Cd Dvd Storage Furniture

Storage furniture can be both nice looking and practical. If you doubt that, maybe you should take a closer look at the photos in this collection – these CD and DVD cabinets differ when it comes to their designs, shapes and sizes so that anyone interested could find something for themselves here.

Cd dvd storage furniture

Cd dvd storage furniture 2

A heaven for the musicaholics. This multilevel stilage could hold the longstanding collection of CDs and DVDs. Maybe it will be hard to find something in this number of discs, but the real collectors have thei own way to deal with it.

Cd dvd storage furniture 1

Dvd storage solutions furniture

Great way to store all of your CDs and DVDs. Not only does it have a plenty of handy drawers for CD storage, it also has a clever, disguised compartment for those bigger boxes! Perfect for a traditional living room.

Cd dvd storage furniture 10

Cd bookcase furniture

Cd dvd storage furniture 12

Blu ray media storage 12

If you are a musical madman who buys CDs instead of buying something else - you need a great piece of furniture, media storage that will fit them in a decent way. This wooden wall structure consists of sliding vertical shelves, full compartments for CDs.

Dvd and cd furniture

Diy dvd shelf

Creative and cool hanging racks for CDs and DVDs. Their oval or round frames are handmade of crisscrossed plywood slates in brown tones. Racks can have varied amount of pigeonholes and be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Cd dvd storage furniture 11

Dvd cd cabinet furniture

Hide CDs and DVDs in a wall mounted storage unit; from outside, it looks exactly like a floating shelf, but it has drop down door mounted on hinges, so you get plenty of extra space inside. It's sleek white.

Cd cabinet wood

I could remember those cubic drawers from hotels and old fashioned drug stores. It occurs that wooden drawers serving before as card catalogs can store CDs and DVDs pretty efficiently. Check this distressed storage cabinet out.

Espresso media cabinet 15

Cd furniture storage

If you had such a piece of furniture in your house - to make an order in storage dvd discs would be pure pleasure. The wooden chest of drawers has the color of natural alder wood, while its drawers are painted white and green.

Cardboard cd storage

Dvd holder furniture

DVD rack in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. Functional accent for each place according to taste and need.

Cd dvd storage furniture 1

Diy dvd storage

Cd dvd storage furniture 5

Cd dvd storage furniture 14

1000 Series 830 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

1000 Series 830 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

Prepac floating wall triple media storage

Prepac Floating Wall Triple Media Storage
A space saving piece of furniture that has got a storage and display function. It is a quite large shelf that is wall mounted. Its frame is very solid and able to hold a large amount of CDs, DVDs and other items.

Dvd storage solutions

Want it! A classic red phone booth storage case introduces a funky London vibe inside and impresses everyone around. Looks exactly like a phone booth! Though it has shelves inside. To store CDs, DVDs and the like.

Dvd storage drawers furniture

Dvd storage solutions 18

A clever dvd storage solution, which protects and retrieves up to 100 of 12 cm discs. It is simple to set up, linking to your computer via a single USB cable for both power and data connectivity. It's an incredibly easy way to tidy up your disc collection.

U solid floating shelf set wall shop display concealed fit

U Solid Floating Shelf Set Wall Shop Display Concealed Fit Mat Timber 2pcs
If your CDs collection is just a bit on the larger side than these shelves might help you at keeping it organized and beautifully displayed at the same time. It comes with the higher endings to ensure that the titles won't fall down.

Dvd wall

An unexpected solution for the development of DVDs. Not as in a pre-arranged rack, placed vertically, but horizontally arranged on narrow black shelves, with compartments. Which in the amount of 5 wall mounted cd storage are swept asymmetrically on the wall.

Dvd storage solutions

Simple contemporary wall-mounted all-open audio rack manufactured of thin blue-coated square section metal tubes. It's composed of several small rectangular frames in 4 tiers and is equipped with robust backplates.

Prepac Black Double Width Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

The real deal - this storage rack will certainly fit your whole collection - whether it's the CDs or DVDs, making your room feel more organized and nicely managed and finally letting you avoid the clutter, while the solid construction will prove strong and durable.

Side tables with shelves

Expand the room's storage capacity with this amazing side table that can easily double serve as the bookcase of just a nice place to keep your things stored neatly and organized to perfection without losing extra space.

Cd dvd storage furniture 8

Furniture dvd storage

1116 cd 528 dvd media storage shelf adjustable book bluray

1116 Cd 528 Dvd Media Storage Shelf Adjustable Book Bluray Video Game Bookcase
This large wall cabinet can be a great media storage spot. Ideal to display your collections of CDs or DVDs. Its sleek, white design constitutes a timeless proposition for most of the interiors.

Cd dvd media storage 3

A large CD/DVD media storage cabinet with a plenty of adjustable shelves for both storage and display capabilities. The storage cabinet is made out of simple plywood with a black coat of paint, which gives it an elegant look.

Cd dvd media storage 4

An impressive wall-size media storage unit for thousands of CDs or DVDs. It's crafted of wooden materials finished in light browns. It has a flat black jutting out base, an elevated central part and is equipped with numerous open front shelves.

Cd dvd storage furniture 9

Broadway black large deluxe cd dvd media storage 2

Broadway Black Large Deluxe Cd Dvd Media Storage
DVD rack fitted with double doors. Construction is made of wood. It can accommodate up to 702 CDs, 448 DVDs, 658 Blu-Ray discs or 266 VHS cassettes. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Cd dvd storage furniture 13

Small media cabinet with glass doors

Small size of this wooden media cabinet with glass doors allows for organization of CDs, DVDs and VHS in small spaces. Tempered glass doors are stylish and durable. These cabinets also include vintage-style hardware.

Cd dvd media storage 2

Are you a fan of all the series and collectors of their series on DVD? It's a great pleasure to bring you a black wooden cd/dvd media storage designed to store DVDs with your favorite cinematography. Finished with veneer fits in with contemporary interiors.

Cd dvd media storage 24

Compact and stylish media storage suitable for DVDs and CDs. This product features durable walls and practical media compartments. It is finished in red color, so it looks great in many indoors. It allows for good organization of discs with music and movies.

CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack
It is a CD storage rack that is perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs or to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a five fixed shelves and it is available in two finishes: cherry and espresso.

Prepac Black Slim Barrister Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

Barrister holds 800 CDs Black

Barrister with adjustable shelves, made of high quality laminated composite wood and finished in black. It can hold up to 800 CDs. Additionally, it can store store or display different kind of items after shelf adjustment.

200 Series 80 CD Multimedia Storage Rack

200 Series 80 CD Multimedia Storage Rack
This Multimedia Storage Rack in Oak Finish is characterized by solid Oak wood construction. Includes spacious storage sections that are able to hold up to 80 CD's. The rack is also scratch- and stain-resistant.

Diy cd storage

An innovative method of secure storage. Your valuables are hidden away in what appears to be an ordinary cabinet. Only a few will notice a smooth gun case on the right side of one of the wardrobes.

Cd dvd storage furniture 2

Card catalog cd storage cabinet

Wooden storage cabinet for CDs and DVDs. This library-styled element of home furniture offers some space in 12 drawers with handles and labels. Neutral white color will complement any kind of home decor.

Walnut media storage 19

The triple walnut bookcase with sliding doors with glass. Ideal storage place fot your books and DVD. The closing doors helps to avoid the dust, but the sliding function guarantees that you have each book in 3 seconds in your hand.