Corner Tubs For Small Bathrooms

Are you on the lookout for solutions for your bathroom? In that case perhaps you should see the corner tubs for small bathrooms that have been compiled in this collection. It is true that numerous customers have decided to buy them and what will be your final decision as far as these are concerned?

Emily Lee Interior Design Expert
Corner tubs for small bathrooms 1
Dominique Wilson

Corner Bathtubs

This amazing bathroom design is a truly perfect example that you are able to fit everything you need in even the smallest space, since it provides a solution for all those, who don't have the largest bathroom but would still like to experience maximum comfort.

Small tub shower combo
Anderson Marisa

Corner Tub

Minimalist bathroom idea: corner tub is combined with shower surrounded by traditional white curtains hanged on industrial bronze bar (matches the vintage shower head). There are white tiles on a wall and mosaic tiles on floor.

Corner tubs for small bathrooms 2
Carmen Milani

Corner Tub Shower

Corner bathtub with 3 steps. Designed for back to wall installation. Great solution for saving space in each bathroom according to taste and need. Traditional form and functional design.

Small bathtub shower combo
Peterson Michelle

Square Bathtub

This incredibly useful and compact tub is the perfect solution for small interiors. Simple design, specially shaped interior and impressive fittings add style and style. Ideal for modern and minimalist interiors.

Small corner tub shower combo

Corner Bathtub Shower

Soaker Tub Shower Combo

Small bathtubs
Stephanie Rod

A comfortable, solid and functional bathtub that is suitable for corner placement. It saves plenty of space in small bathroom indoors. This solution is very hygienic, resistant to wear and damage caused by different factors.

Corner tub

Pretty corner-mounted bathtub so space-saving and ideal for small bathrooms. This triangle-shaped tub with a gently wavy front edge and rounded corners is made of acrylic white inside and pale pink outside. It has decorative legs.

Small bath tubs
Isabella Martinable

If you have spacious bathroom and you love long bathing with aromatize oils and lather, this corner, wide bathtub is dedicated special for you. It is made of white ceramic and has metal, silver-plated taps.

Corner tub shower combo
Coupe Andrea

Contemporary setup for a colourful bathroom with tiled walls fitted with two-coloured tiles in blue and beige. The corner bathtub made out of white ceramic with a showerhead above provides a comfy place to wash.

Small corner bathtub
Torres Rebecca

If you are in a need of something chic and modern for your not so large bathroom, you can try this eye-catching, corner bathtub. The bathtub doesn't sink into the floor, only rests on it, just like the traditional one.

Small bathtub
Julie Rus

This picture shows a nice idea for an arrangement of a small bathroom. A corner sink is located just above a bathtub. These white, functional elements are attractive and very solid. They save a lot of space.

Corner bath tub from neptune the new wind bath bathtubs
Bush Eliza

Corner bath tub from Neptune - the new Wind bath | Bathtubs On the trendir site

Corner tubs
Tara Coll

Struggling to refurbish a small bathroom? I'd never believe that you can have both tub and shower in a space-limited bathroom, but here the corner facilities do the job. Dark brown surfaces are visually balanced with cream elements.

Small tub

A long, relaxing bath is a great way to recover from a hard day. In order not to give up the shower, it is worth choosing a white acrylic corner bathtub for small bathrooms with a glass screen. Compact shapes, longitudinal form and use of space.

Corner soaking tub
Craven Zoe

Corner bathtub made of high quality acrylic. Perfect solution for space saving in any bathroom.

Soaking tub with shower

Vintage setup for a traditional bathroom with a tiny, compact design. The walls of the bathroom are painted in a sophisticated pattern with blue ribbon decals, which nicely complements the ceramic decorations.

Small tubs

Deep corner tub can be a great solution if you are dealing with tiny bathrooms. This tiled one adds also style and prestige, fitting well into a well-designed, refined interior.

Small shower areas small bathroom layout idea with corner bathtub
Stephanie Gonz

... Small Shower Areas › Small Bathroom Layout Idea With Corner Bathtub

Corner bathtub shower
Sarah Ashleyist

Corner bathtub in modern form. It is made of high quality acrylic. Great solution for small bathrooms.

Soaking tub shower combo

A cool aesthetic space-saving corner shower for small bathrooms. It's of durable bacteria-proof white acrylic. It has walls with an across slatted pattern, a protruding quarter-circular bowl, an inbuilt small corner shelf, a corner drain hole.

Corner tub shower

Small Jacuzzi Tub - Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms

Small soaking tub

Bring some luxurious comfort into your modern bathroom, using this exquisite soaking tub, straight from Japan. The bathtub has an octagonal shape, is large enough top ensure you a quality bath time, and it's easy to clean.

Short bathtub
Kelly Bryant

corner bathtub with led lights for modern bathroom design

Soaker tub shower combo

corner shower for a small bathroom

Corner tub dimensions
Martinez Marisa

Small Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom Design

Corner bathtub

Soaking Tub with Shower for Small Bathroom

Corner bathtubs

This bathtub is a durable and small-sized, functional element that is suitable for small bathrooms. Its white color is neutral, so it looks very nice among other functional items and elements that decorate bathrooms.

Jetted tub shower combo

If they could pipe your shower head to the window wall without cutting into walls that would give you more usable space inside the tub.

Corner bath tub
Laetitia Zernike

Small bath tub

real life inspiration - inexpensive bathroom reno. good mix of traditional elements with modern ones

Small jacuzzi

Tiny bathroom inspiration.. great storage for such a small space

Tiny bathtub

small bathroom ideas - perfect for the extra small bathroom in the new house

Bath shower combo ideas
Bianca Noorda

Jacuzzi ESP6060WCL1HXA Almond 60" x 60" Espree Corner Whirlpool Bathtub with 12 Jets, Heater, Pneumatic Controls, Center Drain, and Left Pump

Soaker tub with shower

Corner Tub with Shower Ideas | Corner Shower - How to Install

Tiny tub

corner tub glass shower.... MILLER GLASS CO. Tally.

72" x 72" Corner Soaking Tub
Brittany Ros

72" x 72" Corner Soaking Tub

For small bathrooms magnificent bathroom with round corner bathtub

for small bathrooms magnificent bathroom with round corner bathtub ...

Small corner shower

Enclosed tub - would be great with small corner shelves for candles & personal items

Square tub
Kathryn Wood

This could work in our small bath. Replace shower curtain and tub with stall and glass wall. Room would look bigger. (Don't extend shower full length of original tub to make a space for small shelving or closet!!)

Small bathroom corner bathtubs for small remodeling ideas

small bathroom corner bathtubs for small remodeling ideas

Tiny soaker tub

Wonderful storage idea for master bath!

Corner bathtubs for small bathroom designs
Mackenzie Milani

corner bathtubs for small bathroom designs

Whirlpool tub shower combo
Coupe Andrea

We're switching to a fiberglass shower stall kit because we've had it with leaking tile jobs. Love how this photo dresses this ready-kit up by framing it in and adding tiles at the top!!

Cipini verona circular shower enclosure small right review compare prices

Cipini Verona Circular Shower Enclosure Small (Right) - review, compare prices, buy online

Bathtubs for small bathrooms

Small Bathroom 9: Luxurious Tiles. note corner bench, basket-weave floor & travertine tiles on shower walls.

Inspiration for small bathrooms from ikea
Jenkins Katie

Inspiration for small bathrooms from Ikea.

Sumptuous dark bathroom floor tile ideas with white corner tubs

Sumptuous Dark Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas With White Corner Tubs As ...

Corner bathtubs 3
Cintia Kowalski

corner bathtubs

Small jacuzzi tub

Here is a shower door some other company did but we install ones just like this everyday.....bathroom remodels for small bathrooms | Shidler Remodeling of Cincinnati - Bathroom Remodeling Blog

Corner garden tub
Patterson Gracie

traditional bathroom by B & P Distinctive Renovations, LLC....corner shower.......remodel?

I’m thinking about a corner bathtub, but I’m not exactly sure if I’m going to like it. Anything I should know?
Corner tubs are usually installed in smaller bathrooms, when consumers would love to have a tub, but can’t quite fit a standard one. As they have a different shape than typical tubs, it’s best to visit a storeroom and try sitting in one, to get the feeling.

What are my options when it comes to the materials?
Corner tubs come in various materials. The most popular ones are fibreglass, porcelain on steel, acrylic, cast iron, cultured marble, ceramic tile as well as stone and wood.

What to consider before choosing a specific material for my corner tub?
Usually, it’s the price that dictates your choice. Cultured marble or cast iron, for example, are more expensive than acrylic tubs. The more expensive materials are known to last longer, but you don’t always need a heavy duty corner tub. Consider what you need and your budget, as well as the aesthetics. As a corner tub is often not the main one, cheaper materials might just do the trick.

What about the size? My bathroom isn’t very big…
Corner bathtubs are usually around 60 inches long and 60 inches wide. Their shape, however, makes them very space-efficient.

And the height?
The height of 22 inches is the standard for corner bathtubs. Of course, there are some exceptions, and you can always have your bathtub custom-made to suit your preferences.

What about the location of faucet spout and handles?
The location of faucet spout and handles directly impacts the accessibility of your corner bathtub. If these are placed on the front, you need enough space on the sides to exit the tub.

Is cleaning a corner tub hard?
Not at all. Rinse it with clean water and then give it a wipe. For heavy dirt or moderate stains, it’s best to sprinkle the tub with baking soda and spray some vinegar-and-water solution over the stain. Let it bubble for several minutes, and afterwards scrub it with a soft cloth or a sponge till paste forms. Let the paste work for around 15 minutes, then wipe and rinse.

I mostly see triangle-shaped corner tubs, but is there some variety?
Yes. While most of the corner tubs have a roughly triangular shape, the number of sides may vary from three to five. Generally, the triangular shape is the most popular, but if you’re looking for something different, check out the rectangular tubs. These are also called “two-sided tubs” or “double apron tubs”.