Chinese Garden Stools

Add some oriental vibe to your garden. With one of the Chinese garden stools we present below the task is easy. The garden can only benefit from their simple yet decorative design. What's more, you can also incorporate the design indoors. See for yourself!

Blue and white kylin chinese porcelain stool china

Blue And White Kylin Chinese Porcelain Stool China
An interesting stool that mainly plays a decorative role in the house. It is made of Chinese porcelain so its decorative value is high. Of course it is a solid stool that can be used indoors or outdoors as an additional seat.

Garden stool blue

This antique Chinese garden stool proves that patchwork design can also be beautiful. Recommended not only for the fans of oriental style, it is a great way to distinguish your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Oriental Furniture Traditional Asian Decor 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Round with Floral Design

This is a functional and decorative element created for use in gardens. This stool has got a very solid porcelain construction. Its floral design looks very nice in different stylization. The stool has got a round top.

Chinese garden stools 3

This fabulous garden stool made of porcelain is a Chinese style that adds a unique mood to the garden, terrace or patio. Beautiful decorations and attractive colors in white and blue enchants the details.

White garden stool

Designed for outdoor areas, this Chinese porcelain, garden seat is covered with charming, blue and white patterns for extra looks. It is quite heavy, thus also very stable, and you can easily clean it without any effort.

Oriental Furniture Classic Asian Furniture and Unique Gifts, 18-Inch Qing Rosewood Barrel Stool Planter Stand, Rosewood

A charming Asian rustic style stool which can also be used as a planter stand. Its barrel -like openwork body is handmade of rosewood with a dark matte lacquer finish. It has a round top, vertically slatted sides and small feet.

Chinese garden stools 4

This exotic Asian style garden stool serves diversed applications: it can become a side table as well. Openwork sides sport floral motif that lets the light shine through. Interesting multi-toned blue finish is another feature worth mentioning.

Oriental Furniture Red Porcelain Glaze, 17-Inch Sakura Blossom Garden Stool

This garden stool in barrel form is characterized by high quality make including dark red high luster glaze porcelain construction, antique floral design applied on the surface, and traditional Japanese finish.

Porcelain stool

These sublime Chinese garden stools offer the structure well-suited for the outdoor setting and will ensure a significant boost of both oriental style and color for keeping your interior just a tad more unique.

Chinese garden stools

Unique garden stool in oriental style. It is made of bamboo and finished with sophisticated ornament. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Elegant design for each place.

Chinese porcelain stool 1

Blue garden stool

This stunning Chinese garden stool will make for the perfect addition for either your patio or even your living room, serving as an extra seat or as an end table for your knick-knacks and flowers and helping you complete the look of your decor.

Pretty chinese garden stool

Chinese garden stool 2

Brings some Chinese flavors into your outdoor areas, with those eye-catching, ceramic garden stools, glazed for extra looks. You can browse through various shapes, colors, and designs, looking for the one that is going to accentuate your garden, deck, patio, or backyard.

Oriental Furniture Distinctive Oriental Accessories, 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Square with Landscape Design

This is a very nice, rack porcelain. It is decorated with blue motif. Ideal to decorate the garden, as a holder for flowers. The stand is very interesting visually. It is oriental and remindes the chinese culture.

Oriental Furniture 18-Inch Lacquered Porcelain Garden Rose Medallion

This is a very original and extremely beautiful platform, which perfectly suited to a wide variety of circumstances. The platform is made in oriental style, which makes it introduces a very unusual and very unique atmosphere of the interior, in which it is located.

Porcelain garden stool

A wonderful Chinese garden stool of quality ceramic in a bluish tone with charming hand-painted colourful floral designs. A stool has a barrel-like body with small lumps both at the bottom and top parts and metal handles on sides and at the top.

Torre & Tagus Shanghai Porcelain Stool Chrome

This stool has got a porcelain construction and chrome finish. It is a fantastic addition to your indoor and outdoor area. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks in your home.

Ms1002y porcelain chinese garden stools

Safavieh Castle Gardens Collection Chinese Dragon Ceramic Garden Stool, Green

Designed of high quality ceramic, this garden stool enhances outdoors as well as indoors with its lovely Chinese dragon design that surrounds the whole piece. The stool is easy to clean, and can also be used as a side table or beautiful decoration.

Chinese Porcelain Stool - Painted in a traditional Oriental blue and white dragon design - 18" H.

This multi functional piece of furniture can be use as a table, seat or just set alone as decoration. It has a barrel shape, was crafted from porcelain and glazed white crackle. It has a oriental finish-traditional dragons painting.

Chinese furniture ming dynasty stools

Blue and white garden stool

Garden stool in oriental style. It is made of ceramic and decorated with sophisticated ornament. Ideal as coffee table or plant stand in the living room, dining room and more.

Decorative garden stools

The Chinese garden stool in the indoor stylization. The unique color of marble used to prepare it, gave to amazing effect. All sides had been carved with the botanical motives, so it brings in my mind the Chinese vase.

Vince brass hexagon garden stool

Vince Brass Hexagon Garden Stool
An interesting functional and decorative element that will enhance the decor of many types of rooms. This stool was crafted with a hardwood frame, so its solidity is its most important advantage. Its size (14" diam x 18.5" h) doesn't take too much space in the room.

Blue console table

Console table in elegant style. It is made of wood and covered with mirror. Base is finished with interesting pattern. Tasteful addition for all kinds of interiors according to taste. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Chinese garden stools white

Oriental Furniture Bright Bold Brillant Decor Decorative Accessory Accent, 18-Inch Ming Fine Classic Asian Ceramic Porcelain Garden Stool, Red

Oriental garden stool which is 18 inch high and including decorative pattern. There are three different patterns available. It's intended for indoor use only. The stool is a great addition to all interiors furnished in oriental style.

Silver garden stool 2

An eye-catching modern garden stool crafted of metal with a golden finish.It has a round top. Its hourglass openwork body is composed of numerous intricate swirls and convolutions arranged in horizontal rows.

Safavieh vanadium silver round table 1

Safavieh Vanadium Silver Round Table
A round solid table that is a sophisticated decoration in contemporary indoors. It is a durable element made of aluminium that is solid, but not very heavy. Its silver colour perfectly matches different interior stylizations.

Garden Stool

Garden Stool
This is a very decorative garden stool. It's white. It is shaped like a cylinder. Its wall was made of soft openwork so it looks very interesting and very decoratively. This is a very ingenious solution that combines beauty and practicality.

Celadon Garden Stool Lotus Pattern in Green

This stylish garden stool is characterized by ceramic construction, and a beautiful green lotus pattern. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, the stool can also be used as a side or coffee table, or decoration stand.

Embossed Swirl Garden Stool

Embossed Swirl Garden Stool
Picture-postcard contemporary stool which can serve as a coffee table. It's crafted of quality ceramic with a wonderful glossy gold finish. It's barrel-shaped and features embossed top and bottom parts as well as oval and square cutouts in centre.

Antique Revival Diana Garden Stool, Aqua

Distinctive garden stool tastefully handcrafted from solid wood with no composites. It presents a modern take on Chinese leisure seats design. It is versatile enough to mingle beautifully with many other styles.

18" Ceramic Garden Stool White

This ceramic garden stool is very elegant and very practical element of garden equipment. His execution and finish makes it a very decorative object. At the same time, it can serve as a stand for flowers.

Oriental Furniture Beautiful Oriental Home Decor 18-Inch Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Square with Floral Design

This garden stool was design in oriental style and can be use as a seat or just set as a decoration. Its sturdy, porcelain construction is glazed and painted in soft blue floral patterns. It can be use both indoor and outdoor.

Talia Stool

Talia Stool
Sturdy ceramic stool with multi-tone finish in brown and blue, with decorative trim and piercings that enhance its appealing looks. It may be used indoors and outdoors and not only as a stool - it works great as a sidetable or plant pot rack too.

Blue and white kylin chinese porcelain stool china 1

Blue And White Kylin Chinese Porcelain Stool China
An interesting decoration designed for an outdoor use. This stool is made of Chinese porcelain that is weather resistant and very attractive. Thes kind of stool measures 18 inches high x 12 inches wide x 13 inches long.

The chinese garden stool in the garden 3

Modern black console table

Console table in simple form. It is completely made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Neutral and functional design for each place according to taste and need.

Authentic Handmade Blue Fish Motif Garden Stool. Use As Chinese Porcelain Round Cocktail Table or Home Decor Accents. Beautiful Detail and Stunning Art Makes This Stool Stand Out As a Decorative Side Table.

Handmade porcelain garden stool that lends a touch of chinese artistic elegance to any space. It can be used indoors or outdoors, as a stool, seat or even a cocktail table. 100% handmade by high fire process. The color of glaze will not fade or change.

White garden stools

Nantucket Metal Stool

Nantucket Metal Stool
An unusual metal stool which is barrel-shaped and has a decent set of colours. The stool may not be as convenient as expected but it definitely makes any interior look extraordinary with some magical appearance added to it.

Square Lattice Pierced Garden Seat Stool- White Glaze

Elegant garden stool with artistic flair. It is made from earthenware ceramic and can be used indoor or outdoor, above freezing temperature. Dimensions: 19 inches high x 13 inches wide x 13 inches deep.


This stool has got a wood teak construction, brown finish and amazing design. It adds elegance, style, comfort and beauty to any living room, bedroom, family room and more.

Port 68 18-Inch Chow Brown Garden Stool

Inspired by Chinese style, this garden stool is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The stool is beautifully hand painted, and features a Chinese porcelain body with fancy, Chinese guardian lion motifs. Easy to clean.

Ceramic tables stools

In cantonese kowloon translates to nine dragons eight are the

Oriental Furniture Beautiful Wedding Gift Idea, 18-Inch Cherry Blossom Chinese Porcelain Garden Stool, Barrel Shape

For an artistic oriental feel, invite this beautiful Chinese porcelain garden stool to your living space. It has a shape of a barrel, and it is embellished with stunninf cherry blossom detailing with Chinese calligraphy characters.

Chinese blue and white garden seat