Chinese Furniture For Sale

You don’t have to be a China lover to appreciate the collection presented on this site, which includes all kinds of Chinese art and antique furniture. Porcelain is the material used often here but the choice isn’t limited to it. Have a look and see for yourself the ‘forbidden city’ furniture, which now is not forbidden.

Chinese armoire

A beautiful example of high-quality, intricate Chinese furniture. Both its front and interiors are carved and pierced with panels enclosing figures, immortals, foliage, and phoenix. It has the dimensions of 224 cm H x 205 cm W x 233 cm D.

Vintage chinese furniture

Chinese furniture for sale 8

Chinese furniture for sale

An impressive antique Chinese bed of rosewood in warm browns. It has thick C-shaped legs, a grooved frame, tall posts joined by thin horizontal stretchers. It features intricate openwork carvings on a headboard, a footboard, sides and a canopy.

Chinese opium bed

This cupboard will give you a scent of old times in China. Made of solid wood with a lot space for storage in wonderful, orient style will be perfect addition to your bedroom. Great addition for rustic decor houses.

Asian furniture for sale

This antique, ceremonial bed is a real masterpiece of the Chinese art. With a comforter inside it's a place to sleep, but when you roll it away it's an intimate place to sit in. An impressive construction that was hand carved of elm wood.

Asian chairs sale

Chinese, oriental antique furniture made from ginger wood and iron seals and handles. It's really spacious and could easily handle whole bunch of staff thanks to it's big storage space inside. Tiny artistic design pattern at the bottom.

Used chinese furniture

Chinese antique bed

This chinese old-fashioned style bed looks amazing in traditional or oldpfashioned interiors. Asian antique opium style, with it's beautiful ornamental finish and small mirror at it's bolster. Ideal for asian antique lover.

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Oriental furniture for sale

An extrordinary repurposed cabinet that now looks like a real piece of art. It is an old armoire that was given a new life by painting it white. The centre of it features a nice golden decoration. The unit was distressed for a better effect.

Antique chinese bed

A pretty traditional Chinese style console table of wood with a nice light blue finish. It has tall angular tapered legs and a simple rectangular top. Four drawers in 2 tiers on sides and a split door cabinet have brass fittings and knobs.

Chinese wedding bed for sale

Richly decorated cabinet in oriental style. Construction is made of wood and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Perfect solution for storing clothes and others needed stuff.

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Asian doors for sale

The antique, chinese doors that look really impressive. It's an enormous construction made of iron with wooden accents. It features mystical decorations, which is going to boost the imagination of every person who will look at it.

Furniture for sale in china

Opium beds

Interior inspired by traditional Chinese design - often characterized by a cherry shade of wooden furniture. Here we have two chinese huali cabinets, isnpired by Tibetan art - and chinese day bed, carved - in a dark plum color.

Opium bed for sale

Beautiful oldish soul chinese furniture. This mahogany armchair looks as old as it is but it's simply beautiful. We love its curves and super artistic pattern. Would suit your lively living room, where the sould breathes the air.

Chinese 24 Drawer Medicine Chest

Chinese 24 Drawer Medicine Chest

Branch of Life Pedestal Plant Stand

Branch of Life Pedestal Plant Stand
High plant stand in an oriental style. Construction is made of wood and decorated with Chinese calligraphy detail. Sophisticated addition to any interior. It has very good recommendations from delighted customers.

Antique chinese wedding bed

Chinese furniture for sale 1

Time travels the same way everywhere - but every culture puts it in the right for them way - for example, watching and using the chinese furniture like this. And it is even for sale! Mahogany,dark wood-is combined with iron sculptures, like lions at the top.

Lorenzo chinese new year sale furniture malaysia 2014 jualan gudang

Chinese furniture for sale 2

Oriental Furniture Love Birds Bamboo Blinds, 24-Inch Wide

These bamboo matchstick blinds have got a beautiful love birds print. They look adorable and they are perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room. If you want to refresh your room you need to buy bamboo blinds.

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Antique chinese furniture for sale

Set of 2 arm chairs with openwork pattern on the back. Construction is made of bamboo and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral accent for each place as needed.

For sale old imperial 6 seater dining table with chairs

Oriental Furniture Good Simple Inexpensive Durable Room Divider, 6-Feet Rattan Style Two Tone Woven Fiber Folding Screen Partition, 3 Panel

This 3-panel screen is totally opaque, so it provides maximum privacy, and no light is able to shine through. Though constructed of wooden panels, it is light in weight. The construction is completed with tough cord.

Chinese furniture for sale

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Oriental tables for sale

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Oriental furniture economy and beauty

Chinese armoire for sale wayfair

Asian cabinets for sale

70" x 68" Gia 4 Panel Room Divider with Chinese Flower Design

70" x 68" Gia 4 Panel Room Divider with Chinese Flower Design
It is a four panel room divider that has got a beautiful Chinese flower print. It is available in two colors: black and cherry. It has got a pretty design and it is perfect for bedroom and living room area.

Exotic energizing celebrating chinese decor

Chinese chairs for sale

A wonderful example of a Chinese furniture that shall delight everyone who appreciates Far East cultures. A cricket cage, made from carved bamboo and ivory, used as a way of bringing good luck into the home.

Antique chinese wedding bed from java with silk cushions and

Chinese opium bed for sale rare chinese rosewood opium bed

Large 8x11 Persian Style Rug Oriental Rugs Black Area Rug 8x10 Persian Carpet 8x11 Rugs Living Room Size Traditional Rugs

Manufacture for barber shop furniture china barber chairs for sale

Antique furniture wood cabinet china living room cabinets for sale

Chinese furniture for sale

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Furniture singapore chinese new year sale open to public 12

For sale for sale 2pcs antique chinese cabinets

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