Chaise Lounge Chairs For Living Room

Stylish, indulgent and elegant, chaise lounges make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to an era of open top Rolls Royces, glamorous parties, headbands with a feather, and champagne for breakfast. Browse some of the most beautiful chaise lounge chairs for living room you can find on the web and invoke that feeling every single day.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 2

This classic piece of furniture will be ideal place to relax with book or to sleep it off. Comfortable, old-fashioned chaise lounge is covered with delicate, bright fabric and it is endowed with soft, patterned cushion.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 9
Kathleen Barnes

A contemporary piece that blends style with ultimate comfort seamlessly - this accent chaise lounge chair is a perfect option for your living room. It sports the cushioned back and seat with the ideal curve to conform your body.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 3
Lily Cravenable
Handy Living 340CL-AAA16-084 Microfiber Chaise
Jenna Delicata

A piece of furniture designed for people who love the highest level of comfort in their houses. This chaise is covered with a microfiber fabric. It has got a hardwood frame and solid legs with an espresso finish.

Contemporary Lagoon Kylee Living Room Chaise
Wesson Jessica

Bring an air of contemporary style with this chair. Its bright upholstery will add a splash of color to your living space. The back of the seat is tufted and the construction stands on four short legs which have been finished in black.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room
Vanessa Thom
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 20
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 23
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 4

A pretty large traditional double chaise lounge with a wooden frame and low angular legs in light browns. It has a thick removable seat, same height upright pillowed arms and backs, upholstery of textured fabric with a white-bluish checked pattern.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 11
Christine Harris
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 2
Sarah Ashleyist
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 8
Shannon Pat
Handy Living 340CL-DAB19-084 Chaise Lounge Renu Leather Chair
Angela King

Everyone likes to comfortably relax after a hard and tiring day. It is necessary to a very comfortable place that will ensure the comfort and allow to fully relax. Excellent for that will be the couch, which has a contoured shape which allows for a perfect holiday.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 3
Jessica Zernike
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 1
Jasmine Morris
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 19
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 21
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 18
Laura Tur

Original, solid and comfortable living room element. This chaise lounge chair features a durable wooden frame with decorative carvings. Its cushion is very soft for additional relaxation. Curved backrest is tufted for more aesthetic appearance.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 10
Sanchez Jaclyn

Chaise lounge suitable for living rooms and reading nooks. This piece of furniture offers a very comfortable sitting space covered with white material. It is button tufted for additional aesthetics and style.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 1
Barnes Stacy
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 6
Collins Andrea
Coaster Tan Microfiber Chaise Lounger with Storage Space

This stylish lounger is the perfect solution for the living room or bedroom. Stlowo made upholstery covered with studs, beautiful legs in a contrasting shade and stylish design make it very like her.

Leena Cotton Chaise Lounge

This Cotton Chaise Lounge in Beige Finish is as durable as it is aesthetic. Beautiful addition for modern and contemporary types of décor, the chaise lounge provides opulent cushions, and solid wood frame with stable, thick legs.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 12
Victoria Tor
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 14
Patterson Gracie
Where to put a chaise lounge
Wright Stacy
Chaise Lounge Chair
Allen Jasmine

Chaise Lounge Chair
It is a chaise lounge chair for your everyday relax. It is a fantastic and comfortable addition to your living room, family room, guest room and other. If you looking for perfect chaise lounge chair you need to choose this one.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 5
Mackenzie Poly
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 7
Yulia Thompson
Rudy Chaise Recliner
Shannon Gonz

Rudy Chaise Recliner
It is a chaise recliner chair that is very comfortable and is an attractive addition to your living room, family room, guest room and other. If you looking for perfect recliner you need to buy this one.

Chaise lounge chairs for living room 4
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 13
Dana Mil
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 15
Latoya Wat
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 16
Chaise lounge chairs for living room 17
Intex Inflatable Lime Green Empire Chair 68582EP
Shannon Gonz

Spacious, inflatable empire chair for indoors and outdoors use. It has a transparent trim for updated look, contoured seat, and a waterproof flocked surface in lime green for the best relaxing experience.

Coaster Comfortable Microfiber Chaise Lounger, Light Beige
Wright Stacy

Comfy chaise lounger with wing style back design. Upholstered with light beige microfiber and outfitted with thick plush cushioning, it offers comfort and style that will ameliorate your decor. Tapered block legs feature dark cappuccino finish.

Laguna Brown Leather Chaise Lounge
Powell Danielle

This type of product is a high quality chaise lounge that has got a durable wooden frame. Its backrest and sitting space is soft and covered with brown bonded leather. The size of this element is 60.5"L x 27"W x 32.5"H.

Fantasy Furniture Princess Chaise, Pink
Julie Perez

Charming furniture for every kid's room according to taste. It consists of armchair and chaise longue upholstered with pleasant to the touch material finished with decorative frills. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Baxton Studio Caelie Gray Linen Modern Lounge Chair

Unique combination of modern elegance and Old World inspiration resulted in a striking design of this stylish lounge chair. It has turned legs, wide seat, tilted backrest and button tufting. It is padded with gray linen.

LexMod Nutshell Mid-Century Style Lounge Chair in Black Vinyl
Jessica Rami

Modern Nutshell Lounge Chair in Black Vinyl Finish is designed in mid-century style with contemporary solutions. Chrome plated metal legs feature non-marring caps and wide spread. While vinyl cushions provide an ample padding and ergonomic lines.

Coaster Leopard Print Living Room Armless Chaise in Black
Adriana Andersson

This armless chaise is suitable for contemporary interiors, and accentuated by exotic leopard print and lovely button-tufting. The chaise rests on tapered wood legs, offering a perfect blend of sturdiness and elegant lines. Throw pillow included.

Indoor Chaise Lounge Chair Living Room Bedroom Charcoal Grey
Sarah Mor
Contemporary Taupe Chaise. This Modern Chaise Lounge Chair is the Perfect Piece of Furniture to Complement any Home Decor. Whether it be for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom or Office this Comfortable Chaise Lounge Sofa is sure to please.
Julie Rus

Contemporary style smooth lined lounge chair. The curved seat provides perfect support for legs and back. The camel/taupe upholstery gives a pleasing soft touch reminiscent of velvet, while the wooden legs provide the sturdiness of construction.

Hogan Contemporary Press Back Chaise
Sarah Lew

Super wide and overstuffed chaise lounge - here it is, designed for an exquisite seating experience, unrivaled among other lounge chairs! The piece is so wide and comfy that you may even take benefit of a dozing off on it during a daytime.

Turbo Convertible Chaise Lounger
Kathryn Nel

Turbo Convertible Chaise Lounger

Chaise chairs for living room 538 chaise chairs for living
Colleen Pete
Chaise lounge chair living room 2
Chaise lounge sofa and chairs comfortable beige indoor chaise lounge
Nicole Hayes
Coaster Chaise Lounge with Tufted Beige Fabric Black Wood Base
Shannon Lewis

This stylish and elegant old lounger is the perfect piece of furniture that will add charm to any room. It is beautifully cozy upholstered with fabric. Solid wooden base ensures its durability.