Circle Wall Decor

To all of DIY home makeover enthusiasts out there – here’s a collection of circle wall décor ideas that will make your head swirl. From gold polka dot walls and abstract paintings to wood slice wall mosaic and gigantic dream catchers – most of the concepts are very easy to replicate. So, which one are you going to give a try?

3d design wall decor 10 circles wall decal sticker free

3d Design Wall Decor 10 Circles Wall Decal Sticker Free Style Home Decor Gift
An interesting way to decorate a wall in your room and give it a contemporary appearance. The decoration includes a set of black and red circles of different sizes, painted on the wall with special paint.

Purple themed floral paper quilled wall

Purple Themed Floral Paper Quilled Wall
Triple wall decor finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant addition for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wall Decor Plus More WDPM222 Wall Vinyl Sticker Decal Circles and Rings, Tan/Chocolate Brown, 50-Piece

This glamorous tan and chocolate brown circle wall decor provides an easy peel-n-stick-application, as well as simple removal. The matte finish makes the stickers look like a beautiful paint job on your wall.

Circle wall decor 1

A great way to emphasize the contemporary character of your interiors. This smooth circle composition comprises variously-sized items, all painted in warm orange, enlivening the space remarkably.

Circle wall decor 1

Cool modern wall decorations manufactured of durable vinyl in golden shades. They have forms of circles with adhesive back sides so are easy to apply. They shine in light and match especially well walls in pale bluish tones.

Circle wall decor

An unusual wall hanging in the form of the tree of life macrame in a big, wooden, circle frame. It measures 20" in diameter and it's a pretty wall decoration in a vintage style. A simple, but impressive element of the room.

Circle wall decor 2

Constituting a great way to add your interiors a sleek, contemporary character, this set of multiple circles will definitely catch the attention of any of your guests. The composition comprises different rings, varying in size and colour.

Circle hanging decorations

Wow! Check this out! Would you like to have your wall painted in any pattern? This is the coolest and easiest way to paint circles on walls. Simply use a round box lid and stick it to the wall, use your favourite color paint, DONE!

Circle wall decor 10

Circle wall decor 5

Circle wall decor 11

Circle wall designs

The circle being the symbol of infinity, it aslo brings as infinite number of solutions for storing and decorating our home. Circle wall decor plays the role of round shelves - ideal to place there towels, toilertries or even toilet paper.

Toprate(TM) Silver Rounds Circles Number Wall Clock Mirror Wall Clock Modern Design Removable DIY Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Decoration

Circle wall decor 1

Navy mint gold coral and cream confetti

Navy Mint Gold Coral And Cream Confetti
Lightness of being and artistic fantasty were inncluded in this wall decoration. Very delicate, subtle circles in pastel colors of pink, blue, and gray not only are a artistic expression of you - but also a glamour element, for your interior.

Circle wall decor 4

Hanging circle decorations

This modern wall decor embodies best the contemporary approach to design. Fresh, innovative and vibrant, fits ideally for a teenage girl's bedroom. Grey, orange and pink finishing add liveliness to the space.

Circle wall decor 22

How to paint circles on a wall

A funky wall decoration that will give your room a positive kick. Countless paper circles in various colors and patterns dangle from a simple wooden board. The decoration matches a rustic bedding set with colorful cushions.

Wall Decor Plus More WDPM197 Wall Vinyl Sticker Decal Circles and Rings, Turquoise, 25-Piece

Circle wall stencils

This is actually a pretty cool way to get some color into a room w/o having to spend a whole lot of money on something! Awesome! Cirlce wall decoration all done by yourself. This could be also a nice thing to do with kids.

Circle wall decor 19

Circle wall decor 4

Circle Wall Decor

Circle Wall Decor
This abstract, decorative wall decor is a beautiful detail with any decor. A beautiful combination of metal elements makes it impossible to miss. Sleek and stylish color combination enchants animates decor.

Wood metal wall decor

Make a bold style statement with a dramatic wall decoration: a dark coffee rattan swirl mounted on a metal hanger. Abstract wall art that can't help drawing glances. A pole rattan was bent by hand in random circles for unique feel.

Circles Wall Décor

Circles Wall Décor

Mariposa Wall Décor

Mariposa Wall Décor
Charming, delicate butterlly wall decor that will delight you and all your guests. This set is highly versatile and includes nine mariposa 3D wall decor butterflies made from white molded polypropylene with metal wire antennae.

Circle wall decor 12

Decorative Star Wall Decor

Decorative Star Wall Decor
Decorative classic shape 5-arm star suitable for any wall. It is made of lightweight aluminium finished in dark red. It's 3-dimensional and its arms have pointed ends and angular edges. Easy to hang thanks to a back hanger.

Chrysalis Wall Décor

Chrysalis Wall Décor
Amazing contemporary self-adhesive wall decors in a form of 3D size-varied butterflies of various species. They're made of semi-transparent plastic and features a very realistic look and wing fluttering in the breeze.

How to paint circles on walls

This kind of wall decor will bring you infinity of happiness - because of its circle form. Gorgeous colors of mint, yellow and pinks circles - is a DIY project for a sweet room of newborn baby. Grace - is what you may feel while looking at that.

Circle wall decor 2

Painting circles on walls

A creative, yet simple DIY wall decoration. It features plenty of paper circles that are mounted to the wall. The circles are in various, vivid colors, which bring positive energy to the room. It will be a great fun for your kid to make it.

Elle decor modern life concept house photos organic shape and

Circles Wall Décor

Circles Wall Décor
These eye-catching and very stylish decorative rings on the wall is an extraordinary performance and beautiful design. Covered with a golden tint are very elegant and well suited for modern interiors.

Circle design on wall

Fancy stillage with circle shelves, compartment and cubby-holes. This interior's element is made of wood and it is attached to the wall. This is convenient piece of furniture and also amazing wall decoration.

Circle wall decor 16

Circle wall decor 2

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Circle wall decor 9

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