Cat Litter Box Cabinets

A cat litter box is not the nicest of things to look at. A clever way to hide it is a cabinet. The cat can easily get inside and everything is kept out of sight. Check out the designs to choose one which best matches your home decor. Here's my collection of cat litter box cabinets.

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
Cat litter box cabinets 3

This double cat litter box cabinet constitutes an ideal solution for the multiple cats and their owners. It covers all the unpleasant stories, enabling two or more cats to use it simultaneously.

Cat litter box cabinets 5
Ashley Mar

25 Cool Ways To Hide A Cat Litter Box | DigsDigs

Custom cat litter box
Campbell Monica

Cat Litter Box Cabinet in Mahogany - modern - pet accessories - Wayfair

Cat litter box furniture diy

Beautifully decorated hallway and suddenly a cat litter box emerges. Not necessarily a good idea, so it can be hidden in an oak box that will give access to your cat, but will hide it anyway. It can also be used as a bench to sit, or a decorative furniture.

Hiding cat litter box
Abbey Kowalski

A cat litter box is rarely an attractive element of the room. However, there are some simple ways to hide it. You can use an old cabinet that you don't often use. Just add a simple pet door at the front.

Diy litter box cabinet
Nicole Hayes

This cabinet modified for cat litter box will provide your cat some privacy and less smell at home for you. The whole for cat is discretely hidden on the side of the cabinet which allows to cover up the litter box in classy way.

Cat litter box cabinets 1
Tiffany Alle

The practical and highly efficient cat litter box cabinet is a very functional connection to any interior where a cat lives. The beautiful white design is stylish and contemporary. It can serve as a table.

Cat litter box cabinets 5

... far back side, and putting the kitty litter box on the far front side

Diy hidden litter box

Sometimes the placement of the litter box is quite hard. Having a little kids make it really difficult. Looking for solution you can organize it in you garage. One little door for your fur rug, some enclosed place and - ready!

Hidden cat box ideas
Diana Jones

An aesthetic modern cat litter box resembling a toilet bowl with a cistern. It's equipped with self-cleaning and self-disposing mechanisms. It's made of durable odour proof plastic, has a grey bowl filled with gravel. It's upper part is white.

Litter box cabinets
Jasmine Jen

This is such a fantastic idea for cat lovers! Under your kitchen sink, right below is a cat secret passage that only you and him know about. It's a hidden door with litter box and hidden food storage box. Great idea!

Good cat toilet device
Julia Lambertify

Good cat toilet device

Cat litter box cabinets 4
Sarah Ashleyist

Wood Litter Cabinets Keep Cats and Owners Happy

Cat litter box cabinets 2
Natalie Bry

This DIY project is a great example of a modern approach to the litter box problem. Gently hidden under the snowy white surface of a modern closet, it won't even signalize its presence.

Cat litter box cabinets 4

Corner Litter Cabinet - Brilliant! I wonder if this would hold my huge corner litter boxes?

Hiding cat litter box ideas
Anna Richardson

A clever DIY idea that your cat will just love! It's an old bathroom cupboard that was transformed into a cat litter box. There are no shelves inside so the cat owner only had to make a small entry door for a cat.

Cat cabinet litter box
Michele Stewart

Take a look at this Pet Studio Newport White Litter Box Cabinet by MVS on #zulily today!

Cat litter box cabinets

A capacious cat litter box for indoor use, shaped like a stylish cabinet. It's all crafted of sturdy wood and finished in white, featuring 2 drawers with black pull-knobs, 2 doors for easy access to the compartment, and a cutout hole on the side for your cat.

Diy litter box enclosure
Stacy Martin

Great Idea to hide the kitty litter box. Bonus it keeps the litter kitty kicks out of the box contained to the cabinet.

Cat litter box cabinet 4
Sara Per

Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Cat litter box cabinets 9

Dog Door. Could lock the cabinet when not home and dog could still come and go. What a fantastic idea! Only if I had smaller dogs :(

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
Veronica Cook

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Ideas to hide cat litter box
Stacey Camp

I didn't know that there were litter boxes that fit into corners to start with. This would be a great way to hide the litter box and save some space at the same time.

Cat litter box cabinets 1

Master Bath Remodel with built-in kitty litter box - eclectic - bathroom - houston - Carla Aston | Interior Designer I like the kitty litter box included. It would give me more space in the laundry room and would work in the 2nd bathroom.

Concealed litter box furniture
Zernike Laetitia

DIY Modern Litter Box Hider | 27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The LitterBox

Cat litter box cabinets
Erica Adam

The Corner Litter Cabinet Is About As Refined As A Litter Box Can Be

Creative cat box solutions
Alexis Milani

A pretty box for your cat's litter that looks like an ordinary cabinet. The only element that makes it distinctive is a small hole at the bottom. The inside features an extra shelf for your cat's things.

Hides the litter box plus all the supplies and it
Vanessa Powell

Hides the litter box plus all the supplies. And it would be great not to have to bend down to scoop the litter.

Kitty litter furniture 1
Samantha Clar

... right into the cabinets do you don't even know the dogs are there

Cat litter box cabinet w shelf except there should be
Craven Rachel

Cat Litter Box / Cabinet w/Shelf except there should be air holes so ...

Long tall and narrow odor free cat litter box cabinet

Long, Tall and Narrow Odor Free Cat Litter Box Cabinet / Bathroom. Made in Usa. Flat pack. Wood, No Mdf

Cat litter box cabinets 2
Kathleen Tay

pet supplies cats litter housebreaking litter boxes

Cat litter box cabinets 2
Evans Liliana

Best Cat Litter Boxes | Creative Home Decor For Your Pet Cat | Litter Box Cabinet

Cat litter box cabinets

Ikea Hack – Besta Storage Cabinet/Hidden Cat Litter Boxes - IKEA Hackers

Merry Products Pet House and Litter Box
Craven Zoe

This tastefully made pet house with litter box is the perfect place for your pet. Robust design and charming perform well fit into any decor. Ideal for smaller breeds of dogs and cats.

Clever ways to hide a litter box
Kimberly Hugh

Ikea hack: yeah, there's a LITTER BOX in there. I think that's in a foyer, which makes perfect sense, but it would improve more classic box locations, too. Hide poop with taste and class, that's what I've always said.

Catit Cat Pan

Catit Cat Pan
This cat pan is the most stunning solution if you want it not to be an eye-catching piece in your household, offering some functionality for your pet and not spoiling your decor in the process, making it a true must-have.

Litter box ideas for multiple cats
Jenna Edward

Hidden kitty litter box. I have seen ideas for this before but this one might actually be big enough for the 'extra large' litter box our cat uses. Also says it is an Ikea wash stand so maybe a cheaper option too :)

Cat litter box cabinets 1


Want to get the litter box out of site make
Thompson Alyssa

Want to get the litter box out of site? Make one using an old cabinet with front access for you and side access for Tabby! Learn how by viewing the full album of this project including a link to instructions on our site at http://theownerbuildernetwork.c

Hiding the cat litter box i need to do this
Roberts Isabelle

Hiding the Cat Litter Box - I need to do this!

Cat litter box cabinets 6
Craven Zoe

IKEA Hackers: Flaren stealth cat litter box. I love these hidden litterboxes. My biggest problem is: Do the smells REALLY stay inside the cabinets?

Domestic Pet Cat Litter Boxes Espresso Cat Washroom And Night Stand Brilliant

Cat washroom and a night stand. This brilliant furniture combines a cat's litter box and a simple night stand. The interior is the litter box which will keep
the litter and the odor away. The top is an elegant night table which may be used as a display or a storage for many items.

Built in litter box
Julia Brow

I don't have a cat but this is hysterical! cat litter box or toilet wall vinyl decal

Details about doggie cat litter box cabinet mahogany wooden dog
Powell Danielle

Details about Doggie Cat Litter Box Cabinet Mahogany Wooden Dog Kennel ...

Kitty litter furniture
Lily Cravenable

This stylish cat litter box can be smoothly used as an etagere for your odds and sods. It can be a good stand for vases, various containers etc. It's convenient in usage both for the pets and their owners.

Amish Made Corner Cat Litter Enclosure Oak Wood

Amish Made Corner Cat Litter Enclosure Oak Wood

Cat condo and litter box cabinet finish espresso from crown

Cat Condo And Litter Box Cabinet Finish Espresso from Crown Pet ...

Cat condo and litter box cabinet finish espresso from crown

Cat Condo And Litter Box Cabinet Finish Espresso from Crown Pet ...

Under sink bathroom organizer houselogic storage and organization tips great
Alison Bail

Under-Sink Bathroom Organizer | HouseLogic Storage and Organization Tips - Great idea to get the cat litter our of sight!