Contemporary Grandfather Clock

Despite stereotypes, grandfather clocks are NOT a thing of the past. If you, like me, enjoy a different spin on tradition, you will love the idea of a contemporary grandfather clock. Most of the items in this set are a funky hodgepodge of styles put together to create a lovely, whimsical piece that will spice things up a bit in a living room.

Alyssa Cole Interior Design Expert
Contemporary grandfather clock 1
Shannon Ram

A bit wacky floor clock featuring a tall tubular frame of 2 wide ribbon-like wavy slats of natural-finished plywood. Its base and top are round. It has a round bluish dial, black Roman numerals and hands, a bell and a mechanism of chromed metal.

Floor clocks uk
Martinez Marisa

Unique grandfather clock in modern style. It is mounted on wooden base and fitted with pendulum. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Contemporary grandfather clock 3

This unusual clock inspired by cascading waterfall is a beautiful combination of functionality and stylish detail of interior decoration. Beautiful rock motifs downstairs, large slender pendulum and lovely shield with Roman numerals form a unique whole.

Contemporary grandfather clock
Mendes Natasha

This clock reminds me the clock from my granfather's home. It was exactly like this one, and was in the living room. It features the black color, large size, white face with Roman numerals and is made of hardwood and veneers.

Grandfather clock modern

This so-called grandfather's clock is a mid-century, Danish masterpiece, designed by Arenskjold Antiques Art. Made from teakwood, it will add a lovely, classic touch in modern interiors.

Modern grandfather clock
Thompson Alyssa

This rocket clock is designed by the British designer Charlie Turner. It features the white round dial, glazed panel, brushed silver coloured hour markers and chrome finish. It measures the 168 cm of high.

Black grandfather clock

A stunning timepiece with remarkable design, this Grandfaher Clock is truly flawless in its form. Its intricate frame is crafted of premium metal, with a striking dial that displays Arabic numerals and has 2 metal white hands along with a silver-finished second hand.

Modern floor clock
Cooper Jillian

Handcrafted with attention to every detail, this Grandfather Clock stands proudly on a floor, directing all eyes on its remarkable silhouette. Made of maple, ebony, bloodwood, and walnut, it also has a round aluminum base for stability, and decorative black accents.

Modern grandfather clocks uk
Renee Robinson

Made in the grandfather style clock is an excellent way to contemporary interior design. Beautiful color and stylish fountain charms and will look great in the kitchen or living room. Standing clock gives a unique style to the whole interior.

Round face grandfather clock
Christina Gre

Grandfather clocks do not have to be old fashioned. Look at this modern piece of art. Made from light bamboo wood, it’s a perfect choice for minimalistic interiors. Be it eclectic or Scandinavian style, such a clock will be perfect.

Contemporary grandfather clock 4
Amber Torr

Inspired by vintage, so-called "grandfather clocks", this Kieninger 0111-96-03 is a contemporary masterpiece. Standing in your living room, it will add a fresh, modern, yet refined character.

Funky grandfather clock
Angela King

This Grandfather clock emanates with dramatic looks and breathtaking, optical illusion of numerous LED light reflections. It's a truly magnificent addition for modern interiors. Dimensions: 6'3" tall x 18" deep.

Contemporary grandfather clock 5
Shannon Moore

Grand, luxurious grandfather clock made from walnut wood. It’s dark, brown colour has a traditional, pricey feeling to it. And just look at the finish and how detailed the ornamentations are! Just beautiful.

Modern longcase clocks
Hilton Emily

The grandfather floor clock is a great combination of beautiful wood finish and functionality. Stylish details, golden finishes, and beautiful glass to protect the content delight. The perfect solution for your living room.

Contemporary grandfather clocks
Dana Hernandez

This set constitutes a perfect example of the contemporary grandfather clocks. Available in four various colours, all the constructions come from Ari Kanerva. Leaned against the living room’s wall too, they can create a beautiful decor.

Modern standing clock

Floor clocks are usually extremely elegant. Their high price is compensated by a dignified look.This contemporary clock reminds in a modern way about the antique clock of grandfather. Made with a semi-oval structure of mahogany wood,glass and metal mechanisms.

Unique grandfather clocks
Stone Caroline

Floor clocks are usually searched in antique shops, but not this time. This is a contemporary grandfather clock. It presents pipe movement, with LED spotlights and a slightly curved glass door. Also his pendulum and the rest of the mechanisms are chromed.

71.75" Grandfather Clock
Alexis Millerism

71.75" Grandfather Clock
Attractive tall rustic floor clock made of brown-finished wood. A decorated round face has a white dial and black Roman numerals and hands. It has a sturdy base with a curved apron. Chimes and a pendulum have a golden finish. It's battery-powered.

Beautiful grandfather clock
Gina Morris

Why not go for a truly beautiful grandfather clock that still combines the amazing functionality of the traditional design with the modern appeal of the structure, made of strong wood and chrome metal mechanisms.

Rustic grandfather clocks
Harris Jaclyn

A contemporary interpretation of the so-called grandfather's clock. This urban floor clock with 1/4 inch mirror installed with its refined appeal, being the result of combining vintage and modern influences.

Contemporary floor clocks
Amanda Bell

Sometimes when you seek inspiration the reality is always closer to home than we realize. Presented contemporary grandfather clock - cardboard tube is arranged in a serpentine, inspiring its shape with Cornwall. Bright wooden texture and chrome clock.

Contemporary grandfather clock 2

Being a contemporary interpretation of the so-called grandfather clock, this white floor clock is a statement of elegance. Adorned with subtle curves and volutes, adds refinement wherever appearing.

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock
Sarah Robe

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock
Cool vinatge style metal clock with a rust finish. A stand has 4 sleek legs with curved pointy bottom ends and straight crossbas, A pendulum hangs among legs. A round clock hangs into an outer ring, has a white dial, black Roman numerals and hands.

Verity floor standing contemporary modern clock this sylish black and
Jenna Daviesful

... verity floor standing contemporary modern clock this sylish black and

Contemporary grandfather clock
Christine Lee

We don't know if any grandfather would recognize this freestanding clock - but let say it is a contemporary, very modern grandfather clock - for progressive grandpa. Made of glass and metal, it has a pathetic out-of-shape form in minimalistic style.

Grandfather clock art
Carmen Milani

Grandfather clocks never go out of fashion. This one here is, as the name implies, grand and rich. Solid wood guarantees stability and timeless appeal. We can’t think of a better clock for designing a traditional, intriguing interior.

Cheap grandfather clocks
Evans Victoria

A tall rustic grandfather clock having a streamlined wooden frame with a weathered white finish. It has a bell-like bottom part, a vase-shaped central one and a round glazed dial at the top with a crown. Arabic numerals and metal hands are black.

Affordable grandfather clocks
Alexis Millerism

Oslo Grandfather Clock with floral overlays

Contemporary grandfather clock 2
Price Mary

Contemporary Grandfather Clock

Modern grandfather clocks
Yulia Thompson

Swedish Mora Folk Art Clocks 500x579 Swedish Folk Country Interior Pictures

Grandfather clock contemporary
Jessica Zernike

InsideOut Clock.

Contemporary grandfather clock 5
Allen Heather

Grandfather Clock contemporary-furniture

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Contemporary grandfather clock

Contemporary grandfather clock.

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Lightinthebox 12"H Naughty Cat Acrylic Wall Clock with DIY Dial and Hands Feature

Lightinthebox 12"H Naughty Cat Acrylic Wall Clock with DIY Dial and Hands Feature

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Ridgeway Louve Grandfather Clock

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Hentschel Ebony and Light Cherry Modern Grandfather Clock

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Grandfather Clock

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Contemporary Grandfather clock

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Modern Grandfather Clock

Modern white wall clock

Contemporary Minimalist Grandfather Clock

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Modern badische german wood lucite chrome grandfather clock art mod

... -Modern-BADISCHE-german-Wood-Lucite-Chrome-GRANDFATHER-CLOCK-ART-mod

This grandfather clock is unlike any other the fusion of

this grandfather clock is unlike any other the fusion of modern ...

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611162 Howard Miller Contemporary Grandfather clock | CRAWFORD

Modernist grandfather clock from a unique collection of antique and
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