Chess Coffee Table

A cup of steaming latte and an extended game of chess seems like a perfect idea for a lazy evening at home. And I guess a nice chess coffee table would bring the experience to a whole lot different level. I've actually never seen anything like that in stores, but it can’t really be a big deal to paint or decoupage a checkerboard on a regular table.

Chess coffee table 2

An elegant coffee table that will be appreciated by all the fans of chess as the table top is also a chess board with figureheads included. The table is made of solid wood in a beautiful, deep cherry color.

Chess set coffee table

High end furniture, game coffee table. You can play chess and backgammon - all pieces included. Made from solid walntu wood. We love the way the legs of this beauty was crafted and created. Inside - tiny storage space.

Chess coffee table 3

A cool vintage coffee table featuring an on top built chess board. Its rectilinear wooden body has a pretty aged finish in warm brown shades. It's equipped with drawers and compartments for chess pieces. It has bun feet and black metal fittings.

Chess board table top

The Beautiful and very stylish combination of coffee table and chess area makes this fabulous table captivates. The square top with beautiful finishes will be an excellent design element for your living room or office.

Chess coffee table 2

Vintage solid wood chess board coffee

Vintage Solid Wood Chess Board Coffee
Chess board table for the living room and others interiors according to taste. It is made of wood and fitted with side pockets for storing chess pieces. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Chess coffee table 13

Chess coffee table 13

French coffee table central chessboard 1970

French Coffee Table Central Chessboard 1970
Chess plays children, adults,play the whole family.This kings game - need a good entourage.Like this unique antique french chessboard coffee table in black color and gold finish.Incredible base with the chess on the central part,gives very elegant sensation.

Coffee table chess set

Nice chess coffee table. Cool modern style idea ofhow to make your room look more excentric and fresh. Everything looks cool here - a big old book shelf, cool patchworked carpet and nice painting frames.

Checkerboard coffee table

Huge joystick - even in his name is the word "joy". It is a pity that there is no word "design" there. Made in wood - huge in size, it is also a coffee table. And it is not only for boyes game room. Several different types of wood - in brighter, darker shades.

Chess coffee table 5

Chess coffee table 10

Chess coffee table 1

Coffee table chess

A charming, handmade coffee table perfect for all the lovers of boardgames. Crafted from wood with great precision, it features subtle, etched decorations at the edges and on the legs. The top also serves as a checkers board.

Chess coffee table 7

Chess coffee table 21

Chess side table

This checkerboard coffee table constitutes an ingenuine piece of DIY furniture. If will for sure grab the attention of the visitors, creating a new focal point for you and your family or friends.

Chess coffee table 18

Chess coffee table 6

Photo of art deco games table side coffee table chess

Backgammon table for sale

A clever coffee table with two chess boards on the top, perfect for a game or entertainment room. The table has a simple structure and a standard, deep black color. The chest boards make a nice contrast with a black background.

Chess coffee table

Chess coffee table

Coffee Table

Coffee Table
This table combine wood in two colors and a glass in one, modern styled and very elegant coffee table. Ot has a shelf and a drawer so it's not only stylish but also provide a bit of extra storage space.

Chess tables uk

An antique and extraordinary chess coffee table. It's a beautiful, wooden construction with subtle, curved decorations. The top is also a chess board and there are racks for magazines on the sides so it's a perfect choice for an entertainment room.

Chess coffee tables

A fantastic idea for a gift for a fan of chess. It's actually an elegant, ceramic teapot with a chess board as a top. It features a subtle, golden ornament at the edges and chess figures handmade with great precision.

Backgammon coffee table

An old finish and old-fashioned chic was left on this table. However it has been restored, painted. White, slightly dirty color, in the style of shabby - topped with raquet and checkers graphics. This is ideal wooden chess coffee table.

Chess coffee table 1

Chess checkers backgammon table 8

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Blaine Coffee Table

Blaine Coffee Table

Chess coffee table

Chess coffee table in black and white

Chess board tables furniture

Luxury furniture high end home furnishings and custom cabinetry 83

Chess coffee table 19

Chess Table

Wenge round coffee table

Wenge Round Coffee Table
A touch of elegance and modernity in the house. This is a round coffee table that is made of durable MDF and oak veneers. This kind of table measures 16 inches high x 37 inches in diameter. It has got solid, squared legs that add stability.

Game Table in Ivory - Multifunctional Table - Features 3 Double-Sided Game Boards - Solid Cherry and Combination Hardwood with Brass Accents - Authentic Models MF005

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

Heritage Antique Pedestal Game Table

Chess coffee table 9

Coffee Table

Coffee Table
It is very elegant and at the same time extremely practical coffee table, which is ideally suited in almost every living room. The table is black, slim and compact. Additionally it is equipped with a shelf on which you can store a variety of trinkets.

Chess board coffee table

The leather armchair for the classical living room. This piece of furniture is ideal to drink there a morning coffee, read the newspaper or have a chess game. The leather upholstery presents luxurious and is also very comfortable.

Chess coffee table 4

Vera chess coffee table traditional coffee tables

Custom made chess cribbage coffee table 2

Authentic Models Rectangular Multi Game Table

Authentic Models Rectangular Multi Game Table
Aesthetic contemporary table with changeable boards for 5 games. It has a frame of wood and fibreboard with a brown finish and brass details. It has rectangular both a top and a lower across-slatted shelf. Legs are sturdy, straight and angled.

High end furniture game coffee table chess and backgammon pieces

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