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Which one of these chicken pens would be the best option for you? Get familiar with these designs and offers that are presented down here, and tell us what you want to choose. Of course, you do not need to rush with anything while browsing through these offers. What do you think about all this?

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Chicken coops for sale ebay

Wooden outdoor construction for animals. This chicken house is based on a durable wooden frame and it includes protective fence. This element also includes a shelter for birds that provides warmth and protection.

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Add this chicken pen to your garden and ensure a safe and secure space for your chickens to run and have some fresh air, while you can be certain that the quality of their life is up to every standard.

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Two types of very elegant vintage hen houses. First hen house has little playing house for children at the top, second is stylised on old-fashioned manor house. They are made of wood with metal finishing.

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Chicken pens for sale
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If you like country, cottage style, this nice table decoration shall appeal to you. Faux brown eggs sitting in a basket will add warmth and coziness to the dining area.

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Extreme Hen Chicken Run

Extreme Hen Chicken Run
This extreme hen chicken coop has got a nesting box, ramp and roosting bar. It is made for protect your chickens. It measures 30.12 inches high by 55.12 inches wide by 37.99 inches deep.

Chicken pens for sale
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Outdoor cat enclosures for sale

Spacious dog house with wateproof roof and wood logs construction (not only sturdy, but also aesthetically pleasing) allows your dog (or cat) to enjoy outdoor air and sun safely. Kennel for cats and dogs.

Chicken Ranch

Chicken Ranch
This chicken cottage is just the ideal combination of a safe hen house and the full size free range pasture pen, making for a true must-have piece if you're looking for a place to keep your chickens safe and sound.

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Chicken pens for sale
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A solid chicken tractor with a cage. This mobile solution is made on the basis of durable materials. It is safe for animals and protects them from different forms of outside danger. The whole construction is finished in red color.

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If you’re having troubles with your dog running over your neighbour’s lawn, take a look at this creative idea for a huge dog house with a fenced area, so your dog doesn’t run away! Of course, you can always use it like it was meant to be used – as a chicken pen.

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Chook pens

One of the most chickens homes in the world. This tower with elegant aviary does not resemble any typical chicken coop at all. Its design is definitely closer to some castles and palaces.

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A simple pigeon or chicken coop kit, which will be good for both amateurs and professionals. It's made of solid, fair wood. It consists of two wooden wings, which may be closed and a net, which won't let animals escape.

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Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Vintage Metal Sign
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Chicken pens for sale

This cool chicken run is a handmade proposition, which shall interest all chicken breeders. Featuring a long run, it offers considerable space for your animals. All finished in stylish dark wood.