Concrete Park Benches

Modern lines that perfectly correspond with city park surroundings is what distinguishes contemporary concrete park benches. The wide range below presents intriguing designs characterized by appealing shapes and functionality. Transform the landscape and choose a stunning piece of landscape architecture.

Marisa Martinez Interior Design Expert
Concrete park benches 1

If you are looking for a simple, yet very durable bench, you can always decide on this L-shaped piece of concrete. The bench is able to withstand weather conditions, and can also be a good place to place your decorations or pot plants.

Precast concrete benches
Carmen Kowalski

The modern seating is designed by the Adler Olesch and has four wooden seats. It will be excellent in the park or in the center of the town. Everyone will be delighted how cool it is.

Concrete park benches 28

This double bench inspired of classic urban bench looks very stylish. It has solid base made of rock. Seat and back are covered with wooden, painted boards. It is intended to public area, especially to the park.

Concrete park benches 11

Very practical mold suitable for creating concrete benches designed for outdoor applications. This mold allows for building a very solid park bench with durable legs and supportive backrest that assures additional comfort of sitting.

Concrete park benches 3
Clark Laura

A set of minimalistic concrete park benches made in a long shape, providing a simple and industrial addition to any outdoor area. The benches are fitted with wicker seats on top to provide a comfy place to sit on.

Concrete park benches

Such a unique bench, suitable for outdoors, can be a real landscape changer, when it comes to your backyard, garden, or park alley. With its intricate design and massive construction, it can withstand many years of usage, and successfully resist weather conditions.

Concrete park benches 23
Vanessa Jac

Here is the revolution in urban spaces. The unique design of a comfortable concrete park bench is the future of architecture. More ergonomic, comfortable and suitable for lazing. They are made of very resistant wood and concrete.

Petersen Mesa 5-ft. Concrete Commercial Park Bench
Cintia Brook

Made of concrete and reinforced steel, this park bench features charcoal polished seat, back and legs. The bench is weather-resistant, also providing good stability and long-lasting usage. Weight capacity is 1.000 lbs.

Concrete park benches 14

Outdoor bench made of high quality concrete. Includes pots designed for medium and large sized plants. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Concrete park benches 4
Wright Stacy

Contemporary design for a modern park bench made out of concrete with a white coat of paint, providing a minimalistic look. The park bench has slightly slanted, cut-off ledges, providing a unique detail.

Modern concrete bench
Shannon Wil

This chair features a very original and attractive construction. Its solid concrete surface provides support and it is resistant to negative outdoor factors. The chair is suitable for public outdoor spaces.

Concrete park benches 12
Cintia Brook

Deriving from the Netherlands - this nice concrete bench shows the modern approach to the urban architecture. It merges with the surroundings so well, that it is almost invisible.

Contemporary public bench in wood and concrete with backrest modular

Contemporary public bench in wood and concrete (with backrest, modular) DEMETRA BELLITALIA S.r.l.

Concrete park benches 4
Long Lauren

Outdoor seat mounted on concrete base. Seat consists of wooden strips. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Simple form and contemporary design.

Concrete park benches 6
Kathryn Smit

Pretty sturdy modern park benches. A bench has a long full oxbow front base of grey concrete. A mid height backrest is of steel panels. A seat is composed of thick broadways arranged slats and low elevated triangular arms of wood in brown shades.

Concrete park benches 7
Jennifer Mor

A new era of usable space has long been in Chelsea, where there are these interesting "peel-up" concrete park recycled benches made of cement, combining with metal. They suddenly emerge from the ground and offer you a moment of rest.

The nola outdoor park bench style a long modern concrete
Tara Zucker

The Nola Outdoor Park Bench Style A-Long (Modern Concrete & Walnut) by ...

Concrete park benches 9
Bianca Noorda

In this park, the past connects with the future. It used to be only a shopping center parking - today, it has one of the most trendy concrete park benches, like pull outs in the whole city. Natural wood combines with cement.

Concrete park benches 31

A design solution coming from the urban environment. This Dutch example shows how you can smoothly wrap wood around a concrete wall and create a comfy bench, merging into the surroundings.

Concrete park benches 2

The urban benches are multi-functional, because they have got a tops for working or eating! They features unique, modern shape and very sturdy and durable construction.

Concrete park benches 15
Yulia Thompson

Opt for a perfect want of both accomodating your plants outside and provide your guests with some extra seating possibilities by going for these park benches, made from durable concrete structure.

Concrete park benches 27

If you want a perfect seating arrangement for your patio or simply the backyard and would like to comfortably seat a lot of people, while not taking up too much of your space then this module is the ideal option.

Precast concrete bench
Bryant Krystal

This outdoor element is a solid concrete bench that features an original appearance. It not only decorates outdoor areas, but it also provides solid and comfortable sitting space for two or more people.

Petersen Roxborough 7-ft. Concrete Commercial Park Bench
Melissa Turner

Made of concrete and reinforced steel, this park bench features round edges, arching back, and thick sides with ball finials. The bench is weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Weight capacity is 2.500 lbs.

Concrete park benches 5
Coleman Cynthia

I have seen this solution once in real in Poznan in Poland. The concrete park benches perfectly composes with the surroundings, so you can enjoy your free time in quasi natural environment. Beautiful and simple.

Concrete park bench ends
Kathryn Wood

The park bench which is in the Leicester Square that is refurbishment by Burns + Nice architects. It is made of new granite and it measures the 12,000 square metres!

Concrete park benches 20

Keast park by Site Office Landscape Architecture 08 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Wood and concrete benches in high line park nyc

Wood and concrete benches in High Line Park, NYC.

Concrete benches with backs

This element is a combination of a bench with two planters. Wooden sitting space of this bench is solid and suitable for two or more people. Planters and bench support are made of concrete and they are finished in white color.

Concrete park bench molds
Rebecca Turn

These benches are very interesting and they allow for creating different outdoor sitting constructions. Their white finish looks nice in many stylizations like parks, gardens, etc. They provide comfort and solidity.

Cement park benches
Alyssa Wilsonify

This element of furniture is a solid concrete bench finished in neutral grey color. Its durable construction provides resistance to wear and damage caused by different factors. This bench looks original in parks and other outdoor areas.

Concrete park benches 25

Daoust Lestage for Equiparc. Quartier des Festivals, Montreal.

Concrete park benches 29
Elizabeth Coupe

Step terraces of lawn and concrete at Waterfront Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Fancy awesome benches
Aloma Garcia

fancy, awesome Benches

Concrete park benches 21
Elizabeth Coupe

Small Backyard Designs

Concrete park benches 16
Peyton Marthy

Cornell University bench, Ithaca, NY by Gruzen Samton - IBI Group. Click image for details & visit the boards >>

Park benches amazing park benches unusual park benches amazing park
Lisa Wats

... park benches amazing park benches unusual park benches amazing park

Concrete park benches 18

Dog Bone Concrete Bench..Originally pinned by Jill Beck onto Books Worth Reading .

Steel wall with cantilevered bench andre chochran landscape marion brenner
Kristen Wrig

steel wall with cantilevered bench - Andre Chochran Landscape - Marion Brenner photographer.

Concrete park bench molds
Carmen Kowalski

concrete park bench molds

Soca bench with hardwood slats and a concrete base
Wright Stacy

SOCA bench with hardwood slats and a concrete base

Oh yoo hoo joshua once you get your tools for
Barnes Nicole

Oh yoo hoo... Joshua... Once you get your tools for Christmas, you can make me this!

Villette concrete bench with lighting
Wilson Gabrielle

Villette concrete bench with lighting

Tickle cock bridge underpass by dsdha 2008

Tickle Cock Bridge underpass, by DSDHA, 2008

Concrete park bench
Wesson Jessica

The bi-level tunnel bench is so impressive and interesting. It is designed by teh AllesWirdGut Architektur. You will be delighted if you are a fan of modern art and architecture.

Concrete park benches 10
Abbey Kowalski

Classic Precast Concrete Park Bench

Concrete bench with back and slat seating the orlando bench

Concrete Bench With Back and Slat Seating - The Orlando Bench

Caitlin Taylor

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111 park bench


Concrete park benches
Julia Lambertify

Concrete Radius Bench - 6’3