Chrome Wall Clocks

Time is money? Feel free to browse through all the photos that are presented in the collection below, and see if any of this chrome wall clocks would fit well into your house. What would you say about such a rich choice of clocks- is this something that you find appealing?

Large chrome skeleton wall clock

Large Chrome Skeleton Wall Clock
Skeleton clock designed for mounting on the wall. Includes quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Midcentury modern clock starburst clock 1

Midcentury Modern Clock Starburst Clock
The sharp gold needles of this chrome wall clock pierce the wall and human sight - symmetrically creating a golden brass sun full of rays. At the same time reminiscent of mid-century and twentieth-century style.

Chrome wall clocks 1

Home chrome glass wall clock

Wall clock brand london clock description chrome porthole wall clock

Art deco wall clocks 2

Chrome wall clocks 27

Vintage art deco jade green color

Vintage Art Deco Jade Green Color
Wall clock in retro style. It has Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Frame is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and neutral design for each room.

Vintage retro 1

Vintage Retro
A beautiful, old-school wall clock, made out of chrome and yellow filling. Great for that contemporary, mid-century look in your living room. The unique design gives off a nice vintage, retro aura to its surroundings.

Yellow wall clocks

With the vintage, slightly retro looking design this wall clock from 1950s will make for a nice fashion statement in your interior, while at the same time allowing you to lend a practical touch to your kitchen.

George nelson herman miller clock

George Nelson Herman Miller Clock
This clock sports a truly modern-looking design thanks to its wooden and chrome structure and round, simple frame. It will work in your kid's room and make for a fine boost of functionality for any space.

Chrome wall clocks 29

Chrome wall clocks 11

Chrome on chrome wall clock with carbon dial and glass

Chrome wall clocks 2

Chrome wall clocks 1

Chrome wall clocks

Chrome wall clocks 4

Chrome wall clocks 7

I like my time teller to be readable, and this large chrome one undoubtedly fills the bill. Big black Arabic numerals are decently visible on the light colored face. Good quality metal chrome case encloses the classic Lascelles dial.

Chrome wall clocks 15

Chrome wall clocks 5

Large chrome wall clock

A functional wall clock in a traditional design. Its universal form will be perfect for your kitchen or office. A slim frame is made of chrome while the dial features large, well visible numerals and hands.

Chrome wall clocks

Chrome wall clocks 3

Clayton 30" Wall Clock

Clayton 30" Wall Clock
Suitable for modern homes and offices, this 30-Inch Wall Clock in Silver Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round face, Arabic numerals and accurate movement.

Pugg wall clock

Chrome wall clocks 6

Chrome wall clocks 25

Chrome wall clocks 9

Chrome wall clocks 22

Chrome wall clocks 10

Chrome kitchen clock

Modern wall clocks stainless steel

Never be late with meal serving again! This classic wall clock features a round face, black Arabic numerals, stainless steel case, which is chrome plated, and all in all it's characterised by a neat look, great for any decor design.

Mrk newgate wall clocks brixton

Mrk Newgate Wall Clocks Brixton
This is a small decorative and functional piece of equipment. It is a wall clock that works very well, so it will show the current hour without delays and other problems. It has got a glass face and metal base.

Numbra 32" Wall Clock

Numbra 32" Wall Clock
It is a decorative wall clock. It is the practical equipment and decoration at the same time. Each number is different from the others, which means that the clock is interesting and very decorative. The whole looks great in a modern interior.

Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Atomic Digital Wall Clock
This Atomic Digital Wall Clock in Aluminum Finish is accurate, functional and easy to mount. The clock automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time, and offers 12/24 hour time display, perpetual calendar, time zone setting, time alarm with snooze, and much more.

Floral chrome wall clock with crystal decoration 1

Chrome wall clocks 16

Art deco diner style chrome wall clock

NCAA Arkansas Razorbacks Chrome Clock

Coca - Cola Neon Clock

NFL Dallas Cowboys 12" Chrome Clock

Acctim sherington chrome metal wall clock

Chrome wall clocks 2

Home home accessories clocks retro square chrome wall clock quad

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Newgate barbican chrome wall clock heals

Westclox chrome wall clock

Sm retro chrome side 1000