Chinese Porcelain Lamps

Do you like porcelain? If you answered positively, there couldn’t have been a better site to choose from. The main question that now arises is what do you find most appealing? Have a careful look down here and try to make a wise decision, after thinking it all over, of course.

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If you are interested in Far East, this incredible lamp is must-have in your home. It has wooden base and kickstand with Chinese painting made of white porcelain. There is no lampshade - you can choose on your own.

Pair of chinese porcelain lamps 2

Pair Of Chinese Porcelain Lamps
A set of two decorative table lamps with frames made out of white ceramic with blue stained decals in Asian style. The tops of the lamps are made out of white cotton fabric and fit in nicely with the dark wooden stands.

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Anyone who likes oriental interior accessories here? Recently I've fell for Chinese porcelain lamps. This vintage table lamp with unique Asia themed details in Chinese art tradition is particularly fabulous for me.

Antique chinese porcelain lamp enameled

Antique Chinese Porcelain Lamp Enameled
This Chinese porcelain lamp delights with its enamelled finish and antique brass base. It will bring in some classic oriental spirit to the space, providing the room a distinguishable character.

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The most popular and stylish chinese porcelain lamps come from China's Guangdong province. Also this one, made of distinguish porcelain, which combines a Song dynasty style porcelain vase, with golden base and delicate beige lampshade.

Exquisite antique chinese porcelain lamp w man playing sanhu beautiful

Exquisite Antique Chinese Porcelain Lamp W Man Playing Sanhu Beautiful Shade
Representing the exquisite Chinese style and glamour, this beautiful porcelain lamp delights with its intricately designed base, depicting a man playing Sanhu. Comes with a corresponding snowy white shade.

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Deriving from the 1730s, these beautiful Chinese porcelain lamps delight with their intricate details. Reflecting unique Asia themed details, it delights with its beautifully designed ceramics.

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Chinese porcelain lamps pair gold gilt 22h socket 32h finial

Chinese lamps porcelain

Vintage chinese porcelain lamp hand

Vintage Chinese Porcelain Lamp Hand
Chinese porcelain lamp, with intresting vintage trim is 19th century porcelain vase with cover painted with overglaze enamels from chinese province. It is known for its colourful decoration that covers most of the surface of the piece and bronze base.

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Chinese porcelain lamps pair one kings lane vintage market finds

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Beautiful pair of 1780 rose palette chinese porcelain lamps

Beautiful Pair Of 1780 Rose Palette Chinese Porcelain Lamps
Oriental accent to your interior, can be your bull's eye. A beautiful pair of Chinese porcelain mandarin lamps with applied flowers and leaves which add wonderful detail to the lamps. White lampshades has a gold finish, as well as a golden bases.

Oriental Furniture Classic Chinese Design, 28-Inch Black and Tan Floral Bouquet Oriental Lamp

Fruitful Harvest 27" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Fruitful Harvest 27" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
With such a captivating, lustrous red design, this 27-Inch Height Table Lamp blends perfectly with contemporary décor. The lamp features Chinese porcelain ceramic construction, a bell shade, square base, rotary socket, and floral art design.

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Small oriental lamps

Porcelain famille rose lamp related items antique porcelain lamp 1

Chinese porcelain table lamp

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1stdibs a 19th century large pair of double gourd chinese

Oriental Furniture Fine Chinese Porcelain, 26-Inch Red Crowned Cranes Oriental Lamp

Chinese porcelain lamps 28

Chinese porcelain lamps aqua glazed

Chinese Porcelain Lamps Aqua Glazed
Inseparable like twins chinese porcelain lamps - they look good together. White shades referring to tradition and simplicity, get a bit of madness with a hand-painted lamp base, made of ceramics. Full of bright blue and colorful traditional paintings.

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Porcelain 33" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
It is a table lamp that has got a rectangular shade and is made of light blue crackle porcelain. It has got a very adorable look and is great for bedroom, living room and more. It adds style and beauty to any home.

Floral Porcelain 29.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Floral Porcelain 29.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

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Chinese porcelain lamps 22

Chinese porcelain lamps 27

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Antique chinese lamps

20" Porcelain Jar Lamp

20" Porcelain Jar Lamp
This porcelain jar lamp is both hand crafted and painted, allowing you to add a truly original and designed with meticulous care piece to your decor, accentuating it perfectly in the process, while the 3-way light socket takes care of the functionality.

Silk shaded gold painted chinese porcelain lamp

Antique chinese porcelain lamp 2

2 chinese porcelain jar made as lamps lot 403


Chinese porcelain lamp with birds and flowers design

19th c chinese porcelain lamp on

Bamboo Blossom Vase 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Bamboo Blossom Vase 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
25 inch high table lamp featuring bell shade and base resembling antique vase. The latter is made of porcelain and wood and has appealing bamboo motif. Additionally, it has three-way switch and can accommodate on incandescent bulb.

Classic 20" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Classic 20" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Floral fabric designs in fashion and home decor oriental furniture

Large rose medallion chinese porcelain lamp from a unique collection

Oxblood Red Porcelain Rectangular Table Lamp


Large lamped chinese porcelain vase from a unique collection of