Copper Track Lighting

Trade up plain lamps to copper track lighting. It's an awesome alternative which instantly perks up the space with an item of character. Perfect for industrial style interiors and as strong accent feature in a minimalist space.

Copper track lighting 3

Simple and at the same time very well executed Cooper track lighting is an interesting solution to modern industrial interior design. Several lamps on a solid base delight in style and beautifully illuminates the interior.

Copper track lighting 2

This track lighting suits modern indoors such as bars, bachelor pads, living rooms, and offices. The rail is made of metal in copper finish, and it's attached to a ceiling with strong metal fixtures, firmly holding everything in place.

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Copper track lighting 4

Designing an industrial house? This copper track lighting solution is just what you need. Just look at this factory-like, minimalistic beauty. It’s also very reliable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by the accidental hit.

Plumbing pipe light fixture

Original and functional lighting based on solid copper construction. Its durable frame includes spaces for light bulbs. Thanks to this construction it is possible to provide lights in large indoors and to decorate them.

Flexible track lighting ikea

Interesting proposal for an industrial interior, preferably with high ceilings. Modern pipes were used to create a plumbing light fixture.Copper track lighting is a fabulous solution for people who love groovy lamp.

Copper track lighting 24

You do not need a frog plumber at home to find a hydraulic factory pipe, renew it - or rather stylize it with bronze and copper, and in the holes add ordinary bulbs to create an industrial copper track lighting in the existing loft style.

Copper track lighting 15

Simple track-light, wall mounted light fixture, in copper - classic Scandinavian style offer. 6 adjustable lights are affixed to a brass bar, in one row. Fitting for Scandinavian decor, industrial design influences, or just contemporary interiors.

Copper track lighting 22

Ideal for a kitchen or a dining space, this copper track lighting features multiple halogen lights, grouped together to create a stylish contemporary decor proposition. The ultramarine blue lights are attached to a chrome rod.

Diy track lighting ideas

Wall sconce as the main or additional source of light. It is made of brass electrical fittings and porcelain sockets. Modern design for each room.

Pipe track lighting

Homey summer cottage kitchen in Scandinavian style, featuring copper track lighting dangling over light colored dining table, accompanied by a mix of casual retro chairs of different colors and designs.

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Copper track lighting 31

Copper track lighting 12

Copper track lighting

Basement 9

A fantastic choice for bachelor pads, game rooms, and kitchens. This decorative track lighting is designed of premium metal in a copper finish, providing 6 shiny lights - perfect to suspend them over your pool table, bar counter, or kitchen island.

Alternatives to track lighting

A fine idea to splash your modern home with industrial accents, thanks to this vintage track lighting. It's characterized by a ceiling installation and copper pipes construction, while firmly holding 2 adjustable lights.

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Copper track lighting 25

Elco Lighting ET655CP Track Light, Line Voltage PAR30 Lumina Wire Form Track Fixture - Copper

Copper track lighting 8

Illuminate your interior on three sides. Together with a hanging lamp, made of dark brown copper. Symmetrical three separate lenses are attached to the long tube. Great example for rustic american or farmhouse deco fans.

Copper track lighting 17

Felis Line Voltage Mini Pendant

Felis Line Voltage Mini Pendant
If you're looking for some stylish and unique items for your living room or bedroom, check out this amazing light pendant. You're gonna fall in love with a huge dose of an intriguing design brought to your house!

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Pretty track lighting

Elegant design for a long track lighting made out of bronze. The track lighting has a five light rail and the lamps themselves have matte glass shades, which provide the piece with a classy and stylish appearance.

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George kovacs track lighting 2

Ceiling lamp in contemporary form. Frame is made of metal and fitted with 5 lights. Great as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Antique copper pendant lighting 8912

George kovacs track lighting 20

Minimalist Design & Clean Lines characterize best this George Kovacs Lightrail. Being a smooth modern way of enlightening the room, it will fit into contemporary interiors.

George kovacs track lighting 26

To modernist but still delicate george kovacs track lighting - you can use the ceiling lamp, consisting of several LED track lights. All bulbs are mounted symmetrically to a tube made of white glass, with a silver smooth finish.

George kovacs track lighting 3

The track lighting will be great finish to the contemporary room decor. Three bulbs provide perfect, warm light in your room. The classical, curved line of the frames provides the elegant finish of whole decor.

George kovacs track lighting 4

This track lighting is a perfect option of giving more than enough light for your interior, while the design itself sports the warm shade of the glass and the traditional, simple look to blend well in any home decor.

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Original and industrial styled light. Its double pulley frame provides space for hanging four light bulbs. This element provides light at night and it also increases interior aesthetics at day thanks to its unique appearance.

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Copper track lighting 34

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Now you can add this track lighting to your gallety or even to your household, making sure it illuminates the entire hallway easily and makes it stand out with class and elegance. It sports a simple design that is easy to match with any possible decor.

Bronze track lighting kichler bronze track lighting with 3 light

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The black track lighting ideal for the modern kitchen or a fancy restaurant. The lamp contains 4 bulbs on the long wires winded around the horizontal bar mounted unter the ceiling. The length of hanging wires depends on your fantasy.

Canarm it299a04 4 light taylor tack track lighting kit

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It's as unbelievable as one lamp,is able to - make your world more beautiful. Many small single lampshades spread out on a metal frame, besides, three bigger lampshades hang from it, on larger ropes. with the same design. We call it track lighting.

Home depot track lighting hampton bay

An aesthetic modern track LED lighting which can be mounted a.o. on walls, ceilings or under hanging cabinets. It has a simple thin long rectangular frame of black finished nonconducting metal materials.

Track Light

Track Light
This track light is the perfect way of turning the light in your house or restaurant to the ideal angle you're going for, making it much more convenient that the usual lighting solutions and a more durable one.

Mid century glass pendant

Mid Century Glass Pendant
A high quality pendant made of durable glass. It not only provides light, but it also looks very attractive in different decorative styles. It has got a solid metal frame and an adjustable height. It measures 15"diam. x 32"h.

Copper track lighting 36

Shay 3 Light Track Light

Shay 3 Light Track Light
Modern style wall fixture with three lights. The item is characterized by satisfying quality and versatile style. It sports classic silver finish. Works well in many applications, from entryway to bathroom.

5 Light Track Light

5 Light Track Light
Pretty functional contemporary lamp for 5 up to 50W halogen bulbs. Its snaky fixture, short straight arms and round canopy are of bronze-finished metal. The canopy doesn't have to be mounted in centre. Adjustable cone shades are of white glass.

Copper track lighting 23

Duchess 4 Light Track Light

Duchess 4 Light Track Light
Contemporary fixture with four lights. The design distinguishes itself with feminine vibe, with delicately curved lines and bell shades. Popular silvery finish is complemented with milky white glass of shades.