Cottage Wall Clocks

If you think that time is money and you are looking for an innovative wall clock design, take a tour through this collection of cottage wall clocks in varying sizes, colours. Many customers already have such clocks at home and what would you say about them? Can you see the one for yourself?

Owl Wall Clock

Just an owl clock. Or rather three-owls-clock. This funny wall clock has round face with big black Roman numerals which is a classic option, but it's the frame design that makes it so special. Three owls on a tree branch! Oh my owl.

Cottage wall clocks

If you are looking for amazing and original looking and large clock for your home this is something just perfect for you. Old and fascinating looking clock face with big iron hands would bring a lot of attention into it.

French wall clocks

Add a vintage, lovely and romantic touch to your home with the giant round wall clock. The wooden structure looks incredible in beige interior. It features Roman numerals and solid finish.

Large Metal Square Paris Decor Wall Clock

A very interesting and stylish wall clock that has got a square shape. Its frame is made of metal and its front features roman numbers that are easy to read. The clock represents a rustic, vintage stylization.

Night Owl Pendulum Wall Clock

This serious owl is a nice decoration to have on your wall, and it's a clock, so decorativeness has been mixed with functionality here! The clock has a unique pendulum with moth motif. All details are very colorful.

Howard Miller 620-401 Savannah Botanical Society VI Wall Clock

Lovely vintage wall clock with stylish pendulum and patterned face, featuring a nostalgic print with red and yellow roses. The look of the clock is distressed on purpose - the piece looks like an antique.

IMAX 89019 Sophie Oval Wall Clock

A very original stylization and useful character. This type of wall clock has got an oval shape. It includes readable roman numbers and black hands that show minutes and hours. Its mechanism is very accurate.

Howard Miller 620-313 Original II Wall Clock

Fine, distressed -on-purpose wall clock with stylishly crackled dial and elegant black Arabic numerals. The dial is equipped with an antiquated brass-tone round pendulum. The movement is battery-operated.

Cursa Clock

Cursa Clock
Classic clock made of wood and iron. Powered by 2 AA batteries. Designed to hang on the wall. Grateful accent to any interior in the old style.

Oval wall clock life is good welcome to the beach

Item C1109 Romantic Pink Roses Victorian Style Clock

This type of clock is a product that introduces a Victorian style into the house. The product has got a functional character, but it has also got a decorative function thanks to its flower theme. The clock is 10 inches wide x 11.5 inches tall.

Rustic beach cottage blue hand painted wood metal wall clock

12" Quartz Analog Wall Clock

12" Quartz Analog Wall Clock
Lovers of transitional design will take a shine to this analog wall clock. It features elegant galvanized finish case and dial that is easy to read. It is subtle and quiet, with no ticking sound. Unassuming, yet bold in style.

large 23 inch Wooden Wall Clock Round Shabby Chic French Decor Effel Tower

This piece of equipment is a clock that has got a round shape. It is designed for mounting on walls. The product has got Arabic digits that are very easy to read. It has got an Effel Tower pattern, so it has also got a decorative character.

Item C2038 Vintage Victorian Style 10.5 Inch Country Cottage Clock

This lovely 10-inch diameter wall clock is hand-crafted, including a round MDF frame, black metal hands, and Arabic numerals. The clock also provides an accurate quartz movement and is easy to mount.

Metal wall clock with rope

Cottage wall clocks

Item C6017 Vintage Victorian Style 10.5 Inch Pink Rose Basket Clock

This clock should appeal to people who are keen on Victorian era furniture and retro decor accents. The clock is round, and its dial is embellished with a retro-stylized picture with a basket full of detailed pink roses.

Item C8219 Vintage Victorian Style Roses Clock (12 Inch Diameter)

A touch of Victorian style in the house. This clock features a very attractive theme that shows beautiful roses. This round clock features large roman numbers that are easy to read. It has got 12 inches in diameter.

Cottage wall clocks 2

Antique white wall clock

Gorgous sitting living room set, made from grey cotton, with extra ottoman. Additionaly big, old-school whitish wall clack with huge hands of time makes it look fantastic. Cool, rustic wooden table is a perfect spot to keep your favourite deco at.

Item C9010 Shabby Victorian Cottage Style 10.5 Inch Butterflies Clock

This kind of clock is a wall-mounted product that represents a very attractive cottage style in the house. It has got a round shape and it includes an attractive and interesting butterfly theme. It is a very useful and long-lasting product.

Infinity Instruments Le Jardin Red Poppy 24-Inch Wall Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock features a weathered look embellished with a lovely, bright red poppies picture. Also includes Roman numerals, black metal hands, and an accurate quartz movement. Requires 1 AA battery.

Rooster 12" Wide Decorative Wall Clock

Vintage, distressed wall clock with old-fashioned rooster graphic. The black Roman numerals are quite heavily distressed, but I still don't have problems to read them. The hands are black and straight.

Item C9005 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Three Kittens Nursery Clock

Cute vintage wall clock with bright, colorful image of three kittens from a children storybook - a classic in kids literature. Black spade hands feature attractive distressed finish. Standard numerals are easy to read.

Allen Design Studios "Vintage Mixer Green" Mixer Kitchen Wall Clock

It is a fantastic mixer wall clock that is a perfect addition to your kitchen. It has got a cupcake pendulum and beautiful colors. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this clock looks on your wall.

Large 36" Lanier Rustic Wood Wall Clock

Big, round wall clock without frame, crafted with care of high quality fir wood and completed with heavy duty metal hardware - it will for sure last for long in perfect condition. Its design is dedicated for rustic-themed interiors.

Item C2105 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Lemons Clock

High quality wall clock having 10.5 inch in diameter, sunny and warm color and orange motif on its dial. The clock also has large and easy to read Roman numerals. A battery is required for clock's operation.

Item C2122 Shabby Style Seashell Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

Small wall clock, having 10.5 inch in diameter, and featuring cool colors and base featuring shell motif, hands with distressed finish and Arabic numbers. It's a perfect idea for a gift for any sea lover.

Howard Miller 625-350 Randall Wall Clock

With its weathered look, this wall clock spices up home interiors with functionality and vintage accents. The clock features an antiqued dial with Arabic numerals and a built in brass pendulum. The dial sits in a metal frame with beautiful decorative scrollwork.

Rectangle Glass Wall Clock with Cuckoo Clock

Rectangle Glass Wall Clock with Cuckoo Clock
What an exquisite, artful wall clock with paper cuckoo, in rich, brilliant tones! It is handmade by experienced glass artists and features a set of black hands that are powered by an accurate and reliable German-made quartz movement.

Handmade Wood Tide Timer Clock - Natural - Coastal - Retro - For the Surfer

Admirable handmade tide clock with coastal flair. Measuting approximately 12" square and 1.5", it features natural wood backdrop, slate gray vintage surfer sand red & white clock hands. Intended for indoor use.

Stone clock

Cool enchanted forest themed pendulum clock. Truly fairy tale - ish. Witch cottage sits atop a bed of sand mounted on twigs and roots. Abounding with details, marvellous with its careful make. I'm left speechless!

Sardine Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

It is a sardine wall clock that is handmade and has got a can shape. It is made from recycled material and decorated with beautiful colors. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall.

Item C6023 Rustic Style 10.5 Inch Oak Leaves Acorns Clock

Round wall clock in rustic style, with oak leaves and acorns motif that create an abundant frame for a dial. The latter has brown Arabic numerals and distressed spade hands. It's colored ivory. The leaves motif accents the dial's centre.

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Item C1253 Old World Style Angels Tabletop Clock (12 Inches x 10 Inches)

This type of clock is a very stylish, wooden piece of equipment that has got a tabletop stylization. Its round clock area features arabic number that are black and easy to read. The overall size of this clock is 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Oak Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

It is an oak wall clock that is handmade and has got a tree shape. It is made from recycled material and decorated with brightly colored paints. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall.

Sale vintage ornate coral wall clock

Sale Vintage Ornate Coral Wall Clock
A vintage, cute wall clock with an ornate, coral design that gives it a retro, shabby appearance. Would surely look nicely in a traditional, elegant bedroom to give it a contrasting detail with its bright pink color.

Rhythm clocks 4mj414wu03 vintage cottage wall clock

Item C4001 Vintage Style Pansies Clock

This element is a very reliable and attractive wall clock that features a round shape. It is attractive thanks to its Victorian style. It not only plays a decorative function and it has also got a decorative role.

English wall clocks

Item C7009 Vintage Style Children's Nursery Clock

This kind of clock has got a Vintage style that is ideal for use in a children's room. The clock features attractive colors and arabic numbers that are easy to read. The mechanism od this clock is very reliable.

Restoration hardware clocks

A chic vintage style wall clock of laser cut plywood covered with fade resistant inks and anti UV coating. It has a round blue dial with a rim, Roman numerals, writings in French, fleur-de-lis and floral designs in beiges. It requires 1AA battery.

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Montmartre wall clock

Wall clocks hobby lobby

Make a grand impression on your guests, and choose this mantel wall clock, with large size, round shape, cottage style, and gray with beige colors. Add it above your fireplace and enjoy the unique decor.

Capri coast rustic beach cottage wall clock

Cottage wall clocks gillett clock