Contemporary Cuckoo Clock

If you're a fan of cuckoo clocks, there are some contemporary designs which I find inspiring. Check them out in my collection below - you'll be surprised with the modern lines and finishes. Jump below to discover the contemporary cuckoo clocks which caught my eye.

Contemporary cuckoo clock

In the kitchen the clock is remarkably important-how much time to cook eggs,to bake beef,it all takes time. The modern kitchen wall cuckoo clock in the shape of a small white house, made of ecological wood.When the time comes, a red cuckoo will pop out of it.

Contemporary cuckoo clock

A charming cuckoo clock in a modern design. It's a pretty combination of black and red with a lovely miniature of a cat sitting at the top. It features a small, subtle dial with well visible, thick hands.

Modern cuckoo clocks

If you’re looking for a perfect combination between a traditional design and modern, contemporary finish, take a look at this beautiful wall-clock. Perfectly matches mid-century furniture while retaining the classic look.

Contemporary cuckoo clock 10

Contemporary cuckoo clock 6

Contemporary cuckoo clock - a design that got rid of unnecessary ornaments in favour of simplicity. Big black pendulum contrasts with natural wood case. The face is kept minimalist, with black Arabic numerals on it.

Contemporary cuckoo wall clock

Modern cuckoo wall clock

Contemporary cuckoo clock 2

Contemporary cuckoo clock 13

Contemporary cuckoo clock 1

Contemporary cuckoo clock 8

Tutu Cuckoo Clock

Tutu Cuckoo Clock

Red cuckoo clock

This charming cuckoo clock will make for a nice addition to your living room for when you want to keep your interior warm-looking and welcoming for when your guests come over. It is made of the highest quality wood to ensure years of seamless use.

Contemporary cuckoo clock 12

Contemporary cuckoo clock 4

Softy 1840 wall clock contemporary cuckoo clocks

Softy 1840 Wall Clock Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks
Modern variation about cuckoo clock. It connected classic with modernity - it is covered of blue felt and has plastic pendulum. If you are modern, but you love vintage style, it will ideal decoration for your living-room.

Funky cuckoo clock

Contemporary cuckoo clocks 1

Cuckoo forest clock by pascal tarabay for diamantini domeniconi free

Modern coo coo clocks

Contemporary cuckoo clock 9

Diamantini amp domeniconi cucu lacquered clock style 373 modern clocks

Cool cuckoo clocks

Contemporary cuckoo clock 7

Modern cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock modern

River city cuckoo clocks

Wall mounted cuckoo clock with a solid wooden construction and attractive carvings that assure aesthetics. This clock not only decorates indoors, but it also shows current time in a very reliable way.

River city cuckoo clocks 2

Rustic approach to a set of two river city cuckoo grandfather clocks made in an antique, old-fashioned style. The left one is made of light wood with deer-styled decorations and the other one is decorated with beer-like elements.

Cool cuckoo clock

River city cuckoo clocks

If you ever dreamt about old-fashioned pocket watch, this beautiful element is must-have for you! This little watch with chain is covered of silver and little precious stones. It is miniature version of cuckoo clock.

Cuckoo clock contemporary

Contemporary cuckoo clock 15

River city clocks

Antique river city cuckoo clock from the turn of the 20th century in an oak finish.Wooden dial with Arabic numerals in white.The whole of the richly carved chest,on the sides of beautifully turned columns. Cuckoo will provide the attraction at every full hour.

Burano Cuckoo Clock

Burano Cuckoo Clock

River city cuckoo clocks 1

Cuckoo clock in rustic style. Designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of wood and decorated with carefully made carvings. Sophisticated addition for any interior according to taste.

River city cuckoo clocks 27

This river city cuckoo clock will be a valuable decor addition to any traditionally designed interiors. Coming with hand carved hunters, five leaves and buck, it will bring in a nostalgic, fall climate.

Italian cuckoo clock

Contemporary cuckoo clock 11

Quartz Movement Cuckoo Wall Clock

Quartz Movement Cuckoo Wall Clock
A wonderful cuckoo wall clock which is mainly made from high-quality woods that ensure stability and durability. It will suit contemporary and traditional decors. It has some figures inside which add style to it.

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock
This is a traditional styled cuckoo wall clock with a wooden, decorative hand carved body, made with paying attention to all details. This clock needs to be rewound every week and features two small weights.

Modern white cuckoo clock

River City Clocks Musical Multi-Colored Quartz Cuckoo Clock - 8 Inches Tall - Model # M8-08PQ

Colourful and supercute wall cuckoo clock with quartz movement mechanism. It merges traditional design with eye-catchy, cheery and playful accents. What's more, it plays melodies, different at each hour!

Modern grandfather clocks uk

Made in the grandfather style clock is an excellent way to contemporary interior design. Beautiful color and stylish fountain charms and will look great in the kitchen or living room. Standing clock gives a unique style to the whole interior.

River City Clocks Chiming Regulator Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum and Oak Finish - 24 Inches Tall - Model # 6023O

Classic wall clock with gold tone swinging pendulum. The wood case sports elegant oak finish and clear glass front panel. The clock plays chimes at hours. It is equipped with volume control and night silence mode.

Flock a twitter notification device with the whimsical essence of

River City Clocks Chiming Regulator Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum and Cherry Finish - 24 Inches Tall - Model # 6023C

Beautiful pendulum wall clock with cabinet finished in classic cherry color, German quartz movement, night mode, volume control and a chime. It's a great addition to all interiors furnished in classic style.

Contemporary cuckoo clock 14

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock
This traditional styled cuckoo wall clock features a two small weight and need to be rewound every day. It play music at every half hour. This is a wooden clock, carefully carved, durable and resistant.

Contemporary cuckoo clock 3

Back Nature Wall Clock

Back Nature Wall Clock
It is a fantastic and beautiful wall clock that is a great accent and addition to any bedroom, living room and other. It has got a black finish and it fits to any style and décor. You need to have it.