Corelle Coffee Cups

Grab a quick a quick Americano in the morning, enjoy an afternoon cappuccino with your bestie or sip a leisurely decaf in the evening in a cup that harkens back to the times when your grandma brewed her aromatic potion. Corelle coffee cups are vintage at its finest. Go check my collection and get ready for coffee!

Rachel Craven Interior Design Expert
Corelle coffee cups 8

This set of 9 coffee cups can be a wonderful addition to any afternoon tea or coffee with your friends. All, crafted from quality porcelain, along with accompanying saucers and subtly differing patterning.

Corelle crazy daisy

Adorable set of ceramic corelle coffee cups with a green, floral design on the sides and an unusual shape which gives them a unique look – great set to serve coffee in during parties and family reunions, sure to amaze with its elegance.

Corelle coffee cups 1
Corelle coffee cups
Vintage coffee cup

Lack a vintage vibe in your serveware collection? How about quaint and charming white coffee cups with caramel brown flowers pattern? Many lovers of retro designs would appreciate these. Four cups for sale!

Corelle coffee cups 20
Corelle coffee pot

A cup of good coffee, in a charming company - made in delicate china decorated with pink and purple tulips. White color background - all this makes it an extremely delicate set of corelle coffee cups.

Corelle coffee cups
Corelle coffee cups 21
Corelle coffee cups 18
Crazy daisy corelle
Corelle coffee cups 5
Corelle cups and saucers
Corelle coffee cups 3
Corelle coffee cups

Tableware made of milk glass and finished with interesting pattern. Includes plates and tea cups. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many very good recommendations from clients.

Corelle coffee cups
Corelle coffee cups 2

The common white coffee cups with saucers with the floral motives. It looks like taken from the late eighties. Evendough it is definitely solid, because the borosilicate glass is heatproof and really hard to destroy.

Corelle Discontinued Morning Blue Pattern Coffee Cup, Closed Handle Cup
Vintage coffee cups and saucers
Vintage Corelle Open Handle Coffee Cup, Woodland Brown Hook Cup
Corelle coffee cups 13
Corelle green flowers
Vintage Corelle Open Handle Coffee Cup Crazy Daisy
Corelle coffee cups 22
Corelle cup set
Corelle coffee cups 12
Vintage corelle corning coffee mugs green crazy daisy set of
Corelle Expressions Mug Coffee Cup, Wildflower (aka Spring Bouquet)
Corelle Square 12-Ounce Mug, Pure White
Corelle coffee cups 4
12 oz. Mug

12 oz. Mug
Porcelain mug finished in solid white and having capacity of 12 oz. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Additionally, it features contemporary design, which is visually appealing and fits majority of collections.

Corelle coordinates thymeless herbs flat cup coffee mug saucer
Corelle coffee mugs cups gold butterfly pattern
Vintage corelle teacups coffee cups crazy daisy by awesome80s
Corelle butterfly gold open hook handle coffee by colemanvintage
Corelle discontinued lace bouquet coffee cups mugs set of 3
Corelle Square 12-Ounce. Porcelain Mug, Kobe
Corelle for Joy Precious Colours Premier 4-piece Set of Mugs Emerald Green
Corelle coffee cups 17
Four vinatge corelle coffee cups
Corelle coffee cups 2
Have not seen this style of coffee cup before
Corning ware corelle english breakfast mug coffee tea pink flowers
Corelle coffee cups 6
Corning ware corelle holly coffee mugs
Corelle coffee cups 7
Corelle impressions callaway mug
Corning Ware, English Breakfast, Coffee Mug, Corelle
4 corelle provinical blue coffee cups by pittsburgh4pillows
Corelle coffee cups 23