Copper Canister Sets

Copper has its time in interior design right now. It looks awesome and adds a lot of warmth and cosiness. Copper canister sets below are very helpful in organizing kitchen's stuff and ingredients. Check the products and get inspired by the warm glossy surface.

Turkish copper canister set 1

Turkish Copper Canister Set
Made of copper canister set is a beautiful combination of exceptional character and functionality. Beautiful design and lids make the eye pleasing. They are ideal in the kitchen or living room adding a unique style.

Set of copper nesting kitchen canisters

Set Of Copper Nesting Kitchen Canisters
The rich and very stylish set of copper kitchen containers is an excellent way to chic and functional kitchen décor. Lids and containers are beautifully preserved for spices and food. Beautiful details captivate you.

Vintage turkish copper canister set 2

Vintage Turkish Copper Canister Set
Capacious canister set crafted from shiny copper characterized by interesting hammered texture. Each canister (four sizes in a set) comes with lid and beautiful but also practical design equipped with lugs.

Vintage copper kitchen canisters set of 1

Vintage Copper Kitchen Canisters Set Of
A captivating decoration for kitchens and dining rooms, in shape of a gorgeous set of four canisters. Emanating with vintage flavor and durable construction, each of those cuties is made of copper and beauitfully-polished for extra appearance.

Vintage 1950s turquoise and copper

Vintage 1950s Turquoise And Copper
Set of 4 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of aluminum and copper. Includes lids with comfortable handle. Suitable for storing food. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Vintage canister set ransburg rooster

Vintage Canister Set Ransburg Rooster
Emanating with country accents and vintage craftsmanship; this set of 4 canisters is easy to clean, quite capacious, and gorgeous. Designed of white ceramic and adorned with a rooster print, each canister also holds a round copper lid with a white ceramic handle.

Vintage lincoln beautyware turquoise copper canister set flour sugar coffee

Vintage Lincoln Beautyware Turquoise Copper Canister Set Flour Sugar Coffee Tea
Thanks to this lovely set of 3 canisters, you can now splash your kitchen with a drop of retro elegance. Each canister is designed of premium metal in a two-toned copper and turquoise finish, offering storage for sugar, flour, and coffee / tea.

Vintage copper brass coffee and tea

Vintage Copper Brass Coffee And Tea
A stylish pair of vintage metal canisters. Copper surface has some coffee-related signs on it. The round lids provide airtight closing. They come in different shapes: round or square, with rounded edges.

Copper plated hammered metal canisters

Copper Plated Hammered Metal Canisters
An elegant vintage set of 3 size-varied canisters crafted of hammered copper in warm shades. Each canister features a cylindrical body with a textured surface and a narrower neck with a plain pattern. Flat round lids have seals.

Copper ceramic set of 5 kitchen storage

Copper Ceramic Set Of 5 Kitchen Storage
Now you can decorate your vintage-looking kitchen with this fantastic set of 5 canisters with round lids. Each of those cuties is made of quality white cramic and premium copper, making the set durable and easy to clean.

Copper canister sets 6

Copper canister sets 15

Copper canister sets

Copper canister

A beautiful vintage set of 4 size-varied kitchen canisters with cylindrical bodies (with a decorative convex band in upper part) and narrower necks. Dome-shaped lids have small hemispherical knobs. Canisters are made entirely of copper.

Copper canister sets 11

Pure rustics 3 piece forleo canister set

Pure Rustics 3 Piece Forleo Canister Set
A beautiful embellishemnt for contemporary kitchens, in shape of three lovely canisters - each made of smoked glass, with hammered texture. The set consists 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large cannister, all covered by stylish lids.

Copper kitchen canister sets

Vintage turquoise blue and copper

Vintage Turquoise Blue And Copper
A pretty vintage set of size-varied metal kitchen canisters with slight traces of use. Their cylindrical bodies and round flat knobs are finished in a light blue shade. Lids and narrow bands in bottom parts have a contrasting coppery tone.

Copper canister sets 2

Hammered copper canister set

Vintage copper canisters

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set
Designed solely for storing commonly used kitchen ingredients, while making sure to add more style to your design, this 4-piece copper canister set combines charm and utility perfectly with the easy to clean construction.

Copper canister sets 1

Copper canister sets 1

Copper canister sets 1

West bend canister set

Copper flour canister

Copper canister sets 9

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Copper canister sets 14

Vintage Home Canister (Set of 3)

Vintage Home Canister (Set of 3)

Hammered copper canisters

Vintage copper canister set four pieces

Vintage Copper Canister Set Four Pieces
A captivating design and striking finish of this 4-canister set makes it to really stand out from the rest. Each canister is capacious, designed of well-polished copper, and labeled using golden plaques.

Copper canister set 2

Old dutch antique copper canister set 1

Copper canister sets 3

Flour canister set

Vintage mirro copper aluminum canister set

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

Vintage copper canister set nesting canisters by gizmoandhooha 55 00

Vintage copper kitchen canister set

Antique style galvanized tin canister set 3

Copper kitchen old dutch decor copper canisters set of 4

Copper canister set free shipping

Dscn4561 solid copper canister set flour sugar tea coffee

Copper Canister Set

3-Piece Canister Set

3-Piece Canister Set
A set of 3 aesthetic vintage-stylised containers for dry food. Their size-varied oval bodies are crafted of durable quality creamy earthenware with a beautiful floral design. Removable brown lids have seals and decorative stems.

Copper canister set of 4 flour sugar coffee by littlecleoathome

Old Dutch International Solid Copper Hammered Canisters, Set of 4

Copper canister sets 18