Ceramic Patio Tables

Ceramic furniture looks awesome outdoors, next to a pool, among lush greenery, on a tiled terrace, and wherever else you wish to put it. Below you will find a number of fabulous ceramic patio tables, as well as a mind-blowing selection of ceramic stools – a real hit among home design bloggers and outdoor space architects.

Ceramic patio tables

Mexican style tiled table made from wood and ceramics. Beautiful small ceramic pieces with different patterns and images on them create a lovely mosaic. All together with beautiful wooden finish look like from a fairytale.

Ceramic patio table

What a collection full of splendor. Garden outdoor tables in a variety of forms-and traditional Chinese design. Perfect on the patio. Many of these can also be used as seats or table base. Made of ceramics. They have bold colors and are bringing Asia to us.

Ceramic patio tables 1

This high-quality ceramic garden table and stool set is both decorative and functional. It is strong enough to be used as a stool, seat or small table and is lovely and practical both indoors and outdoors. It is stylised on Chinese porcelain.

Stylish outdoor table that will surprise you with its exquisite sturdiness. The base and round top are made of heavu duty metal with industrial inspired distressed/aged finish. The top has an umbrella hole.

Intrada italy ceramic table cornucopia with iron base

Outdoor ceramic table

A stunning bird bath in an artistic design that will be the highlight of your garden. It's a precious piece handmade of ceramic that features a magical combination of vivid colors with the dominace of magnetic blue.

Ceramic table

Chinese garden stools

Unique garden stool in oriental style. It is made of bamboo and finished with sophisticated ornament. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Elegant design for each place.

Small garden stool

Ideal for a stylish patio or veranda, this beautiful pair of ceramic stools can be smoothly used as side tables as well. One of them is finished in creamy white, while the second is painted in celadon.////////////

Ceramic tile patio table

Stools made of ceramic, are characterized by the fragility and influence of the Asian. This ceramic patio furniture has rich colors - in shades of cobalt, and complicated patterns. Also ideal as a side table or base for your favorite plant.

Safavieh paradise double coin blue ceramic garden stool

Safavieh Paradise Double Coin Blue Ceramic Garden Stool
A high quality, ceramic product that looks very attractive in any decor. It is made of weather resistant materials, so it is ideal for an outdoor use in a patio or garden. It serves as a small table, seat or foot rest.

Patio table 5

Chinese garden stools 4

This exotic Asian style garden stool serves diversed applications: it can become a side table as well. Openwork sides sport floral motif that lets the light shine through. Interesting multi-toned blue finish is another feature worth mentioning.

Quick look 64 cordoba aluminum dining table with porcelain tile

Ceramic tables for the garden

A welcoming patio arrangement characterized by comfy, cushioned sofas made of wicker, decorated with colorful pillows. An extraordinary accent of the space is a ceramic coffee table in a magnetic, turquoise hue.

48 hand painted ceramic patio table

Ceramic patio tables

Wonderful, ceramic tables, perfect for your backyard or patio. They are in shape of a barrel and feature the design of interlocking rings, which are the symbol of good luck. They are distressed, which makes them look as if they were from the old times.

Ceramic garden tables

Ceramic outdoor table

Traditional garden set. It’s ceramic and will provide you with a way to sit in your garden with style. Plenty of colours to choose from, so don’t be afraid and go wild – you don’t have to be all serious in the garden!

Moroccan tile mosaic

Ceramic patio tables 3

Ceramic patio tables 3

Ceramic patio tables 8

Ceramic patio tables

Ceramic patio tables

Home made tiles great idea

These mosaic patio tables are easy to clean and wash

Ceramic patio stools

Ceramic patio furniture is the new best thing on the market. This one here remind us of Chinese vases, so if you want to spark your patio with a bit of oriental magic, these won’t let you down.

Ceramic patio tables 2

Outdoor ceramic side tables

A set of charming and unusual patio tables or stools in a Chinese style. They are made of top quality ceramic in subtle shades. All of them feature an etched decoration in the middle and tufted edges.

Ceramic tile outdoor table

Ceramic patio tables 8

Stained glass windows for the home

Someone has a perfect idea to arrange the patio.Ceramic patio tables are tipical for Asian outdoor spaces.These have a green and white shades.Their bases seem to be Asian cutouts. Together with outdoor couch with light,beige uphlostery-makes us feel like home.

Patio Table Kit

Patio Table Kit
This kind of kit includes 2 x 4 basics required for creating a patio table or other construction. This set does not include any lumber or finishing materials. These are bases that are perfect for creative people.

Ow lee ceramic top wrought iron mocha tile 48 x

Paradise double coin white ceramic garden stool

Paradise Double Coin White Ceramic Garden Stool
A small, but interesting stool designed for an outdoor use. It is a ceramic product resistant to the weather conditions. It is available in a white colour and it measures 17 inches high x 13 inches wide x 13 inches deep.

Antique blue and white ceramic garden stool table set ryay259

Ceramic patio tables 1

This is the coolest idea for a fireplace that I have ever seen. Incredibly stable ceramic or stone vase filled with huge, greish stones creates a lovely fire pit. Such a nice thing when you wanna chill out with your family outside.

Ceramics 2

How to make a mosaic table

Tillary outdoor modular seating 2

Tillary Outdoor Modular Seating
A large sofa created for outdoor applications. Its corner shape provides plenty of sitting space in small areas. Its wooden base is solid and it also offers comfortable seat cushion with cushioned backrests.

White calla lilies in tall grey cement vase cement vases

Cedar side table 1

This table is part of a patio set bought some

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Green garden stool 4

Drum accent table

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Ceramic patio tables 1

60 ceramic tile square table top 8 chairs with sunbrella