Ceramic Kitchen Canisters Sets

Ceramic kitchen canisters are a classy addition to any kitchen decor. You'll find them very useful for storage and also decorative. They look good placed on the counter as an eye-pleasing array and fill the blank space between the lower and upper kitchen cupboards. Check the designs below.

Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Ceramic kitchen canisters sets 1
Tara Coll

Set of 3 canisters with gloss finish. It is finished with sophisticated ornament and fitted with lids. Suitable for storing food. Elegant addition for each kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen canisters

These simple elements play functional roles in any kitchen. These are special canisters for salt, sugar and other spices, etc. These ceramic canisters are durable and they also decorate kitchen indoors.

Ceramic kitchen canisters sets
Lauren Martinezify

Your kitchen can be stunning too! Details makes the room more interesting, just like this Tuscan kitchen set, which includes three canisters. They are made of cream ceramic with iron accents. They are great for spices and more.

Ceramic kitchen canisters sets
Alexis Millerism

A simply sublime set of three canisters that ooze charm thanks to the polka dot pattern of the structure and the yellow finish. They will provide you with the best solution to keep your sugar or coffee neatly organized in your kitchen.

Ceramic canisters

Polka dot pattern is as timeless as they get. This set of ceramic kitchen canisters is all you'll ever need for keeping your sugar or spices. It's important to mention that ceramic canisters are safer to us in the kitchen than plastic ones.

Ceramic kitchen canisters 1
Bailey Elizabeth

To store sugar, flour, groats or seasonings while maintaining the Tuscan style of a kitchen, this three pieces canisters set is just fit. Colored burgundy red with dark lids, it's both decorative and practical.

Yellow canister set

Containers for kitchen utensils in the form of ceramic elements are an excellent solution for any decor. Beautiful colors and functional lids allow you to store different things and occasionally make a great decoration.

Kitchen canisters ceramic
Mega Leahbrown

Three canisters set in Italian style. Cast aluminium base (chocolate brown) features Fleur De Lis motif. The canisters themselves are ceramic, finished smoothly and slightly polished, sporting cream hue.

Kitchen canisters ceramic sets
Cintia Kowalski

This set of three, ceramic canisters in different sizes is probably must-have in every kitchen. They are decorated of colorful paint. You should use them to storage spices, flour, sugar or other food additives.

Unique kitchen canisters sets

Set of 4 richly decorated kitchens canisters with lids. It is completely made of earthenware. Suitable for storing food. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Red kitchen canisters

Original additions make the interior very unusual in any interior, so this unique set of containers with lids will be a perfect variation on the decor. Beautiful coloring and design on the ceramic design captivate.

White ceramic kitchen canister sets
Natasha Wrig

Very practical and original kitchen canisters. These vintage hand painted faux books provide storage space for spices and other kitchen products. These multi-color elements are resistant to wear and they are able to improve kitchen aesthetics.

Ceramic canister set

Clean lines, ergonomic appearance, and lovely finish are the things that make this classy set a really nice decoration for each type of home. Made of fragile ceramic and beautifully glazed, each of these fine pieces can easily change the energy in your room, complementing every aspect of the decor.

Ceramic canister
Laetitia Zernike

A fantastic decoration for almost any room in your home. Those three kitchen canisters are hand made from clay that is glazed and covered in turquoise. Each piece boasts of beautiful patterns and a truly charming design.

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Home Kitch Album Photos Lapausekitchkatt Picture

Red canister sets for kitchen
Miller Emily

A set of four traditional kitchen canisters made out of stained ceramic in a variety of colors in an oriental fashion. The kitchen canisters possess a southwestern, Native American pattern on them, giving them a unique look.

Red kitchen canister sets

Folkloristic art is also often very useful. For example in the form of ceramic kitchen canisters set that can be both bowls and sugar bowls and are topped with beautiful and proud cocks. They work great as hand-painted country containers in the kitchen.

Red ceramic canisters
Stacey Davi

Set of 3 canisters set made of ceramic with antique finish. It is fitted with metal tray. Great for storing spices, food and others needed stuff. Excellent gift idea.

Owl kitchen canisters
Margaret Jac

An oriental set of four stacking kitchen canisters made out of stained ceramic in a traditional fashion. The kitchen canisters are painted in a unique pattern with an ash glaze coat of paint, providing an unusual touch to any kitchen.

Kitchen canister sets ceramic
Walker Emily

Made of clay and olive wood, this set of beautiful containers is a great example of handmade crafting. Made in Italy, these dishwasher-safe items have the size of 8"H, 5.5" diameter each.

Stoneware kitchen canister sets
Patterson Jamie

Set of 4 canisters set in various sizes. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with pastel colors. Lids are decorated with frills. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Ceramic canister sets
Natalie Car

These kitchen canisters are suitable for the storage of different spices. Each canister is finished in a very attractive red color and it includes some decorative carvings. All canisters stand on decorative bases.

Stoneware canister set

Pretty height-varied cylindrical rustic style kitchen canisters of enameled stoneware (red and dimmed red outside and white inside). They feature 3 horizontal collars around and a bit flared top edges. Lids with mushroom handles are collared atop.

Kitchen canisters pottery
Mackenzie Poly

Presented here Mercury Moss ceramic kitchen canisters appear to be mirrored, glass and stylized on antique glamor at the same time. Golden round covers perfectly match the whole set, which also proposes an initial shade of ivory.

Owl canisters for the kitchen

Look at the pic and find out why ceramic accessories should be in your kitchen! These ceramic large kitchen canisters set have an unusual grain structure, neat lids and a subtle color of milk with honey. They are a testimony to the use of ceramics.

In elegant southern style with these traditional ceramic canisters

in elegant Southern style with these traditional ceramic canisters ...

Pottery canister sets

Set of vintage coral ceramic canisters, Chinoiserie, kitchen canisters

Red canister sets
Cassandra Riv

Designed of ceramic and covered with a red finish, these kitchen cannisters bring country decor anywhere they go. Each canister is, simply, dazzling, with a tight lid, and a little red rooster on the front.

Brown canisters

set of 6 pottery corked containers. white porcelain and sand colored stoneware ceramic corked jars. minimal modern handmade ceramics

Red canisters sets
Liliana Gadjus

$70 Like a countertop cellar, our ceramic canister provides cool, dark and well-ventilated storage that helps keep potatoes at their best
Six ventilation holes release moisture.
Easy-to-read embossed label identifies contents.
Dishwasher s

Ceramic canisters sets
Jasmine Ross

Ceramic Owl Storage Jars

Pottery canisters
Nelson Kathleen

Love the handles Canister set handcrafter pottery

Ceramic owl canisters
Amber Gar

Danbury Square Canister Set

Stoneware canisters for kitchen
Wright Stacy

new canisters - on my list. need to figure out what color the kitchen will end up.

Kitchen canisters cream

Take a look at this Red Chalkboard Canister Set by Home Essentials and Beyond on #zulily today!

Ceramic canisters sets for the kitchen

Canister Set of Four Urban Fusion Colorful

Ceramic kitchen canister sets

Designed of ceramic and beautifully hand painted, those different size kitchen canisters will bring to your kitchen retro accents from 1970s. Each canister is made in the shape of a mushroom, and embellished further with gorgeous mushroom decorations.

Set the country porch features the early riser ceramic canisters
Angela Nelson

... set the country porch features the early riser ceramic canisters set

Tuscan canisters

Set of 3 kitchen canisters for storing flour, white sugar and brown sugar. It is made from high quality ceramics and fitted with convenient lids. Neutral and functional accent for any kitchen.

Black abstract design kitchen canister set home kitchen 1

Black Abstract Design Kitchen Canister Set Home & Kitchen

Beige kitchen canisters
Jenna Daviesful

Bill Campbell Pottery for Sale | Bill Campbell Page 7: Matching Accessories

Country store kitchen canister set flour sugar coffee tea ceramic
Abigail Wrightful

... Country Store Kitchen Canister Set Flour Sugar Coffee Tea Ceramic New

Owl canister set
Wesson Jessica

Attractive, solid and functional storage jars in interesting shapes of owls. They are available in white, yellow and orange colors. These jars are suitable for storage of salt, pepper, sugar and other spices.

Italian canisters
Veronica Alex

Sears Merry Mushrooms canister set

Ceramic canisters by gg collection at horchow
Robinson Layla

Ceramic Canisters by GG Collection at Horchow

Pottery by artist clear creek pottery handmade pottery canister set

... pottery by artist clear creek pottery handmade pottery canister set in

3-Piece Addison Canister Set
Elizabeth Coupe

3-Piece Addison Canister Set
This 3-piece Addison canister set constitutes a stylish proposition for a shabby chic kitchen. Properly signed ("coffee", "sugar" and "tea" respectively) will help your organize your products.

French kitchen canisters ceramic ceramic canisters for the kitchen
Catherine Martin

French Kitchen Canisters Ceramic Ceramic Canisters for the Kitchen

Chris madden corvella canisters
Elizabeth Coupe

Floral Canister Set Hand painted with intricate detail, this set of 3 functional ceramic canisters features varied floral patterns. #fairtrade

Hand made pottery canister sets
Julia Pet

Hand Made Pottery Canister Sets