Cat Litter Box Cover

Everyone wants some comfort, isn’t that right? Now even your cats can enjoy a certain degree of comfort and you can have a very functional and nice looking piece of furniture. Check all these sizes, colours, designs and shapes of cat litter box covers and see if you can find the correct one.

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Hidden litter box furniture

A great solution for keeping your house clean and your cat fully satisfied. This litter box cabinet is made of wood, featuring 2 working doors, 1 pullout litter tray, and a square cut out hole for a conveniently entry.

Cat litter box cover 1
Turner Holly

With this practical litter box cover, you are getting a comfortable surprise for your cat and a less mess for you to clean. Designed of durable plastic, the cover is spacious, easy to clean, and has an open top for easy access.

Cat litter cover

The simple and very functional design of this cat litter box covers that the interior of the house where the cat lives is neat and clean, while the pet has a comfortable place for himself. The whole creates a stylish cabinet.

Cat litter box cover
Brown Jamie

Made of the plastic built-in litter box is an excellent way to develop a functional cat space. The black-and-white cover and the possibility of laying the litter or other details on the top makes the whole can perform many roles in the decor.

Homemade cat litter box

Thanks to this cat litter box cover with the cat bed your cat will experience the best feeling of comfort. It's not only functional but it looks great too. Trust me, your cat will be impressed.

Outdoor litter box enclosure
Melissa Jame

Crafted of sturdy wood and bathed in white finish, this litter box is suitable for indoor use and can be used as a side table. The front panel is removable for easy cleaning and has a rectangle hole for easy access.

Litter box covers
Holly Wat

Having a sweet cat at home, it also involves some less attractive accessories like a litter box. You can hide it under the cladding in a dark brown shade.Cat littler box cover will help you to hide what you need and can also add a rustic charm to your hallway.

Litter cover
Natasha Rob

Bigger and more spacious than classic litter box in pets shop, this set of storage-container boxes and one cement-mixing-bin box constitute a good mix of price and functionality. Inexpensive and enthusiastically used by cats.

Cat box cover
Laetitia Zernike

A lovely house for your meowing cat, that you can place inside of your own home. Made of sturdy wood and painted in white, the house comes with 1 open shelf, 1 open compartment with a litter box, and 1 closed compartment where your cat can take a nap.

Litter pan cover
Krystle Kelly

Kitty litter box redefined. Love this for that far off day when we have a cat.

Litterbox furniture
Ashley Pete

Cat litter box in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. It can be used as additional seating. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Cat litter box cover 3
Brittany Par

Cat House Combo Bed or Litter Box Cover Kitty Design

Cat litterboxes kitty a go designer litter box polka dot

Cat Litterboxes » Kitty A Go Designer Litter Box Polka Dot Picture

Homemade kitty litter box
Margaret Diaz

Mouzers Cat Litter Box Cover, i could make this, I have tons of boxes from moving, you know if i had a cat

Cat litter box cover 1

cat litter bench with the door affixed by magnets so it can be removed. We finally made one (out of plywood, not Ikea) and it's been LIFECHANGING. Ours is on wheels - we can roll it right up to the back sliding glass door and clean the litter box outside!

Cat litter covers
Weber Lily

Me as many other people out there has a cat, or multiple. But where to put that darn litter box? Here you've got the answer! A DIY-project with an MALM 3-drawer chest.

Cat litter box cover 7
Veronica Lop

Mid-Century Modern Cat Box

Furniture litter boxes for cats 2
Cassandra Bailey

cat furniture is a wood chest cat litter box cover available in a ...

Hidden cat litter box ideas

Cat litter box cover. Forget about the cat sand all over the place, when you can cover the box with such a wonderful cover and make it look just as any other furniture in your house. Elegance guaranteed.

Kitty litter furniture
Lily Cravenable

This stylish cat litter box can be smoothly used as an etagere for your odds and sods. It can be a good stand for vases, various containers etc. It's convenient in usage both for the pets and their owners.

Wooden cat litter box

Painted in vibrant blue, this vintage armoire is a smart and stylish way to cover up your kitty's stuff. One of the most fabulous litter boxes, which not only drags the attention from the unpleasant stuff but also adds a cool, vintage vibe to the room.

Cat box covers
Tara Zucker

Litter box cabinet. Can prob do this with an old cabinet or new? Help daisy to not get her liter everywhere.

Litter box cover diy

litterbox cover disguised as seating OR thrift an inexpensive cabinet/shelf, take out the bottom drawer, place litter box inside, tack up a lil curtain.

Covered dog bed
Stacey Coo

Conceal the kitty litter box! I think this ones the best idea yet! Maybe make it into a bed instead, depending the location. Or for a bunny box.

Cat using litter box the litter boxes were placed

Cat Using Litter Box The litter boxes were placed

Litter Box Enclosure
Jacqueline Cole

Litter Box Enclosure
This litter box enclosure keeps your home odor-free and hygienic, allowing for a beautiful addition to your interior that proves to be utmost practical and can easily serve as an extra surface space as well as a litter.

Cat boxes for outside
Diana Col

DIY Hidden Litter Box - I guess I'll need the cat first though!

Cat litter box cover 4
Martinez Marisa

Fred's DIY Self Venting Cat Litter Box Project...Love this idea...wonder if the cat would like it though?

Cat Toilet Training Kit
Dana Harr

Cat Toilet Training Kit
Do you have enough of your cat leaving its messy litter box on the display? With this Cat Toilet Training Kit and useful instructions your cat will be using traditional toilet in no time, without leaving its mess out in the open.

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
Veronica Cook

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Diy kitty litter box

I want a cat sooo bad, but couldn't figure out where to put the litter box. Problem solved.

Litter tray cover
Julie Rive

We all realize that it is difficult to find animal furniture that is both functional and nice at the same time.In this case it is.Wooden in white color cat litter box cover is also a place to sleep for your cats.Contains also little drawers, for kitten snacks.

Litter box with cover

A fine piece of indoor accessory that will keep your cat-occupied home odorless and cleaner. This quality litter box cover is elastic enough for easy installation and adorned with black and white prints, also offering a convenient front door for easy access.

Cat box cover up
Dana Wil

A cool though simple cat litter box cover made of reclaimed wood of unfinished wooden boxes with printed writing on a surface. It has a cuboidal body with a half-oval cutout entry and a removable top part.

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Cat litter box covers furniture
Kimberly You

Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet (Click for Larger Image)

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider - Brown
Natasha Wrig

Stylish modern litter box hider for cat lovers that value the superior home decor. This hider is made from durable materials, features elegant dark mahogany finish and polished chrome accents. The top is removable for easier cleaning.

Outdoor cat litter tray
Jenna Daviesful

This simple product can be very useful for owners of cats. It is an enclosure that provides a place to sleep and play for cats. It measures 37.5 inches wide x 21.25 inches long x 22.5 inches high, so it is ideal for adult cats.

Diy litter box cover
Carmen Kowalski

The curious form of this cat litter box cover makes the intimate space for your pet look much better. Discreet casing allows to use it as a coffee table or end table. The whole is presented elegantly and stylishly.

Bench litter box
Lisa Pete

Cat Tree With Litter Box Enclosure

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Lindsey Johnson

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Stylish litter cat box cover conceals your kitty s litter
Hughes Samantha

... stylish litter cat box cover conceals your kitty s litter pan and

Litter box station made from ikea hol storage cube like
Ashley Fos

Litter box station made from IKEA Hol Storage Cube. Like how this DIY allows for some ventilation as opposed to smothering kitty in her own poo smell just so I don't have to see her litter :P

Cat litter box cover

-Odor-Free-Cat-Litter-Box-Cabinet-Bathroom.-Cover-your-Littermaid-Box ...

Cat litter box cover 2
Yulia Thompson

Why opt for a piece that will be visible for everyone, when you can have this sublime litter box that is beautifully disguised as an end table and can serve its purpose amazingly, allowing for plenty of privacy for your pet.

Mid century modern cat furniture litter box cover
Theresa Mart

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover

Cat box covers
Alexis Hallify

... Cat Furniture » Cat House Paw Door Litter Box Cover or Cat House

Other noteworthy features include built in ventilation slots and a
Cynthia Patterson

Other noteworthy features include built in ventilation slots and a ...

I could totally make this myself but wouldnt the felt
Julie Cook

I could totally make this myself. But wouldn't the felt just be a hair magnet?

Cat box covers 1
Jessica Turn

KattySaks Le Dresser Cat Litter Box Cover