Cat Litter Box Enclosures

Oh my God! This is such an awesome idea for people like me with indoor cats. I will finally be able to say goodbye to litter scattered all over my place, let alone the litter box is no longer going to be such an eyesore. Check out these cat litter box enclosures. Aren’t they cool?

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Outdoor cat litter box enclosure
Stacey Davi

Step by step directions for building a litter box enclosure with cat door into your garage

Outside cat litter tray
Heather Russ

Cat litter box enclosures for every cat lover out there. With such enclosure, you won’t have to deal with the sand being spread all across your bathroom or toilet – everything will stay nice, clean and tidy.

Cat litter box enclosures 1
Kristin Park

This great cradle cat litter cradle is an excellent way to add home cats extra space outside your home. Based on a solid frame construction with wooden elements gives you plenty of play space. Your cats will love it.

Cat litter box enclosures
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If you want to remove a dirty cat litter box from your home, this is a great solution - going out for a cat is a great way to go. The simple construction of the cage is easy to assemble to the door, allowing the cat to the discreet toilet.

Cat cage with litter box
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Cat litter box mounted on comfortable bench. It is made of wood and fitted with metal supports. Received many positive recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

How to make an outdoor cat litter box
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Outdoor cat patio! If we had this, Casey's litter box would be out there pronto!

Cat litter box enclosures
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cat enclosures | Inappropriate Elimination: The #1 Reason Cats are Surrendered to ...

Cat crate with litter box

A unique patio for cats that is going to make your furry friend very happy. Built with high-pitched, lattice panels and a wooden frame, the patio holds inside a small tree and few structures your cat can use to entertain itself.

Outdoor litter box
Elizabeth Smith

You don't want your cats to get lost or be attacked by strayed animals, but you won't keep them closed in the house, too. This big cat house with numerous kitty doors and peek-a-boo holes, with wood construction and waterproof finish, is a solution.

Cat litter box enclosures 2
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The open litter boxes at home could generate a lot of mess. The solution could be the closed litter box with only small entrance. This place is really comfortable for a cat and also easy to clean for the owner.

Cheap cat cages
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If you want to lock your cat inside of a cozy and fun structure, you may want to check this functional cat enclosure for outdoor areas. Its frame is wooden with lattice wire, and several platforms placed inside, so your cat could have some fun, jumping from one to another.

Cat box enclosures
Kathleen Wal

For all Lord of the Rings enthusiasts out there. If you have a cat, then this litter box enclosure is a must have. Made in shape of a hobbit hole, the litter box has also a Sauron scratching post for more courageous cats.

Cat box enclosure
Courtney Coo

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Outdoor cat box
Mackenzie Milani

An ingenious and practical solution for a passage to a litter box for cats. It's cut through a wall between a kitchen and a garage where the box is. It's rectangular, panelled in plastic tiles inside and framed with white picture rails outside.

Outdoor litter tray
Jacqueline Cart

Very nice and practical cage for cats and other animals. It is suitable for outdoor use and provides protection for animals, so they will not escape. Wooden frame is paired with metal mesh, so the whole cage is very solid.

Indoor cat litter box
Thompson Alyssa

If you’re looking for a way to hide away an ugly litter box, take a look at this clever DIY project for a litter box enclosure made out of acrylic glass panels on an old cabinet with a hole in the wall providing a place to enter for the cat.

Outdoor cat box ideas
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A splendid piece of furniture for your meowing critters that will be more than satisfied with the gift. The combo offers a litter box enclosure, 1 two-door cabinet for storing necessities, and 3 tiers with cutout holes, so your cat could conveniently enter its sleeping place.

Ikea hack litter box
Campbell Lindsay

We are all advocates of neatness, especially in the sterile bathroom - and cat litter with pleasant smell and appearance does not associate. We assure ourselves and the cat a favor if we invest in a wooden cat litter box enxlosurer, in necessary holes.

Kitty litter box enclosures

After finding some ideas and a trip to Home Depot here is what my awesome husband created as our new litter box to help decrease the litter from being tracked everywhere in our house!

House design diy make your own cat litter box litter
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House Design,Diy Make Your Own Cat Litter Box,Litter Box Enclosure

Litter box in garage

Looking for an elegant litter box enclosure for your meowing critter? This is it. Crafted of wood in an espresso finish, the box has 1 cutout hole for easy access and a lift-up lid that reveals two compartments. It can also be used as a stylish bench or a side table.

Outside cat box

With this litter box cabinet your cat is going to have a time of its life. It includes a standard litter pan on the top and bottom, an oversized shelf installed below, cut out holes for easy access, and 2 pair of door with decorative handles.

Outdoor litter box for indoor cats
Sarah Hugh

You would not ever guess that this smart-looking pouffe is actually a self-contained cat litter box with all handful appliances you might need, incl. a set of food and water bowls.

Waterproof outdoor cat litter tray
Craven Rachel

An elegant and practical addition for an entryway, foyer, or living room. This small litter box enclosure is going to keep all the smells inside, thus keeping your home odor-free. The litter box is made of wood and has a square, cutout hole for a convenient entry.

Cat litter outside
Abigail Wrightful

Cat litter box in modern form. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Diy litter box enclosure
Jenna Edward

A fabulous enclosure of a cat litter box. It's of synthetic materials, modelled on Hobbit's house, placed inside a mound covered with faux moss, adorned with a chimney and a tree, has a yellow and stony wall, a patio, round windows and an entry.

33 ideas de guaridas y camas para consentir a tus
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33 Ideas de guaridas y camas para consentir a tus mascotas.

Outdoor litter tray for cats
Patricia Baker

IKEA PS lockers hacked for litter box, so cool. Can't forget the casters so they are easy to use.

Outdoor kitty litter
Elizabeth Bro

DIY litter box bench. Would love to make something like this.

Cat litter box cover 4
Martinez Marisa

Fred's DIY Self Venting Cat Litter Box Project...Love this idea...wonder if the cat would like it though?

Outdoor cat toilet

Catbox Litter Box Enclosure. Perfect so she doesn't spread litter outside either.

CatGenie Litter Box

CatGenie Litter Box
This modern and very practical litter box is a great furniture for your pet. Easy to keep clean is very practical and functional. It is an aesthetic and functional as your pet has a place for your needs.

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A cat can be a small space dwellers best friend

A cat can be a small space dweller's best friend … but a cat's litter box can be a small space dweller's worst nightmare. Tired of ugly litter boxes sitting out in the middle of the room, we decided to get the scoop on stylish, modern litter boxes and e

Cute cat litter boxes
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The plastic litterbox hidden in elegant wooden wardrobe. The interesting way to have such place for your cat even if the living room, without suffering any inconveniences. Easy and comfortable for all sides.

Outdoor kitty litter box
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Much as we love our cats, no one likes to look at a kitty litter box every day - much less to have it on display to guests. A cat litter box enclosure...

Outdoor cat litter box
Wright Stacy

A practical and attractive piece for all cats out there. It has a convenient feeder, a litter box enclosure, a comfy bed, and sturdy hardwood construction that will last your cat a lifetime.

Ace litter box enclosure in black 4

Ace Litter Box Enclosure in Black

Cat litter box enclosures 1

10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies | Apartment Therapy

Litter box outside

What an interesting idea! An Espresso coloured cat litter box disquised as a nice bench. I bought one for our cat, and my wife and I couldn't be happier now that the littler box is gone, and in its place a nice Espresso bench!

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Awesome a cat box exhaust fan then all you have
Evans Liliana

Awesome-a cat box exhaust fan! Then all you have to do is teach them how to turn it on when they are in there :-)

Covered hidden cat litter box decorative planter pets allmodern
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Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box - Decorative Planter Pets | AllModern

Cat cages for sale
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An attractive cat cage for an outdoor use. It protects gardens from cats and it also provides safety for these animals. Wooden and metal elements of this cage are very solid and resistant to mechanical damage or wear caused by weather.

Window cat door and cat aviary for inside cats could
Alicia Robe

Window cat door and cat aviary for inside cats.. could even keep the cat box out there.

Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

Dome Cleanstep Litter Box
This dome clean step litter box that is available in two colors: brushed nickel and titanium. It helps with tracking litter and keeps things nice and covered. If you want to have a clean floor you need to buy it for your cats.

Wooden cat litter box furniture 1
Nicole Hayes

Designed for indoor use, this litter box will make your cat really happy and comfortable. It's crafted of sturdy wood planks, has a cut out hole for easy access, and a lift-up lid with a handle, allowing you to easily clean the whole inside.

Outside litter box for cats
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Cat Ring - Handmade - Sterling Silver 925 - Gift Box

Bench shaped litter box enclosure with beadboard panels product litter
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Bench-shaped+litter+box+enclosure+with+beadboard+panels. ++ Product:+Litter+box+enclosureConstruction+Material:+Wo...

Cat litter box enclosures

Starter Triangle Cat Condo and Litter Box Enclosure Slider: No ...