Contemporary Plant Stands

A nice-looking plant stand is a must in every indoor garden, making even the most mediocre plant species look unique. It’s a common misconception that plants don’t look good in ultramodern arrangements. There’s a variety of contemporary plant stands available, so even industrial lofts and hi-tech interiors can benefit from a little greenery.

Ceramic planter

These stands provide protection and stability. They are able to accommodate different types of plants. These products are supporten on solid wooden legs. They are not only resistant to damage, but they also look stylish.

Contemporary plant stands 1

Suitable for modern and contemporary interiors; those pretty plant stands are durable, stabile, and covered in a pitch black finish. Designed of durable metal, each stand has a geometric frame made of thin rods that support a capacious pot.

Modern plant stands

The sleek form of this elegant set of plant stands on a geometric delight base. Small top in a square shape and an attractive finish that adds a funky finish to the decor. The whole beautifully exposes the plants.

Contemporary plant stands

This contemporary plant stand will add a stylish touch of modern appeal to the space. Its sleek, wooden legs constitute a solid base for the streamlined vessel of durable concrete. It measures 26”H, 15” diameter at mouth, 9” diameter at base.

Set of 2 chrome metal plant stands glossy black

Contemporary plant stands 4

Finished with some laminated wood, these plant stands constitute a perfect transition between the mid-century design and modern finish. They can be a real bargain for all fans of retro decors.

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Contemporary plant stands 1

Wrought iron is usually associated with industrial style, but apparently a delicate metalwork can as well serve contemporary interiors, bringing an airy feel to them. Take this gracefully curved contemporary wrought iron plant stand for example.

Decor plants pots and indoor fountains indoor pots and planters

Esher plant stands set of 2 contemporary plant stands and

Esher Plant Stands Set Of 2 Contemporary Plant Stands And Telephone Tables
A set of two plant stands of different heights, with frames made out of wrought iron shaped to resemble the roots of a tree. Each stand has a round-shaped top surface made out of acrylic glass with a blue tint on the edges.

Modern plant stands indoor

Plant stand in simple form. It is completely made of metal. Designed for medium sized plants. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Contemporary plant stands 2

Contemporary plant stands indoor

Modern plant stands 1

Contemporary plant stands 3

Contemporary plant stands 6

Tripod plant stand

Simple construction that is very practical. These types of planters provide space for small plants. Their holders are made of wear resistant materials finished in red and green colors. These holders are available in different sizes.

Contemporary plant stand

A simple but aesthetic contemporary plant stand having a sleek rectilinear black metal frame. It has 4 tall square section legs and simple stretchers. Its quite thick square top of light brown-finished wood features black printed writing on sides.

Modern plant stand 2

Contemporary plant stands

Contemporary plant stands 12

Original 1950s tripod plant stand mid century danish modern vintage

Original 1950s Tripod Plant Stand Mid Century Danish Modern Vintage 60s Retro
Interesting and very stylish and colorful finished comfy plant stand is a sensational decorative accent and functional interior. Beautiful colors coasters, gilding and a wooden base creates a unique blend with a hint of retro.

Contemporary 19

This symmetric composition how easily you obtain stylish, contemporary design in your home. A big, circular recess ceiling, accompanied by the round wall mirror. All topped out by the freshness and vividness of greenery.

Contemporary plant stands 18

Contemporary plant stands 3

Plant stand designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood. Base consists of horizontally arranged strips. It consists of 2 shelves for storing medium sized plants. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Diy modern plant stands 3

Contemporary plant stands

Decorate your contemporary home or office with those awesome plant stands. Aesthetic and unique, each of those beautiful pieces features a 2-legged body that rests on a circular flat base, holding a hand-blown clear glass bubble with a small cactus inside.

Congregation Quad Plant Stand

Congregation Quad Plant Stand
This interesting set of plant stand is the perfect solution to the terrace, garden or house. The metal structure is made so that it can be arranged as needed. Extensive containers accommodate up big pots of flowers.

Glass terrariums

Glass Terrariums
This type of product is a high quality, durable, decorative glass terrarium for plants. It protects them from different negative factors. These stands are made of handblown glass and they also feature metal frames.

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Modern plant stand indoor

Verandah Round Plant Stand

Verandah Round Plant Stand

Contemporary plant stands 17

Contemporary plant stands

Look what i found on zulily black contemporary double plant

Outdoor furniture cushion storage

Cool contemporary patio storage boxes and plant stands (some boxes even combine both functions) with size-varied locked wheels. Boxes are crafted of simple wooden planks with a natural finish. They are rectangular and have lifted tops.

Metalworks Round Plant Stand

Metalworks Round Plant Stand
It is a metal works round plant stand that is perfect for live and silk plants. It looks very stylish and elegant and is great for living room area or bedroom. You will be surprised how beautiful this plant stand is.

Contemporary plant stands 2

The interesting and very contemporary design of these stylish plant stands. Whole looks impressive and is made of steel is robust and durable. Impressive form sustains attractive pots of flowers. Perfect for the living room.

Modern pot plant stand

Mid century modern plant stand

Contemporary plant stands 19

Quadrant plant stand modern outdoor planters

Diy plant decor 5 modern plant stands apartment therapy 5

Modern plant stands 2

Safavieh stands jarrett contemporary stand

Love this from custommade 2

Scrollwork Corner Plant Stand

Scrollwork Corner Plant Stand
This plant stand in black finish is characterized by a corner design, beautiful scrollwork and durable metal construction. Includes 3 curved feet, and 3 open shelves for placing pot plants or decorations.

Contemporary plant stands 4

Tree scrolled stand contemporary plants

Easy modern planter idea