Chinese Umbrella Stand

A really nice and decorative piece for the hallway is a Chinese umbrella stand. In a minimalist interior it really stands out and has not only a useful function but catches the eye, too. The intricate designs tell stories of the Orient world and add a nice accent to simple interiors.

Chinese umbrella stand 4

An umbrella stand that introduces Chinese stylization into the house. White and blue patterns of this element are very attractive. This decorative stand is also solid and resistant to damage or excessive wear.

Asian umbrella stand

Practical umbrella stand in red color that represents attractive Chinese stylization. It includes attractive and decorative accents that look like Chinese dragons. This practical stand also plays a decorative role.

Porcelain umbrella stand

Umbrella stand in oriental style. It is made of high quality Chinese porcelain and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Vintage umbrella stand

Stylish Chinese umbrella stand makes for a captivating welcome accent at your entryway. Antique cream background lets the original oriental pattern flourish. This unique ceramic stand is tall and round.

Chinese umbrella stand 3

White umbrella stand

Made in Chinese style, the umbrella stand is a perfect combination of functionality and excellent looks. All beautifully decorated and finely finished will bring a touch of the orient to the whole design.

Chinese antique blue white porcelain umbrella stand 19 vase nice

Chinese Antique Blue White Porcelain Umbrella Stand 19 Vase Nice
Porcelain in its most magnificent form appeared in the Song Dynasty between the 10th and 13th centuries. The most characteristic hand-painted pattern is the blue customary scenes from the Chinese villages also visible in this Chinese umbrella stand.

Chinese porcelain umbrella stand 2

Chinese Porcelain Umbrella Stand
Tall Chinese porcelain vase or umbrella stand. With tons of details depicting traditional Asian ornaments and scenes. Beautiful. Could have one. A hint of orient in a contemporary entryway. Plus a handy function.

24 5 in high blue white floral porcelain umbrella stand

24 5 In High Blue White Floral Porcelain Umbrella Stand Bw Umbr Bwfl
If you are a fan of oriental decorations, this umbrella stand will be excellent choice. This Chinese product has got the traditional blue and white ornaments on the structure. The porcelain construction is heavy and solid.

23in Hand Painted Satsuma Design Umbrella Stand

1809 chinese umbrella stand

Have you been searching for an umbrella stand that just does not look like a typical umbrella stand? We suggest you to choose this one. It features the Chinese design with blue and white colors.

White ceramic umbrella stand

Chinese umbrella stand 8

Chinese umbrella stand

Made in oriental Chinese style, the umbrella stand is a functional and very decorative decoration element. The beautiful motifs and colors of decorations delight and make the decor an easy way to gain an attractive style.

Chinese umbrella stand 1

Antique chinese umbrella stand polychrome w flowers fish birds ducks

Antique Chinese Umbrella Stand Polychrome W Flowers Fish Birds Ducks Signed
Designed by Chinese artisans, this lovely umbrella stand blooms with gorgeous flowers, pretty fish and flying birds. Boasting of antique glamour, the stand is made of quality material, ensuring stability and long-lasting usage.

Antique ceramic umbrella stand

Chinese stand

Ebay umbrella stand

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella Stand
Umbrella stand with a decorative pattern. It is made of ceramic. Useful gadget in every commercial and residential premises.

Chinese umbrella stand 2

Umbrella stand porcelain

Chinese umbrella stand 7

Ceramic Umbrella Stand Hummingbirds

Flower Blossom Umbrella Stand

Flower Blossom Umbrella Stand

Chinese qing porcelain umbrella stand vase china

Chinese dragon umbrella stand

Chinese Dragon Umbrella Stand
A gorgeous accessory for indoors that will drown your room in oriental flair. Hand made by talented Chinese artisans, the umbrella stand boasts of a fine Dragon design and flawless hand-painting.

Chinese umbrella stand

Ceramic Umbrella Stand

Ceramic Umbrella Stand
Designed by Chinese artisans, this oriental umbrella stand is made of ceramic with attention to details. Its tapered silhouette boasts with grace and elegance, embellished with white and navy blue floral pattern.

Japanese umbrella stand

Blue white umbrella

Europeans, Americans, Chinese people all struggle with the rain and then look for where to hide the wet umbrella. Best in chinese umbrella stand in antique style. Robust, made of bronze, carved into chinese ornaments, will not let drop any water.

White umbrella holder

An admirable rustic Chinese style umbrella stand of quality porcelain. It has a cylindrical flared up body adorned with scenes from everyday life of Chinese country in the old days and geometric and floral motifs along edges in a rich colour palette.

China umbrella stand

Beautiful Chinese umbrella stand. if you want to enhance your house with some eclectic elements, such an umbrella stand will be great. Lively, inspiring blue pattern is great at stimulating your brain and providing a stylish decoration, both at the same time.

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella Stand

Ceramic umbrella stands indoor

Celedon pottery c1890 raised overall design celery color back round

Chinese umbrella stand 1

China is the master in making porcelain. It has great value. This presented,cylindrical umbrella stand is a traditional, ceramic element of chinese culture. Decorated in traditional white and blue paintings of Chinese life.Made of strong vitreous porcelain.

Blue and white umbrella

Umbrella vase stand

7254 chinese blue and white umbrella stand

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Blue and White Dragon Porcelain Umbrella stand - The dragon is symbolic of wisdom and the flaming jewel symbolic of truth - 18" H.

Chinese walking stick umbrella stand image 6

Huge chinese pottery relief antique umbrella stand family scene china

Chinese porcelain umbrella stand

Oriental Furniture Traditional Wedding and Anniversary Gifts, 14-Inch Fine Japanese Cherry Blossom Design Flower Vase

Antique chinese fish ceramic porcelain umbrella stand holder vase large

Chinese oriental porcelain handpainted umbrella stand

Chinese porcelain jardiniere

Ceramic Umbrella Stand Imari