Chinese Vase Lamp

There is not much sense in convincing anyone about the importance of lamps, that is obvious. Thanks to this site, even those people who are very demanding, have managed to find something for themselves and what about your taste? All in all, are you also ready to have one of these?

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Chinese vase lamp 36

A finding for antique collectors: two handpainted vase lamps with intricate, detailed oriental pattern in malachite green. Floral and foliate decoration is put overall the porcelain bases and finished off with three-dimensional modeled plums.

Chinese vase lamp 4

If you like style of East Asia, you must buy this original Chinese lamp. It has porcelain kickstand made of hand-painted vase and bamboo lampshade. This table lamp will play its role perfectly as a night light.

Chinese vase lamp
Chinese vase lamps

Small table lamp that plays practical and decorative roles in the house. It features a very attractive Chinese vase stylization with blue pattern on white background. Its classic bell shade looks great in any room.

Antique chinese cloisonne vase lamp brass and porcelain vases photo
Chinese vase lamp 2

A true beauty - these two vase lamps will allow you to elevate your interior to the fullest with the Chinese scenic finish of the base and the 19-century view of the detailed finish in the light tone of the color.

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Chinese vase lamp 38
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Chinese vase lamp 33
Vintage chinese porcelain vase lamp lamps lighting from rubylane
29" H Vase Table Lamp with Bell Shade

29" H Vase Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This table lamp has got a bell shade and vase base with flower print. It looks adorable and is perfect for romantic bedroom or living room area. It adds beauty and style to any home. You need to have it.

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Chinese vase lamp 15
Chinese vase lamp
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Vase 26" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Vase 26" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

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Chinese vase lamp 17
Chinese vase lamp 9
Chinese vase lamp 13
Chinese vase lamp 29
Oriental vase table lamp with bronze finish
Chinese vase lamp 19

An admirable antique Chinese style vase lamp crafted of quality ceramic adorned with charming handmade colourful floral motifs and golden accents. It has a round foot, a short hourglass stem, a half-oval main part and a lid with a conical handle.

Birds and Flowers Vase Table Lamp

Birds and Flowers Vase Table Lamp
It is a fantastic table lamp that has got flowers and birds on vase, yellow finish and porcelain construction. This lamp is hand crafted and hand painted. You will be impressed how amazing this lamp is.

Antique chinese archaic style bronze champleve cloisonne vase lamp
Antique chinese famille lamp on antique chinese famille verte vase
Chinese blue white peacock motif vase lamp c 1900 from
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East Enterprises LPBKL1014S Amorial Vase Table Lamp - Multicolored
Oriental Furniture Big Discount Great Value on Sale, 27-Inch Oriental Vase Table Lamp with Pagoda Shade, JCOX-206L
Vintage chinese lamps pair on
East Enterprises LPDBJH108B Vase Table Lamp - Blue and White
Stratford Vase

Stratford Vase

Pair of chinese wang bing rong vase lamps
Figural chinese vase lamp 1250 figural chinese vase lamp beautiful
Contemporary designer chinese ceramic vase lamp pair
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Antique chinese cloisonne vase lamp brass and porcelain vases photo
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Antique chinese cloisonne vase lamp century pictures