Computer Work Table

There is no need to remind anyone about how important computer work tables are. If you feel like having one of these offers, make sure to check out these models for some more time and tell us what you think about all this. There is really no need to decide too quickly.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Small hidden computer desk
Cintia Kowalski

A bit of contrast to what you are used to when it comes to office space. A juxtaposition of modern, hi-tech devices with industrial, reclaimed wood constitutes a marvelous combination. A fully handmade project, which will enhance any workarea.

Basic Computer Work Station In Cappuccino Cherry
Powell Dominique

Basic Computer Work Station In Cappuccino Cherry
Classic desk with keyboard tray and open shelves for better organization of work. The construction is made of wood. It has high marks from customers.

Drafting table with drawers
Meghan Mill

Great solution for a home office. A long, smooth desk, which can easily fit two computers, and an extendable extra surface, for all of your printer and tablet needs! Such a lovely, clean modern design.

Table top storage

Classic desk for kid's room, teenager's room and more. It is made of wood in two shades. Includes 6 open shelves on the base. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Functional furniture for each home.

Computer work table
Natasha Jam

A cool rustic style computer desk crafted of wood with a finish in greys. It has a rectangular top in a darker shade. A narrower rectangular open shelf with raised edges and 3 sturdy A-shaped legs have whitewashed grey tones.

Computer work table 1

home office | Olson Lewis Architects and Kristina Crestin Design

Wood l desk
Jenkins Jenna

Vintage office - l nice old signs, chair, wall boards - - very homey!

Elegant computer desk

Cool idea for modern wooden home office desk ! This small desk made from oak wood presents fantastic in this sort of small room. Great idea is this chair with wheels, so you can put it anyplace you want.

Computer work table 2
Ashley Roge

A cool simple modern computer desk having a base of wooden materials finished in light browns. It's built of 2 pairs of A-shaped legs joined by H-like stretchers and horizontal top bars. A rectangular top is of clear safety glass.

Computer desk with shelves
Craven Zoe

Work table for a computer and other kinds of office equipment. This black desk looks good with white table and white bookshelf. The whole interior design looks very attractive and provides good working space in any home office.

Wood l desk 2
Karen Grif

Industrial L shaped cool wooden desk with built in pipe system as its stable base. This could be perfect idea for your new computer console / laptop table. It doesn't require much space, but the effect is wow.

Work ID Laptop Computer Desk
Adriana Andersson

Work ID Laptop Computer Desk
It is very interesting and inventive desk that can go to work using laptop and computer. Made in black. The desk is simple and minimalist. However, it has a slide-out drawer that is so large that safely fit on either the keyboard or laptop. It's the perfect solution.

Computer work table 2

Home office table with a large working space for a computer and other kinds of office devices. The central part of this wide desk includes six spacious storage drawers for files, documents and office accessories.

Computer work tables
Weber Lily

We know it’s simple, but this might be our favorite on the list. We love that it works as a hallway console when it’s not being used as a desk as well.

Computer work table 15
Lisa Perr

‘Devil Amongst The Tailors’ desk by Benchmark - design aberrant architecture

Kids playroom tables 3
Laetitia Zernike

family home office | home of be true image design | raleigh photographer

Computer work table
Price Dominique

take one table, cut in half, attach to bookcase ~ great for 2 kids to do homework without bugging each other

Computer work table
Brittany Tor

An Easy to Make Gigantic $8 DIY Mousepad A Little Tipsy | Apartment Therapy- my optical mouse doesn't read on my desktop and sheets of scratch paper just aren't cutting it :)

Computer work table
Laetitia Zernike

Industrial desk reveal ONE | Vin'yet Etc. Using my old heavy desk this way to lighten up the space

Computer work table 1

I would love to write in a place like this. I love that this desk is full and tidy but not cluttered. And how fab is that desk?

Desks with drawers

Where we learn or work is important. A specific angle designed for this at home - must have a study suitable desk. The universal solution will be a white longitudinal desk based on the drawers on both sides. Good for two people kid corner desk. Eg siblings.

Computer work table 2

With your friend you live together and have opened a joint company - so it is necessary to have a long double natural wood computer desk in your home office and a set of glamor white chairs, personalized under each of you individually.

Computer work table 3
Tara Gosselin

Office area, ideal for a large family with lots of kids and multiple computers. Skylights, hanging pendants and a beautiful wood floor create an inviting space to get things done.

Metal console table base 1
Julia Lambertify

Build yourself a unique custom desk complete with casters and an antiqued metal finish. You can find the desk top at a surplus store and then go to work with pipe and fitting. Cool computer or console table idea.

Computer work table

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Computer work table 1
Melissa Kelly

Kristi's Craft Desk

Computer work table 4
Caitlin Ward

This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for my bedroom. Guess I'll be asking for tools for our anniversary in January.

Kitchen corner wall shelves
Colleen Thompson

This natural, wooden desks constitute the center of a home workshop. Its L shape stands for functionality and ergonomy. Wooden constructions embody simplicity, at the same being solid, sustainable propositions.

Elegant computer desk 1
Jacqueline Davis

An interesting blending rustic and industrial styles computer desk. Its rectangular top is crafted of natural finished wooden planks. Two tripod supports with T-shaped stretchers are of thin black-coated rectangle section metal flat bars.

Computer work table 5
Krystle Jam

Love this craft room! She uses this space for her handmade business and crafting area.

Computer work table
Patterson Gracie

Craft/Scrapbooking Room - Like the small shelf for computer/cricut and the expedit storage - but would do a counter height work area.

Computer work table 6
Alyssa Wilsonify

I like this - as most houses have more than one computer, it is a nice idea to have a longer/two person 'desk' where you can work or use the internet together

Computer work table 7
Tara Zucker

I love these simple, open computer stations in the family room. Great chairs too.

Computer work table 9
Evans Liliana

I want an old typewriter soooo so bad. Preferably one of the vintage teal colored ones with the ivory keys.

Long sofa tables

Saw a perfectly good (thrift store) table in half and you get a really long sofa table/work station. Brilliant.

Computer work table 10

This is perfect for a small space, you can close up your desk and hide it away when you have guest over! "Paul & Jordan Ferney" via

Kids playroom tables 2
Stephanie Dav

Long desk for siblings to work side by side

Computer work table 11
Tara Zucker

ikea hack - Recipe Bar/ Planning Desk Materials: Ikea Vika Annefors, Ikea Vika Amon, Ikea Capita Legs

Computer work table 12

Lord knows I'm on this silly computer more then I should be... this seems like a stylish way to be side by side w/o having messy desk syndrome set in!

Computer work table 3

I want to make a desk like this, but drill a hole in it for computer and hard drive cords and also make boxes that can fix under the computer to hold the hard drives. stain the desk darker or paint it white.

Computer work table 13
Emily Mitchell

Fold-out ironing board in place of that add-on desk section for a we-have-no-space sewing "room"

Computer work table 14
Marissa Cook

I want to make this table for the computer station in the classroom!

Computer work table
Coupe Andrea

Long table and chairs against wall enables chairs to be side-by-side (rather than across from each other). Place calming / neutral (non-stimulating) object above and add lamp for ambiance. Perfect work station for children with ADD/ADHD or other children

Computer work table 1
Amanda Torres

great computer desk made from two barstools

Bar height kitchen table island
Hilton Emily

When we knock down the wall separating the kitchen/dinning room a counter height floating workspace would be awesome. I could see it being really helpful when the munchkins are older or I want to look up a recipe. It would be a great place for a docking s

Computer work table 16
Rachel Morgan

Tiny Floating Desk _ Personally, I don't like tiny desks, but it is a great solution for a small room, when you don't have a lot of space. Also, in love with the idea of gallery wall)

Computer work table
Vanessa King

Contemporary House Sydney 14 620x868 Contemporary Home in Sydney, Australia

Style logistics fashion blog 10 dreamy rooms scandinavian interior design
Jenkins Jenna

STYLE LOGISTICS | Fashion Blog: 10 DREAMY ROOMS: Scandinavian Interior Design

Ikea craft room ideas craft room
Bianca Noorda

IKEA Craft Room Ideas | ... Craft Room

Computer work table 17
Yulia Thompson

Classroom Organization: Listening Center or Small Group Work area idea. If only I had desks...I do have one small rectangle table...or my trapezoids...hmmm.