Contemporary Desk Clocks

Which desk clock do you find most interesting? We can assure you that many people have managed to pick the appropriate model from among these designs and now you have such a chance. What is your final opinion and decision concerning the contemporary desk clocks that you can see here?

Keira White Interior Design Expert
Unique desk clock

A cool vintage table clock featuring a 'dial' in the form of motor-powered white flip cards with black numbers. They're encased in a transparent plexiglas tube (with rectangular brown front and rear supports) capped with brown plastic discs on ends.

Contemporary desk clocks 1
Allen Lisa

An aesthetic accessory for homes, schools, and offices. This cubic table clock is just perfect for displaying it on your mantel, desk, or office shelf. It has a clean white surface, with an unevenly placed dial, Arabic numbers, and black metal hands with a matching second hand.

Contemporary desk clocks
Krystal Bak

The desk clock made in contemporary style is an attractive transparent design with impressive black Arabic numerals on the clock face. The whole is perfectly presented in every stylish interior design.

Table clock design
Lily Cravenable

Being a stylish contemporary interpretation of a desk clock, this wooden block enchants with its cool and clean, smooth, designer form. Made entirely of wood with a glass clock face, it features only the most neccessary details.

Unique table clocks
Robinson Layla

An elegant contemporary standing clock. Its frame of inlaid solid wood finished in browns has a straight bottom edge and an arched top one. A round white glazed dial has a metal rim. Arabic numerals and hands are black but a white second hand.

Bulova Accolade Designer's Table Clock - B2842
Joanna Lew

Designers love this ultra-modern clock for its outstanding geometric form and minimalistic appearance. Put it on your desk to inspire the decor around you to a higher level. The clock has mineral glass case and spun aluminum dial.

Unique desk clocks
King Danielle

Make a style statement with an extraordinary clock crafted with care from real wood of different hues. Light colored dial in dark frame is enclosed in a mid brown case. No numerals make this timepiece minimalist.

Modern desk clock
Craven Rachel

The contemporary styling of this impressive desk clock makes it not only functional but very practical decorative solution for any interior. The beautiful bulb tube form is stunning and is very original.

Table clocks modern design

Add your office or bedroom a bit of the contemporary chic, with this designer table clock from Alessi Cronotime. Square and transparent design combines well with traditional Roman numerals.

Modern table clocks
Amber Powe

A truly captivating decoration for modern offices, that will revolutionize the visual side of your desk. Designed in a contemporary style, this unique clock looks like its aqua blue dial is melting in the gold-finished metal hand.

Contemporary desk clocks
Jamie Flor

These table clocks embody ideally the contemporary way of life. Everyday rush and the dynamic pace are explicitly shown here with each of the figures. Available in white, red and black colour variants.

13097 contemporary desk clock
Richardson Holly

The urban style is dark but not overwhelming, minimalistic but it does not lack anything and sometimes likes to come back to the stage. Just like this contemporary desk clock in graphite color,a miniature form of old clocks,however, kept in a minimalist style.

Small contemporary desk

Light coloured contemporary table clock in natural wood frame - kind of Scandinavian vibes, perhaps. The face sports light gray colour, the Roman numerals are white and written in simple font. What do you guys think?

Fairytale table clock modern desk and mantel clocks

Fairytale Table Clock modern-desk-and-mantel-clocks

Contemporary desk clocks 2
Leah Wash

Modern and very original desk clock is a great way to have fun and funky decor. Beautiful colors and stunning details of the decor delight. The clear orange and white colors contrast beautifully on the clock face.

Cool desk clock

A modern desk clock having an unusual frame of 3 same black rings. A horizontal ring is a base, 2 other ones are mounted at various angles. A round silvery dial fixed to a black square plate has no numbers. Hands are black but a second one - red.

1812 dial opti white table clock contemporary desk and mantel
Maria Wil

... 1812 Dial Opti White Table Clock contemporary-desk-and-mantel-clocks

Designer desk clocks
Lindsay Lee

Novelty contemporary desk clock that re-invents the time telling style. Unlike classic clocks, this unique clock's face and numbers rotate, while the red line - marking the hours passing - stands still.

Cool desk clocks
Lauren Carter

Novelty clock dedicated for bookworms. Extraordinary design features three pastel colored "books" serving as a case of a desk clock. The middle volume has gold colored numerals and gilted hands incorporated to it.

Modern desk clocks
Laetitia Anderson

modern desk clocks

Bookshelf clock
Elizabeth Tay

Tick-Tock Clock -; Egads!!! I love this clock! What a fun reminder of the past in a really new and contemporary way! A perfect accessory on your cubicle desk.

Jasmine Clar

This device is a table top clock that features a solid, round pedestal base. Its upper area has got a round shape and it includes black hands with black Roman numbers. Its mechanism is effective and reliable.

Jpg set_id 880000500f 140
Thompson Alyssa


Unusual desk clocks

If you are aiming for a more original desk clock then this piece is a true wonder, allowing you to beautifully complete it and making for a stunning option when it comes to unique design. It sports the hourglass shape and the non-symmetrical structure.

Office desk clock
Natalie Parker

With its award winning design this desk clock will allow you to finally keep perfect track of the time, while the bright, lemon finish makes for a nice addition to any contemporary styled setting and work area.

Contemporary desk clocks 3
Thompson Alyssa

Contemporary clocks assume cosmic forms- but most often they combine classic black and chromium-plated metal. This contemporary desk clock with a flap,made of steel-it automatically reverses every minute. A touch of retro and steampunk style in a new edition.

Contemporary desk clocks

Find contemporary handcrafted fused glass art with free shipping. USA handmade fused clocks and tiles make perfect gifts!

Designer table clock
Diana Jones

A cool functional perpetual calendar and a paperweight in one. It has a rectilinear casing of a white-finished material with a small red arrow at the top. It shows months names, initials of days names and day numbers due to 3 revolving cylinders.

Desk clocks modern
Patterson Gracie

2 Tone Wood Clock: Simple modern contemporary clock

Shelf clock modern

Custom Made Mantle Or Desk Clock "Amboyna"

Contemporary desk clocks 7
Stephanie Ward

UNIQUE desk clock. Industrial, contemporary, eclectic styles. VERY steamtrunk looking. Maples TCL06-222 Moving-Gear Desktop Clock

Modern table clock

Contemporary table clock mounted on wooden frame. It is fitted with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Gear Desk Clock
Jenna Delicata

Gear Desk Clock
Cool novelty clock featuring an openwork casing of silvery plastic with a black-silver steel rim and black hands. It looks like it was built of cogwheels, has 2 round feet, protruding arched elements on a top and sides. It requires 2D batteries.

Saturn Clock
Cintia Kowalski

Saturn Clock

Contemporary glass wall clocks
Carmen Milani

Contemporary Glass Wall Clocks

Contemporary desk clocks 5
Liliana Gadjus

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Contemporary desk clocks 2
Patricia Riv

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Contemporary desk clocks 4

... have a mantle. I have no mantle clock. This one is modern perfection

Belden Alarm Clock
Craven Rachel

Belden Alarm Clock
Classic retro style table alarm clock with a round frame made of chromed steel, Its glass-protected face is white, 2 handles black and 1 red, numerals black. It has minute legs. This clock features loudly ringing 2-bell and hammer alarm system.

Porthole modern table clock
Lindsey Harris

Porthole Modern Table Clock

Tothora box 20 beech table clock contemporary desk and mantel

Tothora Box 20 Beech Table Clock contemporary-desk-and-mantel-clocks

Singeek Classic Small Round Wood Grain Mute Table Alarm Clock With Nightlight
Jessica Zernike

Singeek Classic Small Round Wood Grain Mute Table Alarm Clock With Nightlight

Designer desk clock
Lisa Wats

Original contemporary abstract wall or desk clocks. Glass clocks with a modern style. Retro shabby chic vintage home decor Rectangular clock

Retro alarm clock contemporary colours date day view calendar desk

Retro Alarm Clock Contemporary Colours Date Day View Calendar Desk Bedside Flip

Modern table cuckoo clock

modern table cuckoo clock

Adorable desk decor globe clock set of two contemporary
Kelly Stacy

Adorable Desk Decor Globe & Clock,set of two. #Contemporary

Modern clocks desk and wall clocks allmodern

Modern Clocks - Desk and Wall Clocks | AllModern

Contemporary art artisan prints unique wall art
Abbey Kowalski

contemporary art : artisan prints : unique wall art

Rivera Tiffany

Contemporary desk clock styled in white and chrome

Contemporary Desk Clock Styled in White and Chrome