Cheap Animal Cages

Every being wants to enjoy some kind of comfort. This collection includes inspirations for making cheap cages for your pets. As you can see, there are different ideas and solutions for smaller and larger animals and these ideas should suit the taste of both the owners and the pets themselves.

Cheap animal cages

Affordable but highly functional animal cages made of wood with mesh inserts are a great place to have small rodents like mice or hamsters. Several levels allow pets to have plenty of space to run and have fun.

Indoor cat cages enclosures

If your cat likes doing a mess in your home, why don't equip yourself with this functional outdoor cage? The cage has a convenient entry, a place for your cat to sleep, and enough space not to bore your 4-legged friend out of its mind.

Cheap animal cages 4

This animal cage is very cheap and excellent for guinea pig or hamster. It's hand made with slides for easy access on the higher level. So, if you looking for a pet cage, try this one.

Cheap animal cages 22

Cheap cages

You would probably want to know what is going on with your wild cats. You can use a backyard space to construct a cheap animal cage for them.Two heights, also high part to climb the tree. It occupies part of the patio but provides security.

Cheap pet cages

An animal cage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just look at this cheap animal cage right here. It gets the job done, keeps your animal safe and at the same time doesn’t cost a lot at all.

Cheap animal cages 32

Cheap animal cages 2

It does not take much money to create an innovative piece of furniture - like this animal cage.Drawers were replaced with delicate grids, made of metal mesh. Interesting look adds turquoise color. It is divided into 5 separate sections with 1 storage drawer.

Cheap small animal cages

A lovely set of 2 animal cage that can work as luxurious apartments for your cute little hamsters. Each cage is designed of a plastic bin that comes with a matching lid, and a cut out front that is covered with a lattice wire panel.

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Cheap animal cages 6

Cheap animal cages 15

Cheap animal cages 10

Cheap animal cages

Small animal cages cheap

With such a large number of raptile cages you can easily open your own shop or use them for breeding. Made of MDF wood and covered in a two-tone black and white finish, the cages are durable, stabile, and stackable.

Cheap animal cages 9

How to build a small animal cage

The simple design of this practical cage for chameleons is the perfect solution for every animal fan. An attractive form allows you to create an interesting place for your favorite and looks perfect in any decor.

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Cheap animal cages 12

Cheap animal cages 5

Those long-lasting cages are perfect for breeding various types of rodents, like rabbits, for example. Each cage is stackable and made of strong steel wire, with a door for easy access and a convenient feeder.

Cheap animal cages 14

Cheap animal cages 27

Cheap animal cages 7

Simple construction and very inexpensive design make this cage for animals an excellent way to start breeding. The wood and mesh construction is robust and durable, provides a lot of space and is very functional.

Diy fodder system

Cheap animal cages 4

Cheap animal cages 13

Cheap animal cages 21

Cheap animal cages 1

Cheap animal cages 3

A practical and pretty fence intended for protection rabbits. It's built of several width-varied panels of brown-finished wires and tubes. It can be accommodated to shape-varied areas. It has a door with a catch.

Cheap animal cages 17

Cheap animal cages 18

Cheap animal cages 29

Cheap animal cages

A creative way to surprise your lovely rat with its own house and comfortable bed. The cage is made of durable blue-painted metal, with a lattice wire design for proper ventilation. The bed is made of sturdy material and suspended from the top of the cage, hanging on steel fastenings.

Cheap animal cages 11

Jumbo Small Animal Cage

Jumbo Small Animal Cage

Small Animal Cage

Small Animal Cage
This solid, larga cage is suitable for small animals, like rats or chinchillas and features solid casters and large front door for easy access. It was crafted from a durable metal, with a powder-coated finish.

Marshall Folding Mansion for Small Animals

Jumbo Small Animal Cage

Jumbo Small Animal Cage
Small animal cage. This protective cage will be a perfect area to stay in for your pet. The cage features casters for easy movement, a deep plastic pan, 2 large doors and 90 day warranty. Made from durable tubular steel and finished in brown.

Tudor Rabbit Hutch

Tudor Rabbit Hutch

Corner Ferret Cage

Corner Ferret Cage

Cheap animal cages 2

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Cheap animal cages 31

Beautiful guinea pig cage my daughter would love this

All living things 24 small animal cage white small animal

Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen

Pet Trex Premium Quality 24" Exercise Playpen for Dogs Eight 24" x 24" High Panels with Gate

The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch

The Penthouse Rabbit Hutch