Chopping Block Island

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Layla Robinson Interior Design Expert
Vintage butcher block island
Chopping block island 3

A fabulous farmhouse kitchen table that will ensure the double functionality of a kitchen island and comes with the extra bottom shelf for all those pots and pans, while the rustic look coming from the wood structure allows for a stylish addition to the decor.

Black butcher block island 2

Classy setup for a traditional kitchen with a couple of decorative china plates above the doorway. The kitchen is furnished with simple wooden counters and cabinets which are contrasted by the rustic butcher block.

Chopping block island 8
Chopping block island 1

A lovely, small butcher block, which will add new functionality to any kitchen space. Fitted to a sturdy mesquite base, makes a focal point island, offering some small storage shelf in the bottom.

Black butcher block
Industrial style kitchen island

Durable wooden kitchen island with caster wheels for enhanced mobility. It includes a simple rectangular top and a lower shelf. Five storage drawers assure additional, practical storage space for different accessories.

Chopping block island 7
Unique bar carts
Antique butcher block kitchen island
High top bar table sets
Chopping block island
Chopping block island 1
Marble chopping board
Chopping block island 12
Chopping block island 21
Chopping block island 14
Chopping block island 24
Cutting board cart 5
Chopping block island 10
Chopping block island

Kitchen island in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Functional addition for each home.

Chopping block island 13
Chopping block island 11
Chopping block island 20

An eye-catching though simple kitchen island converted from an old butcher chopping block. It's crafted of solid wood with a finish in warm browns. It has 4 sturdy upright turned legs and a very thick square top adorned with big metal hobs.

Chopping block island 4
Small country kitchen tables
Chopping block island

Kitchen island for small spaces. This original butcher-block styled piece of furniture provides an attractive and practical working space. It stands on durable legs with some turned accents for aesthetic appearance.

Chopping block island
Gaby kitchen island
Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top
This kitchen island with a butcher block top has been entirely made of wood of a high quality. It features two drawers and two adjustable shelves. (You need to remove them to adjust the height). It will require some basic assembly.

Wolfgang Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top

Wolfgang Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top
This extremely practical in every kitchen kitchen cart with butcher block top is sensational help. Practical wheels make it mobile. Made of wood is durable. It has a handy shelves, partitions, space for towels, drawers and many other amenities.

Chopping block island 2
White kitchen island cart

A touch of simple, modern style in modern dining areas. This kitchen cart is a product that allows for a comfortable serving of food or drinks. It is made of engineered wood and rubberwood for increased solidity. It has got wheels.

Chopping block island
Chopping block island
Chopping block island
Chopping block island 15
Chopping block island 16
Chopping block island 17
Chopping block island 18
Chopping block island 19
Butcher block island 7
Chopping block island
Small kitchen cart with drawers 2
End tables bookcases beds french country butcher block kitchen island
Butcher block island 4
Crosley Marston Butcher Block Kitchen Cart in Natural
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Marble chopping board 25