Ceramic Flower Wall Art

When in need for wall decor ideas, check my collection below. You'll find ceramic flower wall art there which can be used to make an eye-catching decoration. Use it sparingly or go bold and group the flowers for a more impressive effect.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Ceramic flowers
Mackenzie Milani

Artful ceramic wall decoration: flowers with intricately detailed petals, each of them being handmade. Porcelain flowers take their inspiration from nature. Finished white, they neutrally complement all coloring schemes.

Ceramic flower wall art
Isabella Martinable

I want to create this wall in my bedroom, drawing room or kitchen maybe! And it will be cool on the outside wall. These flowerpots have different shapes, like the heart or oval and interesting pattern. They are hand made, which is the most important value for me.

Ceramic flower wall art
Kristin Gra

Add these stunning wall plaques to your interior to make it stand out a little more with visual appeal and charm. They sport the flowery pattern and are simply great for your kitchen or hallway, making for a beautiful accent.

Ceramic flower wall decor
Angela Nelson

These made from polymer clay wall arts are a beautiful way to decorate the original interior. The beautiful form of flowers delights and makes the design will gain a note of romance and subtlety.

Ceramic flower
Andrea Morgan

Beautiful wall pocket intended for dried floral arrangements. It's handmade of pale brown glazed clay with a real leaves pattern pressed into clay so it is unique. It hangs on the wall thanks to a copper wire.

Ceramic wall decor
Craven Zoe

This ceramic element is designed for providing aesthetics indoors. This wall art features the shape of leaves. Its brown neutral color is suitable for many colors of indoors. It is also resistant to damage.

Ceramic wall art
Chloe Hughesful

Invite some life into your garden with these beautiful, sunflower ceramic sculptures. Weather resistant and durable, these sculptures are a lasting investment in the design of your garden – it's best to get a set.

White flower wall art
Carmen Milani

This wall are includes three attractive ceramic flowers finished in white color. Their neutral finish is suitable for different interior styles. These flowers include some decorative carvings and they are resistant to damage.

Ceramic flower wall art

The artist dips doilies into liquid porcelain, dries over a bowl and fires in a kiln; the fibers burn away leaving the lacy porcelain behind...gorgeous! Maybe try with a slip like material?

Ceramic wall flowers
Alexis Milani

With such fine pieces of art, your home is going to feel like an astonishing masterpiece. Each of those beauties is handmade with attention to slightest details. Easy to install, the painting can spice up your wall in a blink of an eye.

Clay wall plaques
Ebony Was

White flower wall decorations made of ceramic, which can be used as a cabinet handles too. You can choose your favorite flower, there is wildflower, blackberry, camellia, dogwood, lily and dalia to choose.

Ceramic art ideas
Jacqueline Cole

No interior decor could be whole without these beautiful magnolias, which you can use as unique decorations for any room in your house. Designed of ceramic, with attention to every detail, the set is very beneficial visually, but not too good, when it comes to cleaning it.

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Clay art flowers

With such an extravagant decoration your living room is going to shine like never before. Those small beauties are designed in the shape of 1500 ceramic flowers, you can easily attach to the wall, creating a ceramic meadow on your own wall.

Ceramic wall plaques uk

Original wall art that decorates different indoors. This ceramic element of design is not only attractive, but also resistant to many different forms of wear and damage. It includes a red and green floral theme.

Flower clay sculpture
Stephanie Gonz

If you are looking for a quality wall decoration for your home or office, you should take a peek at this lovely flower. Created of clay and covered in a white finish, the decoration is easy to install, and it presents itself on a wall, simply, beautiful.

How to make ceramic flowers
Carmen Milani

If you’re looking for a unique and unusual way to decorate your walls with, take a look at this gorgeous set of nine ceramic wallflowers made in a white color, which are sure to provide a sophisticated detail to any room.

White ceramic wall art
Melanie Baker

The Greeks began to use ceramics many thousands of years before our era but as it is seen to this day, it is an unusual decorative element. Instead of paintings - in this case, the blue flower wall art has a 3D form made of ceramics in a white frame.

Clay wall art

Wall vase in the Art Deco style. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Designed for small and medium sized floral arrangements.

Ceramic wall decor flower
Jenna Delicata

Those beautiful pieces of art can be a great addition for decorating your garden, backyard, or front of the house. Each of these beauties is made of clay, with a gorgeous, floral imprint in it. They might be used as dazzling, small stepping stones.

Ceramic wall tile art
Kelly Shannon

An outdoor decoration - just to enrich a wall or a porch post with a visual accent, or flank the home entrance. This tall cone shaped ceramic wall-mounted vase features beautiful 3D flowers accent and solid tan finish.

Hanging ceramic art
Carmen Milani

Unique and unusual take on a contemporary wall art, made out of white ceramic. The wall art is made to resemble a floral arrangement and is fitted with multiple lights inside of it, creating a unique and bright display.

Ceramic tile wall art

Hanging plants on variously coloured strings to make a living wall of tiny plants not only brings nature but also vibrancy and liveliness to your indoors. An inexpensive way to bring in a bit of joyfulness.

Art wall tiles ceramic
Mendes Natasha

Wall vase in the shape of envelope. It is made of high quality porcelain. Designed for small and medium sized floral arrangements. Adds freshness and modernity to each place. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Ceramic wall hangings
Stacey Gray

Interesting traditional wall pockets for e.g. succulents. They're crafted of reddish textured or white glazed ceramic. Pockets have various forms e.g. of hearts, semi-ovals, carrots or faces. They hang on ropes or on hooks.

Wall clay art
Renee And

Ceramic figurines are items that can be collected. A spread ceramic white lotus flower reveals its ceramic layers - leading us to its perfect symmetrical center. It can be used as a decoration wall art, or in the middle of a coffee table - or anywhere else.

Pottery wall art

Flower Garden Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, blackberry, camelia, and daisy sculptures, flower art.

I think this is a monochrome painted collage but would
Lewis Melissa

... I think this is a monochrome painted collage but would make a beautiful embroidery design.

Ceramic wall hanging
Stone Caroline

how freakin original are these?!?! handmade ceramic flowers from etsy! want them hanging on the wall in my room!!!!

Flower wall art decor
Cintia Kowalski

Mosaic Wall Art Handmade Ceramic Tile "Humming Birds and Flowers"

Ceramic wall sculptures
Erica Rob

Wall Art

Porcelain wall plaques

Delicately Sculpted Busts by Gosia

Ceramic wall sculpture art
Julie Jenk

Butterfly and flowers - Shirley Vauvelle

Ceramic wall flower decor
James Cynthia

Kontur Vase White by Normann Copenhagen

Ceramic clay flowers
Melanie Murp

this is beautiful - love the contrast

Ceramic wall hanging designs
Weber Lily

Ceramic Flower Bloom jewelry holder, floral sculpture , ceramic flower art, decorative jewelry tray, OOAK dressing table tray

How to make ceramic clay flowers
Perry Victoria

A very attractive piece of art for use on walls. Its brown wooden frame perfectly matches different kinds of interior design. Its pattern includes multi-color flowers, so this mosaic features an aesthetic role.

Ceramic flower making home
Angela Lew

Flower garden art - plant stake - garden marker - garden decor - flower ornament - ceramic flower - buttercup - jade

Ceramic art wall tiles

Poppies: Amy Meya: Ceramic Wall Art | Artful Home

Ceramic wall plaques

Flower Garden Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, blackberry, camelia, and daisy wall sculptures, flower art, floral art, spring, summer

How to make clay water font step by step clay

How to Make Clay Water Font Step by step clay hanging basket construction lesson

Plaster wall art sculptures

clay, hand build, vessel bottom for figure idea. 3 sisters. flower head - functional option.

3d wall art flowers
Tara Gosselin

Flower Wall Hanging, ceramic wildflower, camelia, and daisy wall sculptures, flower art, ceramic Blooms, floral sculpture, Floral Mural

Hanging ceramic wall art
Jennifer Hay

Plaque 6 Lavander and Sage - Shirley Vauvelle

Little Flowers Painting Print on Wood

Little Flowers Painting Print on Wood
Attractive contemporary wall-mounted painting inkjet print showing delicate slender red flowers. This rectangular painting print is fixed to a fibreboard bed with a decorative wood-imitating finish.

Dawson morgan has unique pieces for your home
Jackson Melissa

Dawson Morgan has unique pieces for your home!

Floral metal wall art

Flowers, straight from the field-turned into ceramic ornaments,hand-painted in subdued colors.Later took the form of wall decoration, surrounded by wooden, dark frames, rectangular, narrow form.You will find such inspirations in Mediterranean country homes.

Clay leaves wall pocket made with 3 real leaves flower
Leah Pere

Clay Leaves Wall Pocket - Made with 3 Real Leaves - Flower Holder

Ceramic flower on wood wall decor
Rachel Massonable

Ceramic Flower on Wood Wall Décor

Grace porcelain wall sculpture
Anna Youn

Grace: porcelain wall sculpture