Cheyenne Table Lamp

How about buying one of these table lamps? Such elements are so important and functional that hardly anybody needs to be reminded about their importance. Now you can feel free to check out all these nice looking models and see for yourself which one appeals to you most. Will you do it?

Cheyenne table lamp 2

Elephant theme on a table. This lamp features a very nice dark color paired with amber light area. It not only provides good illumination, but it also decorates indoors thanks to its animal pattern in universal color.

Cheyenne table lamp 37

This table lamp connect vintage style with modern minimalism. It has elegant, old-fashioned kickstand made of dark, carved wood and simple, plastic lampshade. It will play its role the best in office or as a night light.

Cheyenne table lamp 27

Cheyenne table lamp 35

This copper bronze swing arm table lamp from Kichler Cantilever constitutes a refined proposition for traditional interiors. Its classic design shall appeal to all fans of the past decades, vintage design.

Cheyenne table lamp 38

Cheyenne table lamp

A vintage take on an adorable table lamp made to resemble an old-fashioned teapot. The teapot lamp is made out of rusted brass with opaque stained glass middle which has a floral pattern resembling a pink rose.

Cheyenne table lamp 31

Cheyenne table lamp 1

Table lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Pedestal base is made of metal with antique finish. Traditional form and elegant design for each home.

Cheyenne lamp 1

Cheyenne table lamp 24

Cheyenne table lamp 23

Cheyenne table lamp 3

Cheyenne lamps

Cheyenne table lamp 4

Cheyenne table lamp 5

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Cheyenne table lamp 9

Agatha Table Lamp

Agatha Table Lamp
With the crackled, mercury glass finish on the base, this table lamp will surely become the center of attention in any room of your house, while the classic silhouette allows easy blend with any possible decor.

Linden Table Lamp

Linden Table Lamp
Exquisite in is original design, this glass table lamp features a silver and gold crackled, metallic finish that makes it look simply stunning and add great deal of class to the interior style, while the chrome metal base provides extra reliability.

Cheyenne table lamp 10

Cheyenne table lamp 11

Cheyenne table lamp 12

Cheyenne table lamp 14

Vigil lamps 5

A decorative vigil oil lamp with an electric lamp inside, giving it utility even if you don’t use any oil. The lamp is made to resemble a golden chalice made out of painted aluminum with a shiny finish, giving it an antique vibe.

Hanging vigil lamp

Electric lamp in elegant form. Base with gold finish is made of metal and fitted with glass lampshade. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

Cheyenne table lamp 16

Vigil lamps 12

Gorgeous, exotic design for a vigil oil lamp, taken straight from a church. This one is made out of aluminum with a gold coat of paint and a golden chain to hold it together, suspended from a ceiling or a hanger.

Cheyenne table lamp 17

Vigil lamps 8

This vigil lamp will enhance the space with an ambient glow, regardless where it will appear. Regardless where it will appear, it will bring a mystical atmosphere, known well i.e. from the altars.

Vigil lamps 3

Marvelously adorned, with rich details, this golden hanging vigil lamp comprises high-quality materials, such as filigree, enamel, copper, gold-gilding, glass to provide the best solidness and durability.

Cheyenne table lamp 18

Orthodox vigil lamps

Unique approach to a decorative, ornate lamp with a candle holder inside and a matching cover on the top. The whole piece is made to look like a silver chalice with a religious design of the cover with a cross above.

Cheyenne table lamp 19

Warm 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Warm 24" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
24 inch high table lamp with Ramos & Bassols design and metal frame, which makes it very durable. Additionally, the lamp can accommodate up to three 40 Watt medium incandescent bulbs. It also features one year warranty.

Cheyenne table lamp 20

Jazz 33" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Jazz 33" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
33 inch high table lamp with drum shade and red finish. Additionally, the lamp has appealing modern design. It's a perfect addition to all contemporary interiors, as it provides freshness and style at the same time.

Cheyenne table lamp 25

Jazz Floor Lamp

Jazz Floor Lamp
Floor lamp featuring futuristic design, on/off switch and one light. Additionally, it's made of durable polyurethane resin and can accommodate one fluorescent bulb. It's a great addition to all interiors which require additional originality.

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Cheyenne table lamp 28

Cheyenne table lamp 29

Cheyenne table lamp 30

Cheyenne table lamp 32

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