Ceramic Fish Plates

Ceramic fish plates can be so much more than just practical accessories used for serving fish, snacks and other small bites on special occasions. Beautifully crafted platters can easily become an accent feature on your kitchen or dining room wall. All the more precious and graceful if you make them yourself. Look for inspiration and tutorials below. `

Plates with fish design

Crafted from high quality ceramics, combining white plate and a navy blue fish, this dinnerware can be an attractive proposition for all nautical style enthusiasts. The fishes are designed in a smooth, simplistic way.

Easy decorating great plate arrangements

Easy Decorating Great Plate Arrangements
Fish plates on walls? The neutral walls complement an exciting array of texture provided by black cabinet, lamp and wall blue decors. Very extraordinary and unique idea.

Ceramic fish plates 1

A gorgeous decoration for retro kitchens, designed of quality ceramic and splashed with a drop of sea accents in shape of colorful sardine prints. The 3-piece set is consisted of 1 pot and 2 trays / plates.

Fish plate set

Some nice ceramic products with attractive fish patterns. They are beautiful and good for anyone who likes natural patterns and original decorations crated by artists with creative ideas. These items look nice in different kinds of indoors.

Fish plates for sale

Some nice products for serving fish. They are made on the basis of solid, but not heavy materials. Their blue colors are associated with water and fish theme. They allow for serving and eating fish in comfort and style.

Bitossi rosenthal netter blue glazed

Bitossi Rosenthal Netter Blue Glazed
Charming ceramic plates are a wonderful way to serve original dishes and beautiful table decoration. This stylish dish with the fish motif in the captivating color of blue and subtle decorations is delightful.

Ceramic fish dish vintage design retro

Ceramic Fish Dish Vintage Design Retro
Fish-shaped, this unique ceramic dish plate catches the attention with its aqua blue finish. It constitutes an attractive proposition for all vintage and nautical designs' enthusiasts.

Fish tile 32 fish ceramic tile nautical

Fish Tile 32 Fish Ceramic Tile Nautical
A captivating plate that will be a great decoration for dining rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and pubs. The plate is made of quality ceramic in blue and white finish, shaped like a school of small fish with black eyes.

Ceramic fish plates 2

Unfortunately, this unique plate doesn't be useful as a element of crockery, but it will be very beautiful decoration of your table or wall. It is composed of little red fishes made of ceramic and decorated of little rocks.

Vintage fish plates

These small functional and decorative items look very attractive. Their natural finish is associated with the appearance of fish. These products feature solid metal constructions, so they will serve their users for many years.

Ceramic fish plates

Fish platter dish

Why not go for this set of three ceramic nested fish shaped serving plates that will beautifully complete your collection and let you fill your interior with class and functionality. It offers the charming, handmade structure for a unique boost.

Fish shaped dishes

Not for everyone, BUT... this plates set surely has tons of charm to it... Ceramic plates with tropical fish motif, hand-painted using multiple colours, but only bright and vibrant tones: yellow, red, orange, green, and some blue.

Fish 6 fish on 10 inch melamine plate

Fish 6 Fish On 10 Inch Melamine Plate
Round plate made of high quality melamine and finished with fish theme. It can safely wash it in the dishwasher. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Original accent for each place.

Ceramic fish platter

Attractive dessert plates with stylish sealife patterns. Their round simple shapes are complemented with patterns in attractive colors. They are perfect for serving desserts for very young and older children.

Mediterranean inspired dinnerware

Ceramic fish plates 2

Enchanting with its vibrant painting, this large ceramic fish platter will help you decorate your kitchen or dining room. Handpainted, mixing navy blue with brighter, yellow and red tones.

Fish pattern dinnerware

Trying to find the special decor to the kitchen or dinette? This funny and adorable sardina salad plate has the round shape, white color and colorful pattern with fishes.

Blue dark green ceramic fish plate

Blue Dark Green Ceramic Fish Plate
Enchanting with its handmade, ceramic finish, this navy blue fish plate can be a beautiful decoration to your kitchen or dining space, especially if you like nautical themes. Has the following dimensions: 10 cm L x 8 cm W x 3 cm H.

Malibu fish plates set of 9 eclectic serveware

Malibu Fish Plates Set Of 9 Eclectic Serveware
The beautiful combination of fish form with a ceramic plate makes the interior design take on a unique coastal character. Beautiful details and vivid coloring delight and the fish plate is a unique composition.

Fish scale ceramic serving platter navy

Fish Scale Ceramic Serving Platter Navy
Just imagine when you serve salmon with lemon on a matching rectangular ceramic serving plate. This ceramic fish plate has a lot of deep blue, indigo and navy colors which are hand-painted in the form of fish scales on the right side.

Fish serving platter ceramic

The final multicolour product of ceramic fish art project. These cute fish plates in bright colours are what we can admire now, but I guess the production process could be pretty challenging. Anyway, tis a nice example of colourful pottery.

Vietri fish fish dinnerware

Blue ceramic plates

Ocean themed serveware with unique features, inlcuding realistic burlap texture and school of fish rim. Coloured pastel blue to recall calm sea waters. Coastal chip & dip platter, made of high quality ceramic.

Ceramic fish plates

Engraved fish in this plates are like the tales of holy fish engraved in our memory, symbols of life straight from Jerusalem. On the blue background of a hand-painted ceramic fish plate, they have simple, unsophisticated forms - but they are really unique.

Ceramic fish plates 9

A truly amazing and utterly beautiful tray that sports various fish, all in a bright and deep blue color to contrast well with the white finish of the piece itself. It will make for a nice serving plate for when your guests are over.

Ceramic fish plates 3

Gisela graham white ceramic round fish plate

Ceramics fish

Fish ceramic

When your plate is created the image actually becomes part

Ceramic fish plates 3

Ceramic fish 1

Clay texture fish 6th grade art i have 3 of

Natalya sots

Ceramic fish 2

Ceramic serving tray or fish plate with big handles and carved pattern, made of clay with traditional craftsmanship methods, sporting natural brown color. I must admit that the final result is ust gorgeous!

Fish plates

Solid and attractive ceramic plates in fish stylizations. Their attractive brown and gray colors look very interesting in any dining room. They are resistant to high temperatures, wear and different forms of damage.

Blue and white fish plates

Pottery and paint

Fish shaped plates

Appetite often is turned up by the aesthetic dimension of food. This can be achieved with beautiful plates. Ceramic fish plates, handmaded. They also have a glaze. Accuracy and delicacy is very beautiful. Every scaly is thought out.

Sale pottery fish plate ceramic fish plate serving plate in

Fish plate set 1

Ceramic fish plates 2

Gone fishing by caroline slotte she creates her work by

Fish design plates

Fish fish assorted fish shaped plate set of 4 by

Ceramic fish plate 2

Enticing Polished Songhua Ceramic Fish Figurine

Enticing Polished Songhua Ceramic Fish Figurine

Ceramic fish bowl design

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