Cheetah Lamp Shade

Animal prints can make a tremendous style statement if they are used with taste and moderation. If you wish to add a wild quality to your décor, but fear you can overdo things, start with small accents that can easily be removed when you don’t like the effect. How about a cheetah lamp shade such as these?

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Animal print lamp shades table lamps
Cheetah lamp shade 4
Cheetah lamp shade 15

The aluminium desk lamp with the cheetah print pattern. For a long years I treated this pattern as a shame, but it is becoming more popular. For sure it should be compose with plain materials to get a good composition.

Cheetah lamp shade 5
Cheetah lamp shade

Table lamp mounted on ceramic base. Drum lampshade is covered with soft fabric and finished with animal theme. Elegant addition to the bedroom, living room and more.

Cheetah lamp shade 13
Cheetah lamp shade 21

This unique Dalmatian print lampshade constitutes a DIY masterpiece. Its detailed finishing, full of subtle dots constitutes a cheetah-like pattern. It will definitely look good in a women's bedroom or home office.

Cheetah lamp shade 19
Buffet lamp shade 1
Cheetah lamp shade 17
Contemporary Two Arm Leopard Table Lamp
Cheetah lamp shade 7
Cheetah print lamps
Cheetah lamp shade 10
Cheetah lamp shade 4
Cheetah lamp shade 9

Elegant approach to a bedroom table lamp with a dark, black shade and a cheetah print on the base. The French style of the lamp gives it a sophisticated detail, sure to be a great addition to a nightstand in a cozy bedroom.

Cheetah lamp shades

With its unique cheetah patterning, this lamp shade constitutes a vintage masterpiece, designed to enhance traditional interiors. A great proposition for one's bedroom or living room.

Leopard lamp shade of this shade product in photo is
Cheetah lamp shade 35
Cheetah lamp shade 31
Cheetah lamp shade 38
Cheetah lamp shade 30
10" Cheetah Pink Cotton Empire Lamp Shade

10" Cheetah Pink Cotton Empire Lamp Shade
Bring your lamp to life with this beautiful empire shade with an eye-catching cheetah pattern and pink accents. Designed of 100% cotton, the shade nicely mixes pink, brown and yellow, while giving you a perfect fit for any standard lamp base.

Cheetah lamp shade 6
Cheetah lamp shade 1

This cheetah lamp shade is a proposition for all, who like refined decor accents. Navy blue cheetah maculation will bring a pronounced character to the space, fitting well both to traditional and modern interiors.

Lamp 31
Cheetah lamp shade 37
Giraffe print lamp shade
Cheetah lamp shade 32
Cheetah lamp shade 11
Uttermost malawi table lamp
Cheetah lamp shade 2
Living room window table decorated for fall traditional living room
Cheetah lamp shade 33
Urbanest Cheetah Safari Chandelier Shade, Hardback, 3 x 6 x 5"
Gold ball table lamp with animal print shade 1
Cheetah velvet slip cover for your exsisting lampshade stretch to
14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
A beautiful shade for your lamp in traditional style and yellow finish to allow adding some warmth and coziness to your interior, while the material provides strength and reliability with the silk and shantung combination.

18" Bell Lamp Shade

18" Bell Lamp Shade
Alluring traditional bell shade having a frame of metal wires. It is manufactured of fabric in 2 brown tones with a beautiful floral pattern in gold. It has sloped walls and reinforced edges. It's screw-on attachable.

Urbanest 1100332c Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades 6-inch, Hardback, Clip On, Leopard (Set of 6)
My cheetah lamp shade i got it from ross for
Cheetah lamp shade 28
Cheetah lamp shade 29
Fluffy cheetah leopard lamp shade for child baby or teen
Cheetah lamp shade 34
Leopard print lampshade
Yessicas Collection 4002CHEE Cheetah Lamp and Beaded Shade - Greenand-Aqua
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Cheetah print fabric lamp shade lampshade only
Cheetah lamp shade 36