Closed Shoe Storage

Shoe storage elements like the ones that you are about to see, are a good thing to have. However, we rarely appreciate them whereas we keep on using them all the time. Do you think that one of these shapes, sizes and designs would be a good choice for you?

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Closed shoe storage

An aesthetic practical shoe cabinet of wooden materials in white. It has a rectilinear frame, an open front base, recessed side panels. It has a drawer up and 3 flip down compartments (with 1 slanted shelf each) with horizontal metal bar pulls.

Closed shoe cabinet

Round shoe cabinet for space saving in each home. It consists of a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Perfect solution for lobby, hallway and more.

Shoe storage drawers
Closed shoe storage
Closed shoe rack

Closed shoe storage, made from dark wood, is a perfect solution for small entryways or hallways, where you can't have a bigger shoe cabinet. This tall, narrow furniture offers plenty of storage space.

Stall shoe cabinet ikea

Black, elegant shoe cabinet. Who doesn’t need a proper shoe cabinet for the entryway? This one here is perfect for modern, stylish houses which want to emphasise the minimalistic character of the interiors.

Closed shoe storage 8
Closed shoe storage 3
Closed shoe storage 11

Smart space saver in your home. Built the drawers inside the stairs to hide shoes or any other items which you are not currently using. You will save the space in your hall cabinet and keep everything in order.

Hidden shoe storage

Practical closet stylization with storage space for shoes, bags, etc. This practical design includes simple lines and neutral white color, so it looks good in any decor. Metal elements are also resistant to wear.

Closed shoe storage 1

Hidden shoe rack storage behind coat rack. Great idea for mudroom! Beautifully constracted from oak wood, painted in pure white looks very neat and clean. Box shaped gaps right under the rack give some extra storage space.

Closed shoe storage
Shoes drawer cabinet
Closed shoe storage 1
Hidden shoe rack

Narrow wooden shoe storage cabinet with plenty of space for shoes. This organized storage space includes functional sliding doors. Upper part of this storage cabinet features four hooks for coats, hats, etc.

Bench with storage drawers

An elegant and functional arrangement of a mudroom. It features plenty of storage space in built-in cabinets with extra bottom drawers for shoes. With this shelving unit your mudroom will be always neatly organized.

Closed shoe storage 5
Closed shoe storage 9
Closed shoe storage 13
Closed shoe storage 12
Shoe storage cabinets with doors 4
50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack
This is an extremely practical shoe cabinet. Can accommodate up to fifty pairs of shoes, which makes it all the more practical and spacious. It is made from metal rods. This means that any sand on the sole will not accumulate in it.

Closed shoe storage 1
Shoe rack closed
Closed shoe storage 2

People say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can use reclaimed wood to create such a great closed shoe storage with a bench and space for a coat organizer. All painted in white, with perfect formed shelves and rustic tone.

Closed shoe storage 3
Closed shoe storage
Wood shoe storage cabinet 2

A storage cabinet which is a wonderful idea for an entry hall. It features two spacious wardrobes for coats and jackets, bottom shoe storage cabinets, and extra shelves at the top. There is also a useful bench included.

Closed shoe storage

This pull down drawer for your entryway bench will obviously provide an extra boost of both space and storage possibilities for your shoes, but it is also a nice accent choice that won't overwhelm any decor.

50 Pair Shoe Rack

50 Pair Shoe Rack
If you do not know how to fit in the closet of your favorite shoes, the shoe rack will be perfect Perfect for the dressing room, where comfortable enable selection of shoes for creation. A perfect piece of furniture for fashionistas.

Built in storage cabinets with doors

Don't let your mudroom become a messy catchall for shoes and season gear.With shoe storage cabinets,benches and drawers-should work well. Everything made of white wood. Cabinets contains also little blackboards - to leave a message to your family.

Cheap Home 18-pair Wood Door Hanging Shoe Storage Closed Rack Organizer
Bench Shoe Storage York Silver Cabinet
Closed shoe storage 14
Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Over the Door Shoe Organizer
Very practical thing which will organize place where you keep your shoes. It collects them into one place where you can organize shoes as you want and it's really simple. This organizer holds up to twelve shoe pairs.

Closed shoe storage
Pinned by patty cake
Oak shoe cabinet storage rack furniture closet shoes triple chest
Shutter Locker Storage, 74H x 42W x 17D, GREY

Place this fashionable locker in your hallway and improve its functionality in a blink of an eye. The unit features 3 double hooks for hanging coats, and 3 storage drawers located under the bench seat.

Closet armoire

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this closet armoire for their home. It features large decorative storage boxes and wooden construction, which fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Closed shoe storage 6
Closed shoe storage
Closed shoe storage 7
Storage and Organization 3 Tier Revolving Shoe Rack

Storage and Organization 3 Tier Revolving Shoe Rack
3 level shoe rack offers space for 18 pairs of shoes. It is made of metal and glossy finish effect. It allows easy organization and helps to keep order in the home and more.

Integrated entry storage this entry system doesnt leave organization to
10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

10 Shelf Shoe Organizer

Closed shoe storage 15
Green storage bench 1
Closet design great for those dress shoes that moms rarely
Cupboard shoe rack