Colorful Cake Stands

How about buying one of these cake stands? This site will provide you with a lot of nice looking and functional offers when it comes to such elements. Maybe you need to spend here more time before making the final decision so feel free to do it. Just do not rush.

Colorful cake stands 1

Multicolor cake plates (blue, orange, pink, green...) - an alternative for serious & formal clear glass plates. These colorful cuties are decorative, eye-drawing and versatile. To display cakes or fruits (fun with mixing colors!).

Colorful cake stands

A couple of creative ideas on making your own DIY cake stand, easy to accomplish and cheap to buy materials for them. All you need is some paper dinnerware and paint of your choice to give them a colorful vibe.

Glass cake stands colorful cake stands

Glass Cake Stands Colorful Cake Stands
The set of colorful cake stands: who said that the crockery should be boring? Such stand is a nice decoration and will catch the guests eyes. Make your cake also looking so amazing, because you should spoil this effect.

Colored cake stands

Simple and colorful idea for an easy to do and cheap cake stand, made out of paper dinnerware with a pastel blue coat of paint. Great solution if you need a quick replacement for cake stands, sure to fit any party style.

Colorful cake stands

A few ideas on how to make your own DIY, beautiful cake stands, made out of old furniture elements combine with foam to shape your own, unique shapes and designs, all coated in a vibrant coat of colorful paint.

Plastic cake holders

Adorable setup for a party’s buffet table with a wonderful arrangement of colorful candies and other treats. The pastel, red and blue colors with a yellow tint give this setup a carnival look, taken straight from a circus.

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Dollar store cake stand

3 tier cake stand made of glass and melamine. Suitable for serving cup cakes, snacks and more. Handy gadget for each home.

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Colorful cake stands 13

Cute cake stands

Decorative cake plates 4

A unique and colorful assortment of different cake stands, some with and some without cakes on them. Most of these are made out of acrylic glass, stained in a plethora of different colors, or out of stained ceramic.

How do you make a cake stand

Colorful cake stands 1

Colored glass candlesticks

Cute cake stand

Colorful cake stands

A DIY, gorgeous crystal cake stand in a glamorous style, perfect for weddings and parties of sort. The LED lighting on all sections makes sure the cake is illuminated, and the crystal elements on sides give the piece an elegant look.

Colorful cake stands 1

Cake holder plastic

Colorful cake stands 2

Purple cake plate

Boasting of vintage appearance and attractive silhouette, this cake stand comes with a beautiful dome made of clear glass. The stand itself is crafted of sturdy wood in a distressed turquoise finish, featuring a round top and a pedestal base.

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Plate for cake

Diy cake pedestal

Colorful cake stands 16

Colorful cake stands 17

How to make a cake stand out of cardboard

Colorful cake stand

Colorful cake stands 11

Colorful cake stands

Colorful cake stands

Colorful cake stands 12

Milk White 6" Glass Cake Stand - By Mosser Glass

Brea Cake Plate

Brea Cake Plate

Colorful cake stands 14

This is what i want the cake table to look

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Colorful modern cake stands sarahs stands modern wedding cake

Colorful cake stands

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Colorful cake stands organized just so in each and every

Jadeite 9" Glass Cake Stand - Made in the USA By Mosser Glass

Diy colorful cake stands 1 500x333

Glass hobnail and milk glass cake stands from masterful wedding

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Acacia Cake Stand

Acacia Cake Stand

12" Cake Plate / Jadeite

How perfectly modern and chic are these colorful cake stands

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