full-sized bed. The frame that supports this product is made of hardwood.

Bacati string bed canopy

Sleigh baby bed 5

Bed for children in a very attractive sleigh stylization. Its wooden frame features a very high level of durability and its brown color looks attractive in any design. Comfortable sleeping space includes side rails with vertical slats for an extra protection.

Crib sleigh bed 4

Sleigh baby bed 2

Sleigh style and classic railing - these are the most important features of this baby bed. It features a comfortable and safe sleeping space. Wooden construction is finished in a very attractive and universal dark brown color.

Crib sleigh bed

Baby sleigh bed

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated addition to a nursery room, take a look at this easy to assemble sleigh baby crib with a frame made out of white-painted wood and wheels on the bottom for easy moving and storing.

Personalized initial and name vinyl wall

Personalized Initial And Name Vinyl Wall
If you are looking for a stylish crib for the newborn, this sleigh one constitutes an interesting proposition. Refined, black finishing and sleigh silhouette create a unique, charming appeal.

Sleigh baby bed 19

An aesthetic traditional baby cot made of wood finished in white. It has sleigh-style full panel shorter walls with round grips at the top, wavy corner posts, low curved legs. It has vertically slatted longer walls and a regulated bedstead.

Sleigh baby bed 14

Sleigh styled baby bed with durable walls that include vertical slats for good protection. This bed is protective, durable and assures good stability. Its neutral finish is paired with some attractive metal accents.

Sleigh baby bed

Comfortable and durable bed for children. It looks very stylish thanks to its sleigh stylization. Wooden frame of this bed features some decorative accents. Its white color is able to complement the rest of furniture.

Convertible sleigh bed crib

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed
This amazing and stylish bed is gonna provide you not only an amazing design, but also an unusual comfort! Check it out and enjoy an incredible look of your bedroom, no matter if you're a fan of modernity or tradition.

Kimball Sleigh Bed

Kimball Sleigh Bed
This amazing and stylish bed would be a perfect solution for every kind of bedroom, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary design together with the highest comfort.

Crib sleigh bed 7

Pottery barn sleigh crib

The lovely crib for the newborn, which looks like the Santa sleigh. The head and foot had been carved in the floral ornaments. The crib has been painted in silver, what makes it looking more expensive than it really is.

Sleigh bed crib

An aesthetic traditional baby cot having a sleigh-style wooden frame with a finish in delicate beige. It has round tapered fluted legs, wide curved corner posts, full panel both a headboard and a footboard, vertically slatted longer sides.

Montana crib babies r us

Tasteful crib in vintage style. Frame is made of wood and mounted on carefully carving legs. Sides are covered with fabric and finished with decorative quilting. Elegant accent for baby room.

Crib sleigh bed

Crib sleigh bed

Fresh and adorable setup for a children nursery room with a wooden crib taking the role of the centerpiece in the room. The elegant, sophisticated crystal chandelier above brings a stylish detail to the nursery.

Mahogany sleigh bed king

Solid and comfortable queen platform bed with cherry sleigh. Its solid construction provides comfortable, safe and relaxing sleep or rest. Rich cherry finish looks very good in many kinds of bedroom stylizations.

Crib sleigh bed

Sleigh bed crib convertible

Slay crib

Elegant design for a unique, sleigh style cribbed made out of vibrant cherry wood with a dark tint. The crib is shaped to resemble a harp, which gives it a unique, one of a kind appearance which matches its classy design.

Sleigh 2-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib

Sleigh 2-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib
Simple, convertible crib featuring classic slats design. It is well balanced thanks to rather thick, curved legs. You will be surprised by the convenience of use and accessibility it offers. Brown finish is elegant and versatile.

Baby sleigh bed

Oak sleigh crib

Free Style 2-in-1 Convertible Crib Set

Free Style 2-in-1 Convertible Crib Set
This safe and sturdy crib is convertible, so that it provides optimum accessibility. It meets all safety standards and it easy to operate and to maintain. It features classic, elegant style with brown finish.

Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
Elegant classic crib convertible up to a full-size bed. It's made of wood with a black finish. It features a sleigh-inspired frame, gently curved legs, sloped side top rails and vertically slatted sides. It has a 3-position mattress support.

Sleigh bed baby crib

Bella 2-in-1 Convertible Sleigh Crib

Bella 2-in-1 Convertible Sleigh Crib
Sleight crib constructed from very durable type of solid hardwood design in traditional concept. Wheels on bottom are hooded and can be locked to provide stability. This furniture includes a stationary rail system.

Crib sleigh bed 5

Crib sleigh bed 6

Crib sleigh bed 11

Crib sleigh bed 3

Crib sleigh bed 13

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