Clawfoot Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub caddy might not be the most essential element of your bathroom design. However, as you can see in this collection, it can prove to be quite functional and nice looking, too. Browse through all these photos and find something for yourself. But make sure to see all the options first.

Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy

Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy
Organizer designed to hang on the edge of the bathtub. It is made of metal. It has space for soap, sponge and more. No assembly required. Functional addition to any bathroom.

Clawfoot bathtub shelf

This clawfoot bathtub caddy will create a practical spot to store your cosmetics and bath accessories. Solid, steel finish and easy to mount, features 3 shelves to store the stuff.

Bathtub book holder

Bathtub rack - no more getting out from warm water so as to reach for your bathroom accessories - have them all within hands reach on this steel rack! It has compartments for different accessories. Vintage pewter finish features brass elements.

Clawfoot tub shower caddy 1

Add a piece of real convenience to your bathroom with this amazing clawfoot tub shower caddy. Now you can fit all of your most needed cosmetics at hand's reach and shower with utmost comfort and class.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy 2

Lovely and very functional clawfoot bathtub caddy is a perfect combination of beautiful golden finish and style. The whole is universal for most standard tubs, and the practical toilet seat allows a broad range of use.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy 1

A practical and eye-catching solution for bathtubs - waterproof, easy to clean and built to last. Designed of stainless steel, this handy caddy can be easily mounted on a tub, giving you 3 compartments for your necessities and a lift-up newspaper tray.

Shower caddy for clawfoot tub

A convenient bathroom caddy that will make your bathing time easier. It's boasts of waterproof hardwood construction, offering an easy in use accessory with 6 small open compartments and a pair of wood handles.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy

Shower / bathtub caddy in rubbed bronze stores your soap, shower gel and shampoo. The design of this particular metal caddy fits in great with vintage stylized bathrooms, even if it's only a retro accent that you wish for.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy
Wooden bath rack vintage

Are you looking for a product that will spruce up your ambiance? We have got something what you need. The Mercer bathtub caddy with polished nickel finish and elegant design.

Clawfoot tub shower caddy 1

Imagine the romantic time in bathtub, or alone relaxing evening. The rustic wooden clawfoot bathtub caddy will help you to put the book, candles, wine, strawberries and other.

To contain things next to le tub

Featuring a solid, 3-tiered wooden construction, this clawfoot bathtub caddy will smoothly accommodate all your bath accessories, including lotions and cosmetics, as well as towels.

Clawfoot tub accessories shelf

This clawfoot bathtub caddy will help you create magical, intimate moments in your bathroom. Ideal to serve a meal, a glass of champagne or lay some candle. Folded, it allows saving space when unused.

Over the Rim Shampoo Bottle and Soap Basket - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Soap dish for clawfoot tub

Freestanding clawfoot bathtub caddy will dominate any interior - it depends on it to arrange the entire bathroom. White, freestanding acrylic bathtub with simple, streamlined shapes is the best choice for modern and classic interiors.

Claw tub accessories

Silver metal tub soap caddy accessory - a purchase worth considering. A soap dish for clawfoot tub is a basket where a sponge, soap and/or shampoo can be stored. A bathtub caddy for clawfoot tub helps keep clutter off the bathtub rim.

Clawfoot bathtub accessories

The lovely combination of beautiful style and functionality including the clawfoot bathtub caddy makes the bathroom a very practical addition. The whole is very versatile and fits most models of longitudinal bathtubs.

Accessories for clawfoot tubs

Oval bathtub caddy (metal) to have soap, shampoo etc conveniently harboured within arm's reach while bathing. The bronze caddy offers two separate soap racks flanking the larger central compartment, great to store sponges and the like.

Across the tub caddy

Living in a rural style allows for a lightness of being and contact with nature.This bathroom with a retro free-standing clawfoot caddy bathtub is a real idyll. A rustic,brown pattern characteristic of English and French lands was painted on a regular bathtub.

Claw foot tub accessories

This sublime piece offers great style and will be a truly charming choice for any master bathroom in which you are aiming for antique style and vintage appeal. It comes with the metal structure combined with glass surfaces and is just the best caddy choice possible.

Tub caddy

Add this amazing tub caddy to your master bathroom to enjoy an even bigger boost of convenience and comfort. It is made from durable wood and corresponds well with most decor choices thanks to the neutral grey finish.

Every bath should have a tub tray caddy
Claw bathtub accessories

There are millions of people who love to relax in a bathtub with a glass of wine. So that everything does not fall right into the water, a metal stand, hung on the clawfoot bathtub caddy, will be a great companion and stand for glasses, soap or good reading.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy 3

The freestanding clawfoot bathtub caddy with simple, streamlined shapes is the best choice for modern and classic interiors. Acrylic has many advantages - it is lightweight, quickly heats up and is not expensive. Here, finished in navy blue on black lion legs.

Personalized bath caddy

If you have cramped bathroom and you have problem with storage your cosmetics, you should buy this unique bathtub rack. It is dedicated to storage towels and cosmetics, but if you dream about romantic atmosphere, you can stand there candle.

Bath caddy for clawfoot tubs
Clawfoot tub accessories

Caddy shelf for bathtub applications. This element features a solid construction based on horizontal wooden slats. It is solid and looks very attractive in any bathroom decor. Functionality is another advantage of this item.

Clawfoot bathtub caddy 3
Clawfoot tub tray

Practical wooden caddy for a bathtub. It allows for reading or drinking coffee while taking a bath. Natural reclaimed wood construction in attractive brown color makes this functional element very attractive.

Clawfoot tub shower accessories
Imperial Bathtub Caddy

Imperial Bathtub Caddy

Example of the bathtub shelf in tub shown in chrome
Clawfoot tub soap dish

Bath caddy made of wood. It is resistant to damp and mildew. Includes convenient handles for easy carrying. Functional design for each bathroom as needed.

Shampoo holder for clawfoot tub
Wailuku house bathroom tub caddy claw foot tub
Across the bath caddy

Cool vintage bathtub caddy. That’s a pretty handy addition to any bathroom, now that I think of it. How many times have you been spilling water all over your bathroom just because you lacked a caddy like this one?

Aquala Bathtub Caddy in Natural

Aquala Bathtub Caddy in Natural
This is perfect for relaxation stand on the books, which can be used in the bathroom. The stand is placed on the tub. In the central part you can put a book. Thanks to not become wet and not destroy it, and you can read while relaxing bath.

Over the tub bath caddy
Clawfoot tub rack
Clawfoot tub shampoo holder
Look riser mounted claw foot tub shower caddy
Bath caddies storage bath home garden
Clawfoot tub caddy tray
Bathroom 78
Clawfoot bathtub caddy 4
Clawfoot tub shower caddy 3
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Aromatheraphy bathtub caddy 4
Strom plumbing clawfoot bath tub shelf
Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome

Pole Shower Caddy in Chrome
Pole shower caddy. This simple bathroom caddy is a great and functional solution for your storage needs. It features adjustable, self draining shelves, which will help you organize your beauty products. Extremely easy to maintain.