Colorful Kitchen Canisters

The colors in your kitchen should first and foremost come from a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, but some cute, bright accessories will definitely do no harm. Browse this collection of colorful kitchen canisters that will not only give your kitchen lots of visual interest and charm, but also greatly up its storage potential.

Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis Canisters, Set of 4, 82001 by ACK

This 4-piece set includes colorful and hand painted canisters for storing everything you want. They look fabulous and they add color and style to any room in home. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this set is.

Colorful kitchen canisters

An assembly of purple kitchen canisters with white signage on them. Come in varied sizes, the biggest one stores bread, the others are for tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits. Each canister has a lid with practical arched handle.

Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis 7"H Canisters, Set of 3, 82002 by ACK

Tuscan Colorful Sunshine Rooster Hand Painted Ceramic Canisters, Set of 4, 87101 by ACK

Colorful kitchen canisters 5

Colorful kitchen canisters 29

Colorful kitchen canisters

Colorful kitchen canisters 20

Michelangelo Marble Kitchen Canister

Michelangelo Marble Kitchen Canister
Decorative kitchen canister with sleek, polished surface, made of exotic dark marble featuring beautiful natural pattern. The construction with heavy round lid keeps the inside space air tight; the food stored inside will not get dry quickly.

Colorful kitchen canisters sets

Need some help in organizing your kitchen stuff? This set of kitchen canisters not only presents lovely, but also offers various functionality. Depending on the sizes and shape of each of the vessel, it will help you store your flours, spices etc.

Sahara Marble Kitchen Canister

Sahara Marble Kitchen Canister
Marble kitchen canister in light sand coloring, with classical shape of a cookie ar, equipped with heavy lid with round knob on its top. It has a highly polished surface. It is tall and spacious inside.

Colorful kitchen canisters

Colorful canisters

Marble kitchen canisters

Colorful kitchen canister sets

Colorful kitchen canisters 1

Colorful kitchen canisters 2

Colorful kitchen canisters 3

Colorful kitchen canisters 4

Colorful kitchen canisters 6

Colorful kitchen canisters 7

Colorful kitchen canisters 8

Colorful kitchen canisters 13

Colorful kitchen canisters 14

Colorful kitchen canisters 15

Colorful kitchen canisters 16

Colorful kitchen canisters 17

Colorful kitchen canisters 19

Colorful kitchen canisters 22

Colorful kitchen canisters 23

Colorful kitchen canisters 24

Colorful kitchen canisters 25

Colorful kitchen canisters 26

Colorful kitchen canisters 27

Colorful kitchen canisters 28

Tuscany Garden Colorful Hand Painted Mixed Fruit, Kitchen Utensil Holder with Tools, 89238 by ACK

Tuscany Colorful Plump Bistro Chef Hand Painted Kitchen Tool Set, 89138 by ACK

Tuscany Modern Rooster, Hand Painted Canisters, Set of 4, 85001 by ACK

Certified International Caliente 4-Piece Canister Set

Set of 4 jars hand-painted with the motif peppers. The colors associated with the Mexican climate. Each jar has a different size. Containers made of ceramic. They can be washed in the dishwasher. They are used in the kitchen.

Tuscany Garden Colorful Hand Painted Mixed Fruit Canisters, Set of 4, 89201 by ACK

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Evelots Set of 5 Deluxe Microwave And Freezer Bowls

Colorful canisters

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Hammered 4 Piece Canister Set

Hammered 4 Piece Canister Set

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IMAX IMAX 6-9H in. Addie Vintage Label Canisters - Set of 3

3-D Strawberry Hand-Painted Ceramic Bread Box/Toast Jar 13-3/4"L, 83575 by ACK

IMAX Red Ceramic Canisters, Set of 3

This lovely set of ceramic jars is the perfect solution for your kitchen or dining room. The beautiful colors, descriptions of contents and well-fitting lids emphasize the domestic interior.

Winter Fruit Kitchen Utensil Holder Tuscany Black Decor14"H, 85938 by ACK

Container for kitchen utensils in the Tuscan style. Made of ceramic and painted by hand. Glossy coating. Viewable theme of fruit in the colors red and green. Store all kitchen spatula and other utensils.