Convertible Ping Pong Table

Table tennis is so much fun for the whole family, but frankly, I don’t know anyone who could afford to keep a regular table at home. If you don’t have any untapped space to turn into a game room, don’t despair – you can always get a convertible ping pong table. There a few good options to choose from. Just have a look.

Sarah Ashley Interior Design Expert
Dining ping pong table
Susan Mill

An ingenious modern dining table and a pool table in one! It has a rectilinear frame with straight square legs of white-coated steel. Its sectional rectangular top of wooden materials in browns is removable and hides a pool table finished in grey.

Ping pong dining room table
Sara Jackson

This convertible ping pong table is an awesome way to add a fun and comfort into any home. It featured the farmed solid teak frame, and the transform option into the conversation table or dining table.

Ping pong conference table

Gather friends and start the exciting game with customized professional-quality convertible ping pong table crafted from teak wood and finished monochrome in classic espresso brown. Style + fun in one.

Convertible kitchen table
Alicia Gre

This table is a convertible product that can serve as a traditional element. It can also be used as a ping-pong table thanks to its wooden "net". Simple lines and solid wooden constructions are the main features of this table.

Convertible ping pong table
Holly Simmons

Modernize your home and add some fun with this convertible ping pong table. It has the strong glass top and base with stainless steel structure. It brings the glamour touch into apartment space.

Ping pong dining table
Carmen Milani

Convertible ping pong table for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is made from high quality maple wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Traditional form and modern design.

Dining room ping pong table

A functional ping pong table that can be converted into a dining table while partying with your friends. The convertion is very easy, and the table itself is made of sturdy wood and allows your to store your balls and tennis rackets in a handy tray underneath the top.

Pool table tennis dining table

Convertible ping pong table made of high density and high pressure laminate with steel structure. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It can be used as dining table.

Ping pong table door
Martinez Rebecca

A great idea to accommodate your game room with a little bit more of active solution. This ping pong table is characterized by hardwood construction with tapered legs, and can be folded for easy storage.

Dining table ping pong
Amber Gre

This convertible ping pong table constitutes an interesting proposition for one's exteriors. Its metal construction makes it almost irresistible. A very solid and stable item.

Convertible ping pong table 7
Rachel Gon

Distinguishing itself with contemporary design, has actually a lot more to offer. Its convertible structure makes the item a well-designed ping pong table or a pool one, depending on your current needs.

Table tennis net for kitchen table
Jaclyn Rus

With this unique idea, you can now have a functional room door that can be easily converted into a ping-pong table. All you need to do is to pull the door down and lock it in place; perfect for bachelor pads or game rooms.

Convertible ping pong table 1
Mega Leahbrown

A splendid choice for game rooms, and basements, for anyone who loves to play a little ping pong. The table takes a fresh approach for an 11-point game, standing on well-balanced wood legs, with a smooth white top and a tray underneath for storing your balls and table tennis rackets.

Dining table ping pong set

Do you pretend to play billiards? Such a set is, therefore, necessary to organize well into the game. A traditional convertible ping pong table with green felt, wood-enclosed, has a bench in the set, under which a seat is a hiding place for sticks and balls.

Modern ping pong table
Ross Melissa

The folding ping pong table is a great combination of great fun and functionality. The simple form allows for a sensational game, has space for hiding rockets and balls and is very handy. The perfect solution for the entertainment room.

Convertible ping pong table 11
Laura Tur

Combining a kitchen island with a table tennis top? Why not! Finished in stylish, bright wood, it will create, a warm, yet contemporary accent in your dining room. Ideal to relax a bit from meal preparations.

Ping pong table top for dining table
Rebecca Edw

The coffee table convertible into a ping pong table - it is a solution for real fans. The ping pong table should be enough high to play comfortable and I don't think that those ones will provide it to you.

Convertible ping pong table 2
Robinson Layla

Provide comfortable and completely practical dining for your interior with this convertible ping pong table that is just the most versatile and fun piece that you could choose for your space with its well-thought structure.

4 Piece Table Tennis Conversion Top Table Tennis Table

4 Piece Table Tennis Conversion Top Table Tennis Table
This kind of top is a high quality item that converts tables into ping-pong tables. It has got a traditional green color and it is very solid, so it assures long hours of play. The set also includes a net.

Ping pong dining room table 1

Haha, I need that in my office: a convertible ping pong table combined with a sleek contemporary conference table - the designer is a genious! The shallow drawers hide away balls and paddles. L O V E!

Table tennis conversion top for dining tables
Carmen Kowalski

This unique table and tennis was created to merge a beautiful conference, dining, or other use tables & built it to the specs of a table tennis table. An inimitable example of a multifunctional piece of furniture.

Convertible ping pong table
Holly Perez

Folding ping pong table is a convenient solution for your home entertainment system. Beautiful and modern design captivates the details and is perfect for any contemporary decor. This is an excellent way to have fun.

Convertible ping pong table
Brittany Joh

Made of beech wood with a walnut inlay, this convertible ping pong table has two drawers at each end of the table for balls, paddles, and presumably all dinner or conference table related accessories too.

Convertible ping pong table 1
Jessica Zernike

Although ping pong is a widespread sport in Asia, it was invented in England in the late nineteenth century by a British engineer. For lovers of this sport, presented here modern convertible ping pong table would be great with its wooden legs and grey top.

Dining room ping pong table 1

Home-made convertible ping pong table - a genuine masterpiece! Reportedly it took 400 hours to be constructed. High-gloss lacquered top emphasizes the beauty of natural wood and contrasts with reclaimed metal elements.

Pool tables that turn into dining tables
Rachel Coo

You and Me ping-pong and dining table by RS Barcelona

Ping pong dinner table
Lopez Dana

Yes the dining table should Convert to a ping pong table! from John Derian's restored 1789 sea captain's house

Table tennis dining table

Modern Design: Office Table Tennis (8 photos) - My Modern Metropolis

Convertible ping pong table 12

Pool Party Dinner & Other Convertible Game Room Furniture | Apartment Therapy

Ping pong table door for sale
King Margaret

Google's office interior in Zurich, Switzerland..Ping pong tables converted to lunch room tables...Eat and play...Genius!!

Modern convertible ping pong table
Miller Emily

modern convertible ping pong table

Dining table tennis

Ping Pong Conference Table. I think this should be the next office purchase

Black convertible ping pong table outdoor ping pong table you
Lily Cravenable

black convertible ping pong table | Outdoor ping-pong table YOU AND ME ...

Convertable foosball tables spartan sports 9 in 1 click to
Ashley Mil

Convertable Foosball Tables - Spartan Sports 9-In-1 (Click to enlarge)

Dining table table tennis
Julia Lambertify

Ping-Pong Conference Table | Modern Office Furniture | Poppin - This is so awesome!!!!

Convertible ping pong table is suitable for dinner parties
Laura Jone

Convertible Ping Pong Table Is Suitable For Dinner Parties

Contemporary ping pong table
Smith Courtney

The Traction Marketing Group has such a unique and interesting office. Self-described as a “creative incubator”, the Traction workspace is highlighted by its converted warehouse appeal and plenty of color

Convertible ping pong table 6
Alexis Hallify

Ping Pong table in Game room that converts to a regulation Pool Table

Ping pong table dining table
Erica Barn

Topographical Ping Pong Table Design Converts Into a Conference Table

Table de ping pong convertible table a manger james de
Mackenzie Milani

Table de ping-pong convertible (table à manger) James de Wulf

Table de ping pong convertible par james purse

Table de ping pong convertible, par James Purse

Pool table that turns into a dining table
Victoria John

Thanks to this functional room door, you can now also have a functional ping pong table. You can easily convert the door, by pulling down and locking the main panel. Excellent for dorms, bachelor pads, and game rooms.

Convertible ping pong table doors
Thompson Alyssa

Convertible Ping Pong Table Doors

Dining top and ping pong top
Aloma Garcia

Dining Top and Ping Pong Top

Portable table tennis top it allows you to convert almost
Mega Leahbrown

Portable Table Tennis Top - It allows you to convert almost any flat surface into a ping-pong table, including dining room tables, kitchen islands, pool tables, and table saw platforms.

Door dual hinge table
Peyton Marthy


Chalk ping pong table on wantist
Elizabeth Tay

Chalk Ping Pong Table on Wantist

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The gameroom media mancave game room and media area with
Roberts Isabelle

The Gameroom Media Mancave, Game Room and Media area with reclining movie theater seating, convertible pool table to ping pong table top, da...

Pool party dinner other convertible game room furniture
Martinez Marisa

Pool Party Dinner & Other Convertible Game Room Furniture